Y-Quality: Quickly evaluate software and development process quality

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  • Quality assurance (QA)

Platform overview

Y-Quality automatically generates software development reports that indicate areas for project improvement and reveal whether a project meets business objectives. Y-Quality reports provide details on software quality and team and project performance. This automation tool integrates with Jira to quickly retrieve project data and is designed for various audiences:

  • Project managers can use it to monitor team performance and optimize delivery processes.
  • QA specialists can compose automated software quality and bug reports to quickly evaluate whether the system is functioning properly.
  • Delivery managers can compose extensive reports on project progress for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Product owners and business stakeholders can analyze their software performance based on reports.

With the domain-agnostic Y-Quality tool, businesses can regularly monitor and improve software quality and ensure a unified approach to project reporting. By regularly viewing consistent and detailed reports, project teams can better evaluate their progress and quickly spot areas for improvement. In addition, teams can efficiently manage their time and track project performance to ensure the highest software quality.

Common challenges addressed by the Y-Quality tools

Streamlined project management and quality control are essential for the success of digital projects. But without an optimized reporting flow, a project manager and QA specialists can lose track of project progress and the development process can be prolonged, increasing expenses. Here are a few challenges the Y-Quality tool can help businesses solve:

  • Error-prone and lengthy manual reporting, which can take up to 40 minutes and distract team members from more urgent project tasks
  • Lack of transparency and clarity in project execution with a cumbersome reporting system
  • Repeated software issues and bugs whose root causes are hard to establish
  • Complicated process of locating important information in project reports composed by different team members in different formats 
  • Decreased performance and productivity of a project team as many team members get involved in software development reporting 
  • Increased chances of scope creep and increased development costs due to lack of a properly prioritized bug fixing flow

Benefits of the Y-Quality reporting tool that optimizes project time and resources

  • 01

    Up to 70% improvement in team productivity (among Yalantis QA teams). The Y-Quality tool eliminates the need for manual reporting, allowing project teams to compose thorough automated software reports in just a few clicks. 

  • 02

    Grater stakeholder satisfaction and project visibility. With a streamlined quality reporting flow, businesses can share unified and detailed reports with key project stakeholders and external investors to keep them informed on the project’s progress. This fosters active engagement, long-term partnership, and referrals to other potential business partners.

  • 03

    Improved project and team performance evaluation. Y-Quality is also a go-to solution for an all-around assessment of team and project performance. Reports include KPIs and qualitative and quantitative measures of project and team progress, showcasing whether the team meets project objectives.

  • 04

    Increased team accountability and focus on quality. By regularly receiving reports from Y-Quality on their performance, team members become more responsible. The team’s focus on delivering only high-quality software can also increase as they see regular, concise, and detailed reports with clearly defined software quality parameters.

  • 05

    Optimized project delivery with proper priorities. The Y-Quality reporting system can help businesses speed up and improve project delivery by prioritizing software issues and project bottlenecks. 

  • 06

    Continuous improvement. Y-Quality reporting lays the groundwork for a continuous improvement environment, which helps improve the user experience of your software solution, ensures its stable performance, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • 07

    Unified report format with a clear structure. With Y-Quality, project teams can establish a single customized report format to ensure that all team members can interpret quality reports quickly and consistently. In such a manner, Y-Quality helps project managers prevent conflicts of interpretation between team members and stakeholders. 

Y-Quality functionality for a seamless project workflow

The Y-Quality automated reporting tool boasts the following features:

  • Software quality report generation. A primary function of Y-Quality is to quickly generate automated quality reports that include:

    – key project attributes such as project charter, milestones, and the start and end dates of each two-week project sprint
    – the number of software bugs, with severity and priority indicators 
    – a list of all fixed bugs throughout the project lifecycle for historical analysis
    -recommendations on sending a bug report to certain stakeholders

  • Project delivery report generation. With the automated Y-Quality tool, project managers can also generate reports about completed project tasks and sprints to make conclusions about overall project progress. These reports can also include information from Jira about the client and team structure.
  • Quality baseline indication. With the help of Y-Quality, project teams can assess their software quality by viewing the number of bugs found and fixed throughout the project lifecycle. Drawing on this baseline, development teams can prepare an accurate project improvement plan that targets all critical bugs with accurate deadlines.
  • Admin panel. Y-Quality admins can:

    – monitor and control system access
    – manage user data (update user profiles, block users)
    – update project settings

  • Integration with custom Jira Query Language (JQL) filters. Y-Quality allows users to apply custom JQL filters to easily navigate Jira boards and find necessary data for time-efficient report generation.

Y-Quality use cases facilitating successful software development

  • Evaluating project quality with the help of regular reporting allows key project stakeholders to maintain an environment of continuous improvement.

  • Tracking project delivery progress with clear quality metrics fosters the team to stand by their commitments and complete tasks within set timelines.

  • Maintaining high software quality with a unified and automated reporting system ensures that all critical bugs are addressed without disrupting the project workflow.

  • Performing root cause analysis of software issues with detailed QA reports helps prevent issues from repeating in the future.