Data engineering services

  • Gain strategic guidance from an expert team to capitalize on your data and future-proof your business growth

  • Build or scale your teams with skilled data engineers to implement a scalable data architecture

  • Upgrade legacy data processing technology to optimize costs and improve system scalability

  • Get a 360 view of your business by centralizing disparate data sources into a single location

  • Establish a data-driven decision-making culture for constant business insights and customized report generation

  • Innovate your data processing approach with AI/ML technologies to meet your evolving business needs with automation and speed

Data engineering services Yalantis provides

  • Data engineering consulting services

    • Data quality assessment

    • Data infrastructure refinement

    • Exploration of datasets to learn relationships among them

    • Data strategy development

    • Evaluation of data governance and security procedures

  • Data architecture services

    • Elicitation of functional and non-functional requirements

    • Data structure development based on business needs

    • Selection of an optimal architectural framework

    • Data architecture optimization to meet changing business goals

  • ETL/ELT services

    • Custom ETL workflow development

    • Research of sources to extract data from

    • Data cleaning, validation, and enrichment

    • Data loading into target databases

    • Scheduling and orchestration of ETL jobs

    • ETL performance optimization

  • Data pipeline services

    • Custom data pipeline development

    • Scheduling and orchestration of pipeline jobs

    • Real-time data streaming pipelines

    • CI/CD for data pipelines

    • Pipeline monitoring and troubleshooting

    • Pipeline integration with BI tools

    • Pipeline scaling for big data

  • Data storage services

    • Data warehousing

    • Data lake design, implementation, and management

    • Data mart creation and management

  • Data integration services

    • Custom ETL pipeline development

    • API integration

    • Cloud data integration

    • On-premises to cloud data migration

    • Legacy system integration

    • Real-time data streaming integration

  • Data modeling services

    • Logical and physical data model design

    • Data warehouse modeling

    • Multi-dimensional/OLAP modeling

    • Document/NoSQL data modeling

    • Model optimization and refinement

    • Model documentation and metadata management

  • Database development services

    • Database design and modeling

    • Database monitoring, optimization, and maintenance

    • Data migration between databases

    • On-premises or cloud database deployment

    • Data backup and recovery procedures

Evolve your business from data-aware to data-driven

Learn how Yalantis experts can support the dynamic growth of your data department.

Industry-specific use cases Yalantis specializes in

  • Retail

    • Customer segmentation

    • Inventory management

    • Demand forecasting

    • Sales analytics

    • Customer journey analysis

    • Manufacturing

  • Supply chain optimization

    • Production planning and monitoring

    • Quality control

    • Equipment maintenance prediction

    • Supplier performance analysis

  • Healthcare

    • Patient analysis

    • Clinical data management

    • Health outcome analysis

    • Fraud detection

    • Drug discovery and development

  • Finance and banking

    • Risk management

    • Fraud detection and prevention

    • Customer churn prediction

    • Credit scoring

    • Compliance and regulatory reporting

  • Telecommunications

    • Network performance monitoring

    • Customer experience analytics

    • Churn prediction

    • Usage pattern analysis

    • Revenue assurance

  • Energy and utilities

    • Asset performance management

    • Predictive equipment maintenance

    • Energy consumption analytics

    • Grid optimization

    • Sustainability reporting

  • E-commerce

    • Personalized recommendations

    • Shopping cart analysis

    • Customer retention strategies

    • Pricing optimization

    • Fraud detection

  • Transportation and logistics

    • Route optimization

    • Fleet management

    • Supply chain visibility

    • Predictive vehicle maintenance

    • Performance analytics

  • Real estate

    • Property valuation

    • Market trend analysis

    • Customer segmentation for marketing

    • Rental yield prediction

    • Portfolio management

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Test Yalantis Accelerator, a flexible data management platform designed for multiple industries.

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Challenges you can overcome with Yalantis data engineering solutions

  • Maximizing data value

    Assess your existing data infrastructure with Yalantis and design an effective agile strategy to reveal cost and efficiency opportunities.

  • Improving data-driven decision-making

    Get precise business insights and enable holistic decision-making by consolidating all your data into a single, reliable source. Yalantis’ strong ETL processes guarantee data validity, consistency, and completeness.

  • Modernizing outdated systems and processes

    Improve data processing, even on legacy systems, and effortlessly manage growing data volumes. Get adaptable solutions on modern platforms to meet your current and evolving business needs.

  • Automating time-consuming and error-prone reporting

    Benefit from automated data management processes for quick, relevant, and valid reports. Yalantis data engineers will connect disjointed systems and streamline your data flow.

  • Eliminating rigid processes to allow room for innovation

    Drive innovation with a robust data engineering strategy that refines data collection and processing while paving the way to explore and extract deeper insights through AI/ML applications.

  • Ensuring compliance with industry requirements

    Implement ISO-, SOC2-, and GDPR-compliant solutions with Yalantis and get a secure data environment that stores relevant, high-quality data with a role-based access policy.

Build a scalable data architecture for the years ahead with expert guidance

Yalantis team of top data engineers will assess your current data infrastructure and build a custom roadmap to optimize it

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Our clients’ video reviews

What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. Their strong technical experience helped us scale our platform and deliver great performance to our customers. 

Yalantis has been a great fit for us because of their experience, responsiveness, value, and time to market. From the very start, they’ve been able to staff an effective development team in no time and perform as expected. 

Working with Yalantis, you get their breadth of experience building hundreds of projects. Their expertise and knowledge were second to none. And that makes the difference between a good product and a great product.

Future-proof your data to gain a competitive edge in your industry

Partner with our team to build an agile data management plan that meets emerging business needs.

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How can Yalantis’ data engineering services improve business operations and reduce costs?

A well-designed strategy provided within data engineering services fuels data-driven decision-making, allowing your business to run smarter and more efficiently by:

  • bringing all your data into one place, cleaning it up, and connecting it. This allows organizations to quickly shift priorities and resources based on emerging data insights.
  • automating data flows into unified systems for access to reliable, real-time information. This allows everyone to make faster, better decisions together.
  • laying a robust data foundation for AI applications to automatically do things like predict trends, stop fraud, and prevent equipment failures. This minimizes manual work and improves data accuracy. Data engineers can then optimize workflows by automating repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and eliminating waste.

What departments and roles in my company would benefit the most from data engineering?

Nearly every department can reap the benefits of big data engineering services. For instance, here’s how various departments thrive with a robust data engineering foundation:


  • Operations departments, such as supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution, can optimize production, predict failures, and track assets in real time.
  • Sales and marketing teams can precisely target prospects, personalize experiences, and analyze campaign performance.
  • Finance and accounting can automate reporting, quickly spot accounting errors, and accurately forecast revenue.
  • Human resources can improve hiring and retention, identify training gaps, and enhance compensation planning.
  • IT can secure infrastructure, monitor workloads, and automate issue resolution.
  • Legal can efficiently manage contracts and compliance to mitigate risk.
  • R&D can accelerate product development cycles and enhance quality assurance.
  • Customer support teams can provide personalized, proactive service and identify self-service opportunities.

What cooperation models does Yalantis offer?

Our company offers flexible cooperation models to suit your needs: dedicated development teams, team augmentation, and IT consulting services. 


You can actively participate in the hiring and onboarding of Yalantis experts to compose a team that aligns with your business mindset. Moreover, you have the flexibility to scale your data team up or down based on project needs.

How do you ensure data quality and accuracy with your data engineering processes?

With this comprehensive suite of techniques, we ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data we engineer by: 


  1. profiling data to understand its structure, distribution, and potential issues
  2. implementing validation rules, data cleansing, and data monitoring to address any problems before they accumulate downstream
  3. transforming data into the desired structure with robust ETL processes while catching anomalies
  4. performing testing and handling edge cases to identify bad data before it enters pipelines
  5. implementing proper data governance protocols, audits, documentation, and client training for ongoing quality maintenance 

What level of support do you provide after implementing a data engineering solution?

Yalantis is among those data engineering service providers whose commitment extends beyond the implementation phase. We provide end-to-end development, seamlessly deploying your solution into your operations. Additionally, we can conduct workshops for your employees to ensure they can effectively use your new data infrastructure. 


Our ongoing support includes addressing any issues, providing updates, and performing continuous optimization to ensure your data engineering solution evolves with your business needs.

Time-tested data engineering solutions and practices at Yalantis

With years of experience in the data engineering realm and a vast team of skilled engineers, data scientists, and consultants, Yalantis can become your guide on the way to a better data management future. Our data engineering agency can set up a reliable data infrastructure that helps you:

  • increase your operational efficiency
  • make sense of large data sets
  • store only the data you need
  • make sure your data is of high quality

Below are some data engineering tools, practices, and solutions that we bring to the table as a mature data engineering partner.

Data pipeline architecture

Designing and implementing secure and reliable data pipelines is a fundamental aspect of Yalantis’ data engineering services. Our data engineers typically use technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Apache Flink, or cloud-based services like AWS Glue or Google Dataflow to build data pipelines that ingest, transform, and load data from multiple sources to data warehouses or data lakes. We also can shift your data infrastructure into the cloud or on-premises, or set up a hybrid environment that secures your most sensitive data while allowing for scalable storage of large amounts of data.

Custom data quality framework

We make sure to conduct regular data quality checks and implement end-to-end data validation to ensure data accuracy and reliability, as it’s important that your data infrastructure works with the right data and allows for extracting meaningful insights during the data analysis process. Our data quality framework may involve data profiling, data cleansing, and monitoring data pipelines for anomalies.

Cloud services and continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD)

Our data engineering company leverages cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to ensure a scalable and pay-as-you-go data storage environment that allows for quick system deployment and simplifies secure data maintenance. We also implement CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment of data engineering code and configurations to speed up the data engineering process while ensuring it is sufficiently secure.

Data engineering as a service

Yalantis can provide you with data engineering as a service if you want to entrust your entire organization’s data management solely to our data engineers. This approach works for organizations that have no issues sharing most of their data with a third party. As part of this service, we provide companies with the tools, resources, and technologies for comprehensive data infrastructure setup and continual maintenance.