DevOps Accelerator enabling 4X faster infrastructure deployment

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Platform overview

The Yalantis DevOps Accelerator is a ready-to-deploy kit of components, tools, scripts, and modules for easy and instant infrastructure deployment with a focus on sophisticated security, scalability, flexibility, and backend suitability for all types of platforms (web, mobile, and desktop). The accelerator allows businesses to speed up the essential step of solution development and enables businesses and software engineering teams to reduce implementation time and costs.

In the face of unexpected changes, the kit’s flexibility and customization capabilities allow teams to seamlessly implement new functionality or integrate with a new third-party service provider. Moreover, with the expedited time to market, businesses may quickly obtain a competitive advantage in fast-paced industry environments.

Common challenges clients face at the infrastructure deployment stage

Designing and deploying proper infrastructure is a critical stage of software development owing to the significant influence of infrastructure on your solution’s overall operation. Your infrastructure determines how scalable, reliable, secure, compliant, and well-performing (or not) your solution will be. Miscues, lack of expertise, and inexperience setting up proper DevOps processes and infrastructure may cost businesses a fortune and pose the following challenges:

  • Delayed time to market due to the technical inability to respond promptly to changing industry requirements and business needs
  • Resource-intensive development owing to slow infrastructure design and deployment, leading to substantial development costs and efforts
  • Cumbersome control over platform component versioning
  • Obstacles to modifying and updating an infrastructure’s state via file configuration
  • Poor product security and a challenging process of implementing new security measures

The Yalantis DevOps Accelerator was designed and built by the best Yalantis DevOps specialists, considering the majority of common challenges our clients have faced through numerous projects across many domains. In collaboration with SecOps specialists, Yalantis DevOps specialists delivered a platform protected from external cybersecurity threats and internal risks, such as unauthorized access, data loss and leakage, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) risks, and more.

Benefits of the DevOps Accelerator: faster and more secure infrastructure deployment

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    4X faster development. Compared to developing software from scratch, the Yalantis DevOps accelerator helps save time for infrastructure deployment, expediting development up to fourfold. The only effort required is tailoring infrastructure to your specific business needs

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    Quick project kick-off. The DevOps Accelerator allows development teams to deploy essential infrastructure in 120 to 160 fewer hours compared to manual implementation.

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    Reusable and proven infrastructure components. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with ready-to-use infrastructure containing AWS cloud modules and supporting a typical web application structure, including a UI, hosting for backend services, and a database layer. Moreover, owing to its modular architecture, the accelerator easily scales to existing internal solutions your company may use.

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    Customization and flexibility. The DevOps Accelerator allows you to build, change, and version your infrastructure using various code techniques. It empowers DevOps specialists to establish configuration files for defining infrastructure and manage the state of infrastructure in order to modify or update it. Additionally, due to the flexible and customizable architecture of the accelerator, the Yalantis team can easily adjust its infrastructure to your unique business goals and specific business logic rather than spending extra time and resources on delivering standard solution components.

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    Multilayered infrastructure. The accelerator offers a layered architecture consisting of the access layer, backend layer, and data layer, which are easily customizable in terms of supported tooling. These layers ensure better product scalability in the future as well as component reusability and improved interoperability.

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    Benchmark security and compliance. The DevOps Accelerator operates in accordance with AWS-approved security rules and recommendations. All security measures our SecOps team implements are easily adjustable to industry-specific standards. Specifically, they ensure:
     – encryption at rest for Amazon EBS disks, S3 Buckets, and database storage
     – encryption in transit for balancers, content delivery networks (CDNs), Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon MQ, etc.
     – a web application firewall (WAF) for balancers and CDNs
     – secret managers for storing and using sensitive data
     – local access to Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon MQ, etc. only through a virtual private network (VPN) and Security Groups where applications are deployed

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    Responsive design suitable for multiple platforms. The accelerator is suitable for all types of platforms (web, mobile, and desktop) and supports any basic type of architecture, including microservices, layered, event-driven, and others. It also operates seamlessly with any programming languages you may plan to build your solution on.

Use cases for efficient DevOps Accelerator use

  • Accelerate time to market through streamlined application deployment, resulting in a one-month market entry timeline

  • Achieve better cost efficiency with the DevOps team’s ability to automatically provision or de-provision servers and other resources as needed

  • Increase stability of application performance by quickly scaling infrastructure resources up or down based on demand

  • Minimize human errors by automating various stages of software development and deployment

Detailed structure of the DevOps Accelerator enabling expedited infrastructure deployment

The Yalantis DevOps Accelerator provides a set of scripts to configure and deploy three infrastructure layers: the backend layer, access (frontend) layer, and database layer. Using infrastructure code based on Terraform, the accelerator enables deployment of basic application infrastructure within 48 hours. All modules are customizable and can be adjusted to meet specific business needs.


Access (frontend) layer

The access layer helps to manage communication between an application’s business logic and database or any other external data source. This layer abstracts the underlying data storage mechanisms, providing a consistent interface for the rest of the application. For proper operation of the access layer, the Yalantis team utilized the following tools:

  • AWS WAF to secure the application
  • AWS Certificate Manager for managing public and private SSL/TLS certificates
  • Amazon Route 53 for reducing latency with the use of DNS
  • Amazon CloudFront for quick content distribution via CDN networks
  • Amazon S3 for static WebApp files and access logs

Backend layer

The accelerator provides a basic set of tools for backend hosting. It integrates via API and is suitable for monolithic, microservices, and SSR architectures. Technologies the Yalatis team used include:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for reliable connectivity
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) for container orchestration, management, and deployment
  • AWS Secrets Manager for managing secrets lifecycles
  • AWS Application Load Balancer for stable application performance

Database layer

This is the layer where data is stored, retrieved, and modified, ensuring that applications can efficiently work with the information they need. In this layer, the accelerator supports relational databases, data security, caching, backup, and recovery. Technologies used include:

  • Amazon RDS and Aurora for relational database management
  • Amazon ElastiCache for enhancing application performance with in-memory cache
  • Amazon CloudWatch, a performance monitoring tool

Establishing CI/CD processes

In addition to the abovementioned capabilities, the Yalantis DevOps Accelerator has scripts for deployment automation: specifically, CI/CD processes based on GitLab. CI/CD pipelines optimize implementation of new functionality and the release process, mitigating the risk of errors and ensuring stable, transparent solution deployment. Overall, the Yalantis team has built six pipelines:

  • terraform-deploy: Deploys infrastructure
  • fronted-build: Creates frontend artifacts
  • frontend-deploy: Deploys the front end to an S3 bucket
  • backend-build-api: Builds a Docker image and uploads it to ECR
  • backend-eks-deploy-api: Deploys the application to an EKS cluster using HELM
  • backend-ecs-deploy-api: Deploys the ECS application


DevOps Accelerator architecture