Yalantis IoT Accelerator: Speed up your IoT product’s time to market by 50%

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Platform overview

The Yalantis IoT Accelerator is a domain-agnostic and easily scalable platform with a set of customizable features that can be easily applied to any industry. It’s focused on integrating with other systems, receiving and sending real-time data, and processing and analyzing it using g the Yalantis Predictable ML model. The IoT Accelerator can function as a standalone system for data processing, as a foundational component for integration or custom development of IoT-based applications, and as part of an existing solution that requires ready-to-integrate mechanisms for real-time data collection, processing, and analysis.

What challenges of IoT product delivery does the Yalantis IoT Accelerator solve?

IoT products demand intricate device networks and robust solutions. Additionally, they must be capable of remotely managing large IoT networks as well as collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of real-time data. IoT-powered platforms also need to provide interfaces and additional functionality customized to meet specific business requirements. Companies specializing in delivering such solutions often encounter the following challenges:

  • Interoperability issues within the IoT ecosystem preventing remote monitoring of all devices and their software components from different manufacturers and sources
  • Lack of a scalable system that can be used across multiple industries and tailored to specific business needs, leading to expensive modifications
  • Absence of a reliable data protection system capable of withstanding severe cybersecurity attacks and data theft
  • Inability to analyze and visualize resource use based on real-time data collected from IoT devices
  • Inability to enhance productivity, reduce utility costs, properly allocate budget resources, and efficiently monitor and manage equipment conditions

Benefits contributing to lower costs and accelerated time to market

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    Up to 45% reduction in development and operational costs. As a ready-to-use platform, the Yalantis IoT Accelerator allows for cutting resources with its architectural design and baseline architecture implementation costs. Compared to developing a custom platform from scratch, the accelerator nearly halves the cost of implementation.

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    2X faster time to market. Typically, delivering IoT-based solutions takes more time compared to non-IoT projects due to longer development cycles. This extended timeframe is a result of the complexity involved in hardware implementation, software development, and integrations with third-party services. With the Yalantis IoT Accelerator, our team can deploy basic software components within the first week of engagement.

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    30% greater security (calculated after comparative tests). To maximize software and IoT network security, the IoT Accelerator uses a private cloud-based cluster and incorporates the latest security technologies that have proven effective against IoT-focused cybersecurity threats. This is especially critical for companies using multiple applications in their operations. With a well-secured system, it becomes easier to protect against cybersecurity threats and address common vulnerabilities compared to managing multiple standalone systems.

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    Scalability and adaptability. The Yalantis IoT Accelerator is a domain-agnostic system with a flexible architecture that allows for easy solution modification and customization. It’s suitable for various industries, including energy, healthcare, smart home, ecology, and automotive, and it’s technologically prepared for quick integrations with third-party services.

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    Data-driven decision-making. The platform offers businesses easily configurable processes for storing, managing, visualizing, and analyzing real-time data from IoT devices to derive actionable insights, improving the overall business strategy and optimizing operational workflows.

Functionality enabling all essential and advanced operations with real-time data from IoT devices

The feature set of the Yalantis IoT Accelerator allows businesses to:

  • Effortlessly gather real-time data from various sources. The platform can collect both small and large amounts of data generated by IoT devices in real time. Additionally, it features built-in processing centers that enable instant data processing and transmission directly to the cloud for further analysis. Data is collected from sources such as sensors, applications, and any other data-producing systems. End users can monitor internal data processing in real time through appropriate dashboards, allowing them to make timely decisions based on newly acquired insights.
  • Store and transmit data. The adaptive architecture enables collecting and storing large amounts of data, which can be aggregated and transformed into any convenient format.
  • Predict and forecast resource utilization. To provide a complex solution for real-time data management, we also integrated the IoT Accelerator with our predictable machine learning model for advanced forecasting. Resource use trends are available in the form of a separate report on the dashboard. 
  • Utilize dashboards with advanced data visualization and analytics. As part of the Yalantis IoT Accelerator, end users are provided with a BI toolset for data visualization. They can work with charts and a custom dashboard that displays real-time data streams and uses the the Yalantis Predictable ML model to identify patterns, anomalies, trends, and seasonal changes, as well as to discover cost-saving opportunities.
  • Generate custom reports on request and by schedule. To ensure full transparency and convenient work with data and insights, the platform allows users to share, save, present, and export data.

Technical characteristics empowering advanced data management

The Yalantis IoT Accelerator consists of the following components:

  • Automatic data processing services including continuous backup, automated recovery, and multi-node replication that ensure high availability and durability
  • Built-in real-time data analytics applications supporting hundreds to hundreds of thousands of queries per second while preserving stable performance due to an efficient architecture design
  • Modular tiers deployed in isolation from other components if needed
  • Interoperable BI visualization tools and a data processing tier that enable support of different clouds. Client tools may be changed without affecting data processing.
  • Private and secure isolated environments for running data processing workloads and storing data so that sensitive data never leaves a secure solution’s perimeter
  • Loosely coupled components for ingestion, queries, orchestration, and business logic, allowing for precise customization of business tasks while lowering operational costs

System architecture

Use cases proving the platform’s business value

  • Reducing energy costs helps optimize overall resource allocation and wisely plan finances for operational and business needs

  • Implementing predictive maintenance ensures timely equipment, premises, and fleet maintenance, avoiding unexpected expenditures on unscheduled repairs

  • Enabling ML-powered data analysis improves information accuracy, significantly increases the speed of data processing, and quickly identifies problematic aspects of business operations

  • Improving operational efficiency by reducing manual raw data processing and analysis, increasing the speed of insight generation, and enabling real-time data aggregation and analysis for quick decision-making