Yalantis design framework

    As a design-driven company, we have experience creating solutions on all platforms. With Yalantis, you can build desirable mobile apps, adaptive web apps, or even complex cross-platform enterprise solutions with multiple user roles.
    Our design values
    Desirability and accessibility
    To help you successfully attract and retain users, we deliver designs that are desirable, intuitive, and easy to use.
    Lean UX and user-centricity
    To quickly receive and react to user feedback, our experts concentrate on mission-critical features, iteratively implementing required functionality and updates.
    Viability and scalability
    To ensure your product is scalable, we plan a flexible and expandable information architecture and implement version control systems.
    Cost effectiveness
    To reduce your product’s time to market, we rely on our wide knowledge of UX patterns to deliver practical designs and avoid extra development efforts where possible.

    Design services

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    Design creation approach

    Our goal is to deliver a cost-effective, user-friendly, and well-tested design solution that meets your business objectives.
    • Empathise
    • Define
    • Ideate
    • Prototype
    • Test
    • Empathsite to help define the problem
    • Learn from prototype to spark new ideas
    • Tests create new ideas for the project
    • Tests reveal insights that redefine the problem
    • Learn about users through testing

    Design deliverables you get from Yalantis

    Discovery phase
    UX research
    Competitor audit
    Problem statement
    Information architecture
    Hypothesis wireframing
    Visual design concept
    UI kit creation
    User research
    Mind maps
    Low-fidelity wireframes
    Mood board
    Environment analysis
    User journey map
    Unique value proposition
    Flow charts
    Low-fidelity prototype
    UI concept
    Development phase
    Visual design
    Asset delivery
    Creating UI design
    Updating the UI kit
    Support phase
    Developer and design support
    Issue and bug fixing

    What you can do with design deliverables

    • 1

      Eliminate bottlenecks in your customer journey with a streamlined design solution

    • 2

      Align your software product with new business processes and the ever-changing market reality

    • 3

      Implement a consistent user experience across all products in your software ecosystem

    • 4

      Develop a software product to enter a new market and acquire a new target audience

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    Some of our recent case studies



    Discover how we created an all-around medical SaaS solution that:

    • Has a consistent and scalable information architecture to support future implementations

    • Supports multiple user roles with different functions on different platforms

    • Is convenient for people with disabilities

    • Ensures outdoor usability and accessibility

    See full case study

    Transportation management system

    Supply chainWebUSASaaS

    See how we built a SaaS transportation management system that:

    • Offers a streamlined onboarding experience for adding new employes

    • Reduces the route planning time from 6 hours to 30 minutes

    • Provides visibility for all logistics and delivery processes

    • Simplifies problem-solving

    See full case study
    Transportation management system

    Logistics customer portal

    Supply chainWebUSA

    Learn how we designed and developed a customer portal that:

    • Provides robust order management and tracking functionality

    • Streamlines document management for users

    • Supplies an intuitive onboarding experience for new customers

    • Optimizes routine tasks and order processing

    See full case study
    Logistics customer portal

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