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Recent projects

Check out the custom solutions we built for our clients to achieve their unique business goals and seize new opportunities


A SaaS platform for automated management of IoT networks that attracted $10 million in investment and sold over 10,000 copies


    An online communication channel for a world-known consultancy company that lets users contact consultants and request a call back in real time


    A SaaS solution for digitizing healthcare processes

    • Appointment scheduling

    • Patient monitoring

    • HL7

    • Medical device integration

    • Telemedicine

    • HIPAA

    BaaS for a wealth management platform

    • Market research to understand the needs of younger audiences

    • Roadmap for attracting mobile users to asset management

    • And more..


    Functionality augmentation for an EHR system to beat the competition and retain key customers with an eRx module


      A sophisticated wealth management platform

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        Automated cybersecurity ecosystem

        A solution for vulnerability detection during the software development and testing stages

          Team augmentation for an IoT provider

          • Cost-efficient and flexible staffing for time to market reduction

          • Efficient remote collaboration despite time zone differences

          • And more..

          Cloud-based medical imaging system

          A multi-component solution for securely syncing medical images between medical equipment and an EHR system

          • HL7 compliance

          • TLS for data exchange

          • Ready-made PACS and VNA

          • Cloud-based architecture


          A GDPR-compliant IoT solution for wise energy consumption that helps users

            123 Sourcing

            An advanced load planning system that is interoperable and scalable

              Transportation management system

              • Decreases route planning from 6 hours to 30 minutes

              • Automates routine processes and problem-solving

              • And more..


              An SEO-friendly real estate platform with advanced filters for users to find the best offers on the market

              • GDPR-compliance

              • 3D tours

              • Localization

              • Microservices

              • Fraud protection

              Delivery and logistics system

              • A centralized ecosystem of six apps for the web, iOS, and Android

              • Microservice architecture for updates and business scalability

              • And more..

              Medical PACS

              Improving the development processes for the US telemedicine and teleradiology SaaS system

                Transition to microservices for a logistics company

                • Seamless system updates in less than five minutes

                • Adding new services without affecting other system modules

                • And more..


                A load space calculator that prevents trucks and containers from running near empty

                  Appointment scheduling platform

                  A healthcare solution that optimizes medical practice and increases customer satisfaction

                    Customer portal

                    A functionality extension for a third-party logistics company that helped attract 17 new clients, increase customer lifetime value by 23%, decrease the problem-solving time by 18%, reduce the order processing time by 46%

                    • Order management

                    • Real-time tracking

                    • Automated document processing

                    • Customer onboarding

                    Data lake for a manufacturing company

                    Bringing together logistics big data with a data lake for manual labor reduction, improved reporting, advanced performance, and increased competitiveness

                      Medical IoT solution

                      Functionality enhancement for an existing telemedicine platform

                      • Remote patient monitoring

                      • ONC Health IT certification

                      • IoT integrations

                      • Virtual visits

                      Live vote results

                      A secure solution for real-time web-based election data processing that speeds up election ballot chart building by 200 times and provides a tiered access system with fraud detection

                      Big Data analytics for 3PL

                      A solution for a third-party logistics company to streamline and enhance data collection, processing, and storage capabilities

                      • Data lake

                      • Predictive analytics

                      • Real-time data extraction

                      • Data visualization and analysis


                      A software product for smart home automation that provides unified controls of household appliances and informative dashboards


                      A secure reverse logistics solution that lets ecommerce shoppers return and refund online purchases

                      Brilliant Move

                      A solution for on-demand delivery and a product ecosystem of the mobile and web apps for customers, delivery crews, and an admin panel for delivery managers

                      World Cleanup

                      Software for managing a global environmental event and distributed groups of volunteers

                      • Performance engineering

                      • Reengineering

                      • DevOps

                      • Distributed management