As an all-around software engineering and outsourcing company, we can help you at any stage of development. Whether you’re creating your product from scratch, modernizing it, or continuously improving it, we have the expertise your business requires.

Our collaboration and
engagement models

  • Time and materials

    • Long-term project and dynamic requirements

    • Scope of work is not fully specified

    • May need to alter the scope and the workload

  • Fixed price

    • Clear requirements and strict deadlines

    • Project with a limited scope of work

    • We manage the entire product development lifecycle.

  • Managed team

    • Yalantis provides professionals (or a whole team) with the required expertise

    • We take responsibility for our specialists’ performance

    • Specialists follow your corporate values and development processes

  • Managed product

    • Yalantis holds a wide range of responsibility, designing and co-creating a product with you

    • We provide the development team for your project

    • We manage the entire product development life cycle

  • Managed service

    • Yalantis helps you with just one or a number of services, such as design, development, QA, and DevOps

    • We provide the required experts (or team of experts)

    • We fully manage the entire development process

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    What post-release support services do you offer?

    We have more than 10 years of experience developing successful healthcare software solutions and have developed our own strategy for delivering the highest value to clients within a limited timeframe. Our business analysts and project managers create a suitable environment for the medical software development process to run smoothly. When working on your project, we develop a product mindset to stay on the same page with you and make sure we’re always aligned with your business goals. After launching healthcare software products with us, our clients claim an increase in user satisfaction among employees and patients, higher revenue, and general improvements in the healthcare workflow.

    Apart from healthcare software development, we also provide healthcare consulting services. We can help you choose the right third-party software solutions to integrate with or the right medical device providers to work with. We can also help you decide on functional modules to expand your existing healthcare system. Yalantis isn’t only your healthcare technology partner; we aim at becoming your business partner. By suggesting technological and business improvements during our cooperation, we can help you save money while developing quality healthcare software. Our team’s goal is to help your business grow, your medical staff have more time for their core responsibilities, and your patients improve their lifestyles.

    What are your SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) services?

    We elicit your detailed project requirements during several rounds of negotiations and pay particular attention to PHI security and regional healthcare compliance requirements, such as HIPAA. The next step is composing your healthcare software development team with domain experts who can not only execute tasks but also offer solutions and provide useful feedback if you’re hesitant about certain functionality or technical implementations. During the healthcare software development process, we rely on industry-standard services and solutions such as HIPAA-compliant AWS cloud services to ensure we build a solution that meets the needs of your healthcare practice. Our go-to strategy for medical software development is to launch solutions that won’t need costly workarounds in the future.

    How can you help with cloud migration?

    Our team specializes in enhancing existing healthcare systems as well as developing healthcare software from scratch. If you need to enhance your current EHR or telehealth system with additional functional modules or integrate medical devices with any of your current healthcare systems, Yalantis is the right choice. We can even help you build a healthcare digitalization roadmap if you aren’t sure what digital solutions you need to get started or to continue on your business digitalization journey.

    How can you help with data migration?

    We have more than a hundred experts in the healthcare field. Most are software architects, business analysts, project managers, and healthcare software developers who have worked on multiple healthcare projects and have a deep understanding of the market. They can offer you a unique perspective and solutions to solve your operational and technical issues, helping your healthcare business thrive. Our software development specialists constantly grow their expertise and acquire certifications to improve their quality of work.

    Do you offer third-party integration services?

    We have relevant medical software development expertise and many years of experience in developing and integrating EHR/EMR systems, building telehealth and telecommunications platforms, creating medical imaging systems, and integrating with IoMT devices. When delivering diverse healthcare software solutions to our healthcare clients worldwide, we focus on bringing the highest value rather than merely on executing tasks.