Yalantis is starting work on the development of Home Connect for Bosch.

Yalantis announces collaboration on Home Connect for Bosch


Yalantis is beginning work on the development of Home Connect for Bosch. The project involves the development of a system to help homeowners control their smart kitchens and home appliances in a simple and convenient way.

The product range controlled by the system will include dozens of appliances. Using Home Connect to manage them will make homes safer, more energy-efficient, and smarter for more than 1.5 million of users around the globe. Elaborate integrations with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Fitbit, and smartwatches will add to the impressive user experience and make users’ interactions with their smart homes easy and smooth.

Smart cities, homes, cars, and devices are already a part of our lives, and their impact on our well-being is only growing. Yalantis is proud to be part of the global IoT movement towards a better, more comfortable, and more sustainable way of living.

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