AI development services

  • Ensure round-the-clock service delivery with AI-driven systems

  • Drive business growth and innovation by integrating cutting-edge AI technologies

  • Increase the efficiency and capabilities of your existing software systems with AI-powered modules

  • Set up proper data collection, processing, and management to prepare for successful AI integration

  • Use AI to automate time-intensive business processes and increase your business productivity

  • Get all-around support in selecting, evaluating, and implementing AI solutions

Artificial intelligence development services Yalantis provides

  • AI consulting services

    • Evaluation of existing data infrastructure

    • Feasibility study to select suitable AI technologies

    • Definition of AI strategy based on unique business needs

    • Roadmap development for effective AI integration

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  • AI software development

    • Custom AI and ML software development from scratch

    • Performance evaluation of existing AI software

    • Development of additional AI modules and functionalities

    • AI software maintenance, monitoring, and support

  • AI app development services

    • Definition of business needs and project objectives

    • Data collection necessary to develop an AI application

    • AI model selection based on the business problem


    • Goal definition for chatbot development

    • Custom development and integration of diverse chatbot solutions

    • Conversation flow design

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  • Natural language processing services

    • Development of speech recognition solutions

    • Implementation of advanced text analysis capabilities

    • Automated digital content processing

    • Language translation solutions

  • Generative AI software development

    • Development of text, audio, video, and image generation software

    • Training and integration of generative AI models

    • Addition of generative AI components to existing software systems

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Artificial intelligence solutions Yalantis develops

  • Decision management solutions

    • Automated AI-enhanced systems for making repetitive and routine decisions

    • Advanced recommendation engines to provide personalized customer service

    • Business decision analysis systems

  • Deep learning solutions

    • Solutions to complex data classification and segmentation tasks

    • Deep learning model training based on high-quality data

    • Model integration in several iterations

    • Result validation to assess model performance

  • Digital twin solutions

    • Selection of suitable digital twin technologies

    • Development of true-to-life replications of physical objects

    • Data analytics to optimize real-world operations

  • Expert systems

    • Knowledge base to extract relevant data for expert systems

    • Expert systems with real-time data inflow

    • Expert system integration as an add-on for business decision support

  • Natural language generation software

    • Text generation solutions

    • Automated reply generation for efficient customer support

    • Business content generation to speed up service delivery

  • Natural language understanding software

    • Solutions that capture a speaker’s emotions, intentions, or goals

    • Identification of human error and discreet meanings in human speech

    • Development of AI-powered communication systems

  • Edge AI solutions

    • On-device AI solutions to increase edge device intelligence

    • Real-time data analytics with AI and ML algorithms for a business to take immediate actions

Increase business velocity with AI software

Optimize your daily workflow and provide an advanced service for your customers.

Benefits of partnering with our artificial intelligence development company

  • End-to-end data management

    Focus on your core business needs and delegate data management to a professional team to ensure effective integration of AI technologies.

  • Tailored recommendations

    Profit from deep-dive research on AI applications in your industry and get a tailored AI implementation plan with recommended best-fit AI technologies.

  • Problem-solving mindset

    Solve intricate business issues with a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth expertise in a wide array of AI development technologies and methods.

  • Skilled development team

    Launch an AI project that takes into account your critical goals and make changes to the project scope even during the development phase. Ensure your project stays aligned with your current needs.

  • Accurate AI project estimation

    Get a detailed estimate of the resources necessary to start your AI project. Ensure reasonable project budget distribution from the outset and save development costs down the line.

  • On-demand AI software support

    Ensure on-demand support for your existing AI software or recently released solutions with our team. Rely on our extensive expertise to fix any bottlenecks and software issues and ensure uninterrupted AI software performance.

Industry-specific use cases Yalantis AI developers focus on

  • FinTech

    • Timely fraud detection

    • Behavior analysis and forecasting

    • AI chatbot for customer support and loyalty

    • AML Ops automation

    • Investment risk assessment

    • Algorithmic trading strategies

    • Personalized financial plans

  • Transportation and mobility

    • Smart traffic management solutions

    • Real-time delivery route planning

    • Optimization of public transportation schedules

    • Load distribution for efficient freight transportation

    • Smart parking solutions

  • Healthcare

    • Medical image recognition and analysis

    • Diagnosis prediction

    • Medical note translation for patients

    • Automatic creation of clinical documentation

    • Personalized drug prescriptions and treatment

    • Assistance in clinical studies

    • Mental health support

    • Remote patient monitoring with real-time data collection and analysis

Increase competitiveness with an AI-driven approach to data management

Develop AI solutions to use corporate data to your advantage and generate valuable insights to help your services stand out among competitors.

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Video reviews of our clients

What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. Their strong technical experience helped us scale our platform and deliver great performance to our customers. 

Yalantis has been a great fit for us because of their experience, responsiveness, value, and time to market. From the very start, they’ve been able to staff an effective development team in no time and perform as expected. 

Working with Yalantis, you get their breadth of experience building hundreds of projects. Their expertise and knowledge were second to none. And that makes the difference between a good product and a great product.

Established development flows and good communication skills made collaboration with Yalantis very smooth. We appreciate their professionalism and dedication. If you are looking for a solid technical partner and a well-processed software outsourcing company for your project, I’d recommend Yalantis.

Enable autonomous AI-powered decision-making

Make business decisions much faster with custom AI software without the risk of exposing sensitive business data.

Discuss my AI project

What differentiates your AI development company from other AI companies on the market?

One of the key characteristics that sets Yalantis apart is our holistic approach to business problem-solving. Yalantis experts focus on a deep understanding of the client’s business requirements, day-to-day challenges, and pain points as well as short-term and long-term goals. Such a holistic approach to artificial intelligence development services ensures that the developed AI solutions are not only of high quality but also seamlessly integrate into the client’s existing systems and workflows.


Yalantis recognizes that successful AI development services require collaboration across diverse disciplines and departments. Depending on the project objectives, we engage experts in AI, machine learning, data science, software engineering, and domain-specific knowledge. Such collaboration ensures that AI projects benefit from different perspectives, enabling the development of AI systems that are not only efficient and high-performing but also relevant to the specific industry or domain.

What AI technologies does your artificial intelligence development company have the most experience with?

Our software development company boasts extensive expertise across a wide array of AI technologies and methodologies. Primarily, we focus on machine learning, including both supervised and unsupervised approaches. We also have deep expertise in neural networks and natural language processing (NLP). We’ve developed software solutions that involve sentiment analysis, speech recognition, language translation, and language generation, harnessing the power of advanced NLP and deep learning techniques.


Computer vision is another realm of artificial intelligence development in which we have expertise. Tasks we’ve tackled include object detection, image classification and segmentation, and facial recognition. We’re also experienced in deploying AI models using cloud services and containerization, ensuring scalability and efficient resource use. We’ve integrated AI into real-time systems, allowing for an autonomous and time-saving decision-making process across industries.

How do you conduct a feasibility study as part of your AI development services to integrate best-fit AI solutions?

A feasibility study is instrumental in defining from the outset whether involvement in artificial intelligence development can be effective for your business or help you solve your business issues. To define this, our artificial intelligence developers begin with evaluating your current data management processes and existing digital software solutions. It’s important to learn whether your business is properly set up from the hardware and software standpoint to successfully implement an AI solution. If your business already uses AI, our team can first evaluate your existing AI solutions to find out whether they perform efficiently and detect any bottlenecks. 


Next, the Yalantis R&D team thoroughly researches how to solve your business issues with AI or possible beneficial AI applications in your industry. Drawing on the research results, we recommend artificial intelligence methods and technologies that may be best for your business.

How important are well-thought-out data management practices for your artificial intelligence developers to launch a successful AI project?

With effective and properly organized data management, we can ensure the quality, reliability, and relevance of data, which directly influences the accuracy and performance of the AI system. High-quality data serves as the foundation for building AI algorithms and models.


Data management practices also directly impact the efficiency of the development process. Proper documentation of data sources and preprocessing steps allow an artificial intelligence developer to effectively troubleshoot, refine, and enhance AI models. Data security and compliance are equally important. Adhering to data protection requirements and implementing robust cybersecurity measures safeguards sensitive information, fostering trust among users and all project stakeholders, internal and external.

Yalantis’ approach to each individual AI project as a mature AI development company

Yalantis employs a comprehensive and systematic approach when delivering artificial intelligence development services that is characterized by a number of practical steps that guide the company’s development process from AI project inception to deployment and further maintenance. By following these steps, Yalantis delivers tailored AI solutions that meet clients’ objectives and comply with industry standards and legal requirements.

Deep-dive discovery, research, and requirement elicitation

Yalantis’ AI developers begin each project with thorough discovery sessions with the client. By gathering comprehensive requirements, Yalantis can provide a clear project plan, compose a suitable team of experts, and delve into researching similar solutions on the market to evaluate the feasibility of the project idea and compare technologies in use.

Integration of relevant domain expertise

Cross-functional team collaboration is the cornerstone of Yalantis’ artificial intelligence development approach. We make sure to involve experts with domain-specific knowledge. Such subject matter experts can be healthcare professionals, financial analysts, software engineers with wide expertise in a particular domain, or industry specialists who understand the specifics of the client’s problem. Their insights contribute to the development of AI solutions that help with solving real-life business issues and fully comply with industry-specific requirements.

Organized data collection and preparation

As discussed earlier, data fuels AI software systems. To prepare for the artificial intelligence development process, the Yalantis team collects relevant data from diverse sources (according to the particular model) and prepares it for analysis. This iterative process of data collection and preparation involves cleaning, structuring, and transforming data to ensure AI models are accurate and reliable.

Model development and training

Yalantis’ data scientists, AI developers, and machine learning engineers develop and train AI models tailored specifically to project and business requirements. This is a critical phase of AI project execution that includes selecting appropriate algorithms, designing custom architectures, and training models using previously prepared data. We also conduct rigorous testing and validation to ensure each model’s accuracy, performance, security, and reliability.

Iterative deployment with the help of prototyping

Our artificial intelligence development services team follows an incremental approach to development, which involves achieving set milestones and reporting results to the client. We create workable prototypes of the AI solution to let the client’s team and beta testers thoroughly test the software before its launch. The team then collaborates closely with the client to gather feedback. These iterative cycles allow Yalantis to refine and enhance the solution based on client input, leading to the release of a well-functioning final product.

Seamless AI solution integration

Once the prototype is approved, Yalantis’ software architects and artificial intelligence developers work to seamlessly integrate the AI solution into the client’s existing infrastructure. During this step, our data science team performs compatibility testing and ensures the final solution meets the required performance metrics. Plus, we provide onboarding for end users to ensure a complete and smooth transition to the new solution.

Monitoring and maintenance

Once the AI solution is deployed and successfully released into production, Yalantis’ artificial intelligence development services aren’t over, as we continue to monitor the solution’s performance and its impact on overall business success. We offer the client on-demand and proactive maintenance and support services to promptly address any roadblocks that arise and to keep the solution on track with evolving business needs.