An AI-powered virtual assistant to optimize your operations

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Platform overview

Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant is a chatbot designed to provide a company’s employees with secure 24/7 access to internal information and advanced options for quickly searching within it. Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant operates on the Hugging Face AI model and functions similarly to ChatGPT, aiding businesses in optimizing and accelerating information-based operations through Q&A-style communication between an employee and an assistant.

The assistant is domain-agnostic, can be deployed on various hostings, including AWS, Azure, and GCP, and trained on knowledge bases (Microsoft Sharepoint, Confluence, and others) of various sizes to adapt to your business’s needs and the type and volume of information your teams handle. It can easily be integrated into internal information systems, such as ERPs and CRMs, and can be trained on them, streamlining your unique information routines and improving operational efficiency.


Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant provides a convenient and customizable interface with streamlined navigation for quick interaction. An employee needs only a few minutes to understand how the assistant works and what it comprises.

Operational flaws and challenges you can address with Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant

  • High employee turnover resulting in decreased operational efficiency
  • Inability to reach planned KPIs due to an unwieldy workflow
  • Poor customer service, resulting in loss of clients and an inability to attract new ones
  • Cumbersome optimization of internal processes with complex and resource-excessive software systems

What AI Virtual Assistant offers to solve these challenges

Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant enables an efficient employee–database communication channel for:

  • automation of manual searches to optimize employees’ workflows, unburden employees, decrease the risk of human error, reduce inaccuracies, and improve customer service
  • centralized access to information from multiple knowledge bases without the need for manual interaction with them and implementation of complex software systems
  • smooth navigation for employees through extensive information storage, including company policies, documentation, terms and conditions, guidelines, etc.

Business benefits that make Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant worth the investment

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    24/7 access to necessary information. The assistant is available 24/7, allowing employees to access any information requested by customers or needed for their own education or to complete tasks at any time. This helps businesses achieve complete independence from time zones and the working hours of specific employees.

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    Increased business effectiveness in customer support. With quick access to information, employees can provide prompt responses to customer requests and reports. Thus, the assistant helps companies improve the quality of customer service, maintain a high level of efficiency, and ultimately elevate customer satisfaction.

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    Increased productivity and time efficiency. AI Virtual Assistant facilitates navigation through knowledge bases when searching for necessary information and handling customer requests. This aids employees in balancing their workload, accelerating task completion, and achieving or even exceeding established KPIs so they can focus on more important tasks and responsibilities.

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    Efficient content generation. With the help of generative AI, Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant can facilitate generation of various types of content, including text, images, or other media in response to customer requests. This way, support agents can provide customers with exhaustive guides and instructions supplemented with visuals in a matter of a few clicks. Such automation enables employees to streamline their workflows and ensures consistent output without delays.

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    Data analytics for personalized customer experiences. Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant enables complex analysis of customer preferences and behaviors with the help of generative AI. Businesses can then use this collected information to provide personalized offers to their customers, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

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    Competitive advantage and substantial brand worth. Adoption of AI opens new opportunities for technological advancement and gradual optimization of all internal processes within the organization. Brands that stand out with AI-powered technological maturity have a greater chance of claiming a larger market share in the future and obtaining a competitive advantage. Such an innovative direction in a company’s development will attract investors, future-proof the company’s stability in the market for years to come, and increase its brand worth.

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    Security and reliability. Yalantis’ primary focus during development of AI Virtual Assistant was security and scalability, making the assistant suitable for various industries, including those such as banking and healthcare that demand robust data protection. Specifically, the Yalantis team:

    • ensured your data never leaves your organization, as AI Virtual Assistant is trained within your knowledge spaces and data isn’t uploaded to any third-party services or hosting platforms
    • enabled role-based access to sensitive data depending on an employee’s role within your organization
    • applied message encryption with the matrix protocol
    • followed security best practices

Operational benefits: What enables quick data search and retrieval

  • Seamless and real-time messaging with the AI model. AI Virtual Assistant recognizes and understands human language, providing accurate and meaningful responses based on exhaustive training on the Yalantis Integrated Management System (IMS). This empowers users to get quick responses to their queries at any time.
  • Training in a real environment with access to large databases. Training of AI Virtual Assistant was performed based on the Yalantis IMS system, which operates as an informational hub for all internal systems within the company. In this manner, the AI model learned to behave correctly and swiftly, ensuring stable performance in response to user actions under real loads of multiple simultaneous requests. The model underwent training in authentic situations, simulating requests to various databases to guarantee its ability to provide relevant and accurate answers.
  • Regular updating of information for improved accuracy. Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant features a built-in mechanism that updates databases when new information is uploaded by a company’s designated employee. To ensure access to the latest data uploaded to servers, the system refreshes databases at set intervals determined by an administrator. This ensures that employees can be confident they are using or providing customers with relevant information.
  • Contextual independence in provided information. The AI model provides relevant responses based on information it has access to and offers links to the requested information. Currently, the AI model recognizes each question as independent to ensure that an employee isn’t provided with irrelevant data due to misinterpreted context. However, if contextual linking is required, this functionality can be developed upon request.
  • Flexible and customizable chat interface and functionality. Owing to integration with, AI Virtual Assistant has a robust feature set, enabling quick deployment of chat functionality. Currently, the assistant operates with minimal functionality to prioritize AI-powered features implemented by the Yalantis team. If needed, functionality can easily be extended to meet specific business needs and address unique industry demands. Also, enhances security through use of a file key — all message history is encrypted, and users must upload a personal file key to access it.

Check out this video to see how the product works:

Architecture of the Yalantis AI virtual assistant

Working principle

Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant works based on the embedding technique and a large language model (LLM) and follows a simple flow:

  1. Through embedding, a user’s query is transformed into numerical representations that are better comprehended by AI algorithms.
  2. With numerical representations assigned to each entity, the LLM creates a contextual space for information kept in the databases to make sure that the bot provides relevant answers to users’ queries.
  3. With each new query given and context updated, AI Virtual Assistant becomes a powerful tool that knows everything within your data environment.

Use cases of the Yalantis AI virtual assistant

  • Facilitation of employee onboarding: Newcomers can ask the assistant about a company’s policies, procedures, or guidelines, allowing managers to minimize their role in the onboarding process.

  • Optimization of customer support: Support agents can quickly and efficiently help customers solve their technical issues using AI Virtual Assistant to get necessary information from troubleshooting guides, FAQs, etc.


  • Research assistance: Employees can ask for information related to their studies or projects from knowledge bases, aiding in research endeavors.