Energy consumption management system

Discover how we created a GDPR-compliant software solution for keeping consumers informed of their power demand and educating them on smart energy consumption.

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    Renewable energy

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    May 2020 – July 2021

About the client

In 2020, the Germany-based company Homee GmbH launched a renewable energy business unit called stromee to provide consumers with renewable energy services.

Business context

The client’s priority was creating mobile and web applications for stromee that would encourage people to monitor their energy consumption and contribute to economical electricity use. The goal was to present a product that would:

  • stand out among multiple electricity providers with its unique benefits 
  • demonstrate the capacity for contributing to conscious energy consumption
  • quickly claim market share 

Solution overview

  • Yalantis helped the client provide their customers with easy and secure electricity consumption management by:

    • creating feature-rich web and mobile applications
    • ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements
    • designing a simplified and engaging UI/UX
  • Designing a streamlined UI/UX

    Our client’s goal was to create a convenient, engaging, and useful space for their end users. To help our client achieve this goal, the Yalantis team:

    • reflected the unique brand and spirit of stromee by designing attractive applications with neutral and appealing colors and hand-drawn illustrations 
    • maximized simplicity of use and ensured intuitive navigation by applying UX best practices when developing a mobile application with essential functionality
    • visualized users’ consumption tendencies and made monitoring of power demand engaging by implementing animated elements, charts, and tables
    • educated consumers on conscious energy consumption by creating an educational hub available on web and mobile 


  • Developing a web application for user onboarding

    The client decided to launch a web application to spread awareness and onboard customers. The solution provides the following: 

    • Consumption calculator so users can calculate their tariffs by entering basic information 
    • Contract creation with a fast and seamless flow to quickly create a contract with stromee using only basic personal data and past invoices


  • Building a mobile application

    At the client’s request, we came up with the following set of features for the mobile app:

    • Monthly and yearly consumption forecasts with interactive and dynamic charts help users see their current and potential energy use and analyze energy consumption.
    • Contract creation. Consumers can follow a four-step process of creating a contract with stromee to provide details on their consumption trends, or they can follow a simpler flow introduced for the web version.
    • Contract management. Users can see their contract details, including all previously entered meter readings along with tariff and billing details, and can track the status of their contract.
    • Management of multiple contracts. People who own several apartments or houses can manage all their contracts under one account.  
    • Meter readings. The application contains a history of meter readings entered by the account owner and by inspectors. Data is synchronized with and stored in the PowerCloud system. 
    • Promo codes. The client frequently holds special events with promo codes. Users can enter them when creating a contract to get a discount. 
    • Live chat support. We integrated with FreshChat for users to be able to ask for help and quickly get answers to their questions. 


  • Ensuring GDPR compliance

    We made sure to inform users of each piece of personal data the system uses and when, indicating the length of time for which the data will be kept and assuring its full confidentiality and protection. During product development, the Yalantis team did not have any access to users’ personal data.

Value delivered

Together with our client, we achieved the following results: 

  • Delivered web and mobile applications for power consumption monitoring, forecasting, and management

  • Achieved the client’s initial goal of user acquisition far before the project deadline thanks to our coordinated work

  • Met strict deadlines by delivering both applications in a series of regular releases

  • Introduced efficient new project management practices that our client adopted 

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