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Robotic process automation solutions

Increase operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and optimize your workflow by delegating repetitive and sizable tasks to robotic process automation (RPA) software.

How to implement RPA

  • 1

    Identify processes to optimize with RPA technology

  • 2

    Create rules and triggers for RPA software to perform tasks

  • 3

    Develop an RPA solution for specific business processes

  • 4

    Gain automatic control of all your data from multiple sources

  • 5

    Increase the speed of tracking and processing transactions

  • 6

    Scale the amount of intelligent automation on demand

  • 7

    Let your staff focus on customer-centric tasks

RPA solutions for your business

Intelligent document processing

  • Increase the speed of capturing content from documents in different formats and adding data to your databases using optical character recognition (OCR) tools.

Streamlined front-office support

  • Decrease response times, process more support tickets at once, and take the load off your customer support team with an automated digital assistant and RPA bot development.

Automated data-based reporting

  • Regularly get data from multiple systems in a single report and automatically send it to your employees and business partners using software bots.

Improved security and compliance

  • Automate recording and verification processes and track and instantly report suspicious activities to keep up with industry security standards.

Be it an RPA solution for web scraping, extracting structured data, filling forms and accelerating Excel functions, or powering an API, our RPA development teams are ready to help.

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What RPA services we provide

RPA consulting solutions

  • Assess your automation potential and infrastructure readiness for RPA solutions

  • Get an RPA strategy and development steps to build a PoC and validate RPA implementation value

RPA softwaredevelopment

  • Develop a scalable system for intelligent automation using custom or ready-made solutions

  • Integrate RPA solutions into your core software to export data to ERP, CRM, CMS, or other systems via RESTful APIs

Managed RPAservices

  • Obtain end-to-end RPA support and maintenance services

  • Upgrade your RPA system, enhance bot efficiency, and streamline troubleshooting and optimization of RPA workflows

What RPA platforms we use

  • UiPath
  • WorkFusion
  • OpenSpan
  • Blue Prism
  • NICE
  • Kofax
  • EdgeVerve Systems
  • SAP Intelligent RPA
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Automation Anywhere

RPA center of excellence

  • Organization

    • Team of RPA experts

    • Roles and responsibilities for RPA functionalities and support

    • Regular training for the development of new competencies

  • Processes

    • Assessment of client system readiness

    • Requirement elicitation for RPA functions

    • RPA development and testing

    • Secure deployment

    • Support and maintenance

  • Technology

    • Architecture setup for robotic operating environment (ROE)

    • Infrastructure optimized for RPA

    • Functions and solutions that can be ported from one industry to another

  • Governance

    • Escalation paths and protocols

    • Compliance to industry-specific standards and requirements

    • Tiered access system

    • Process prioritization policy

What benefits you get with RPA

Cost optimization

  • Spend up to 80% less time on repetitive and high-volume tasks by implementing RPA solutions that work 24/7 with no downtime.

Quick adoption

  • Use your existing infrastructure as the basis for an RPA solution without investing in costly infrastructure transformation.

Better employee performance

  • By implementing the proper RPA development life cycle and taking the burden off your employees, you unleash their potential and motivation for more meaningful tasks.

Enhanced data quality

  • With a greater degree of automation and RPA development best practices, you can minimize human error and improve data quality and accuracy for analytics and reporting.

More solutions for data process optimization we provide

  • Fraud detection

  • Device monitoring

  • Automated reporting

  • Service personalization

  • Risk management and credit scoring

  • Demand forecasting

  • Automated front-office support

  • Automatic diagnoses based on patient data

  • Data structuring and visualization

  • Automated security logging and verification

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