EHR integration for Healthfully

Learn how we helped our client expand their healthcare business by integrating their existing patient management system (PMS) with multiple third-party electronic health record (EHR) software solutions.

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    California, USA

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    40+ specialists

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    2015 – present

About the client

Healthfully is a US-based healthcare solution provider whom we’ve been working with for more than eight years, delivering digital healthcare solutions to help their business grow. To provide existing customers with more capabilities and attract new customers, Healthfully needed to ensure the efficient integration of EHR software into an existing patient management system. 

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Business context

Before approaching EHR integration with the patient management system, we identified several challenges: 

  • Complicated access to the client’s patient management system prevented monitoring and analysis of the system performance. 
  • Limited documentation from the existing EHR system’s vendor and a limited amount of sample data hampered the application’s performance quality testing.
  • Differences in data processes of each EHR system needed to be bridged within the client’s healthcare platform.

Solution overview

  • We offered our client a solution for the efficient tackling of business challenges and successful integration with EHR software. The solution consisted of several critical components: 


    Redesigning the architecture

    To enable smooth and efficient integrations with diverse EHR systems in the future, we redesigned specific parts of the patient management system that are connected to third-party integrations. Each integration is now an isolated service that can operate independently. This makes the whole system more fault-tolerant in case any errors occur on the part of third-party EHR platforms. Our team also designed a stateless service that converts data from any third-party EHR solution into a format that meets the client’s requirements. And we developed an EHR system integration approach using universal low-level development templates to reduce the development time and financial resources required during future integrations.


    Integrating with third-party EHR systems

    To contribute to the client’s goal of business expansion, our experts integrated the platform with some of the top EHR systems and prepared the technological grounds and a business strategy for further integration with other EHR systems, taking into account possible challenges and opportunities.


    Establishing seamless communication between PMS and EHR systems

    To ensure proper communication between systems and make sure information is displayed correctly everywhere, the Yalantis team investigated specifics of EHR system business logic and technological implementations and designed individual strategies for working with each EHR system. We also developed intermediary mechanisms for equating structures and relations in our client’s platform and third-party services.


    Setting up data exchange between EHR systems

    To securely receive data from third-party EHR systems in a timely manner, we designed individual strategies for acquiring data from EHR systems that work with pull-based data requests (cloud to on-premises) and ensured compliance with HL7 and FHIR standards.

    Our team also developed services for filtering and synchronizing data according to which data is retrieved and displayed correctly and without delays.


    Building a testing framework

    To cut development time and costs, accelerate testing, and ensure proper product testability, our team designed a testing strategy with a specific configuration for each test run, indicating the nature of the test and its creator to reduce the testing time. We performed unit, integration, and functional testing at each stage of development to ensure the product runs smoothly when in the production environment. We came up with a testing approach that covers functional requirements common to all third-party EHR systems.


    Optimizing the development process

    To optimize the development process, we designed development templates for low-level development processes so developers only spend time working with high-level abstracts. Yalantis built a complex approach that helps cover the unique business, technological, and end-user requirements of each EHR solution so the final product meets all of the client’s needs and works correctly.


    Laying the foundation for future integrations

    To ensure quick and cost-effective integration with new EHR systems, we created rich documentation to speed up the development process and initiated knowledge exchange with the client’s development team to ensure complete process transparency and understanding.

Value delivered

Together with the client, we’ve achieved the following project results: 


  • Incomplete patient information in the patient management system 

  • Parts of software architecture responsible for integrations made it inefficient and cumbersome to implement new integrations

  • Patient data was displayed incorrectly and was delivered with delays

  • Lack of mechanisms for regular monitoring and testing of the system performance common for all third-party integrations


  • Secure data exchange between EHR systems and the client’s platform using several versions of HL7 standards

  • Redesigned system architecture for error-free work with several electronic health record and patient management systems, e-prescription software, payment services, and any future integrations

  • Availability of accurate and complete patient records and reduced risk of medical errors

  • The product is prepared for individual certification processes required by each EHR vendor

  • A custom strategy for remodeling existing integrations and reducing maintenance efforts and costs

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