Business-specific RPA services

Increase operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and optimize your workflow by automating repetitive and sizable tasks with the help of our robotic process automation (RPA) services.

  • Eliminate rules-based manual work with automation

  • Improve decision-making with optimized report generation

  • Enable automated and optimized ETL operations

  • Increase business capacity and service offerings with numerous RPA bots

  • Speed up service delivery by automating data processing

  • Ensure business continuity during peak periods by delegating work to RPA software

Yalantis’ robotic process automation services

  • RPA consulting

    • Assess your automation potential and infrastructure readiness for RPA solutions

    • Get an RPA strategy and implementation roadmap to build a PoC and validate RPA value

  • RPA software development

    • Develop a scalable system for intelligent automation using custom or ready-made solutions

    • Integrate RPA solutions into your core software to export data to ERP, CRM, CMS, or other systems via RESTful APIs

  • Managed RPA services

    • Obtain end-to-end RPA support and maintenance services

    • Upgrade your RPA system and enhance bot efficiency

    • Streamline troubleshooting and optimize RPA workflows

Benefits of RPA implementation with Yalantis

  • 01

    Time optimization

    Spend up to 80% less time on repetitive and high-volume tasks by implementing RPA solutions that work 24/7 with no downtime.

  • 02

    Increased data quality

    Minimize human error and improve data quality and accuracy for analytics and reporting with a greater degree of automation and RPA development best practices.

  • 03

    Enhanced business process performance

    Improve your productivity and employee performance by implementing a custom RPA solution.

  • 04

    Quick adoption

    Integrate an RPA solution with minimal onboarding effort and development costs.

Our RPA center of excellence at your service

Embrace RPA innovation and new process optimization opportunities to increase business efficiency and reduce costs.

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RPA platforms we use

  • UiPath

  • Microsoft Power Automate

  • Automation Anywhere

  • Blue Prism

  • NICE

  • SAP Intelligent RPA

  • WorkFusion

  • OpenSpan

  • EdgeVerve Systems

  • Kofax

Looking for a different technology?

Get in touch to learn what other RPA technologies we can offer.

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RPA development solutions for your business

  • Automated back-office and front-office tasks

    Unload your team from manual data collection and entry, apply ML and AI algorithms to generate business insights, and speed up transaction processing and form completion to eliminate human errors.

  • Streamlined customer service

    Respond to customer requests quickly and resolve issues in a timely manner, automate customer feedback management, and ensure personalized customer interactions.

  • RPA network management and interoperability

    Connect all RPA bots in a single network so they can work together to increase overall business efficiency and interoperability.

  • Continuous data transfer and exchange

    Transfer data from one system or database to another, regularly using software bots to achieve round-the-clock visibility of your business processes.

  • Improved regulatory compliance

    Automate recording and verification processes and instantly report suspicious activities to keep up with industry security standards and other compliance requirements.

Need a different solution?

Whether you need an RPA solution for web scraping, extracting structured data, filling forms and accelerating Excel functions, or powering an API, our RPA services team is ready to help.

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What makes your RPA services company stand out?

Our team of certified and experienced RPA experts and business analysts has the expertise to understand and assess even the most complex business processes. We work closely with our clients to provide accurate project estimates that align with their time and budget constraints. 


As a robotic process automation service provider, we remain flexible and transparent, sharing all critical data and scaling the team up or down depending on the client’s changing needs. Plus, our team always stays in the loop on the latest RPA technologies and tools to make sure we deliver up-to-date solutions. While carrying out RPA implementation services, we also provide training materials so the client’s employees and/or customers can quickly grasp how to work with the new software.

How can I choose the right RPA service provider?

Your business requirements should be your main criteria when looking for an RPA service provider company. Your budget limitations also play a critical role: for instance, working with IBM will be reasonable only if you’re a big enterprise with multiple departments. Other important criteria you should pay attention to include:

  • Expertise relevant to your industry
  • Readiness to develop customized solutions that can be easily integrated into your workflow
  • Transparency and flexibility on project estimation and technology choices
  • Opportunity to scale the solution after launch and ongoing software system support and maintenance
  • Compliance with general security standards and willingness to investigate any applicable market-specific security requirements

What industries do you provide RPA consulting services and RPA solutions to?

We offer robotic process automation services to companies in various industries, including:

  • Supply chain management. We help to optimize warehouse management with automated real-time reports for demand forecasting, track asset and inventory movements in the yard, and fill in truck driver data. With our RPA services, you can also automate data transfers to your ERP, TMS, WMS, and other systems.
  • Healthcare. We can automate appointment scheduling using data on patient diagnoses and doctor availability and by filling out patient profiles. Using RPA, healthcare practitioners can send automated reminders to patients about appointments and prescriptions.
  • FinTech. Yalantis helps financial institutions automate routine processes like charging and billing, introduce new payment alternatives, boost customer loyalty, and secure both companies and customers from breaches, fraud, and other financial risks.

Do your RPA development services include only custom RPA development or integration of ready-made systems as well?

We offer a wide selection of robotic process automation services. You can choose to develop a custom software system from scratch; decide on integrating ready-made RPA software such as the well-known UiPath, Kofax, BluePrism, or Aiwozo; or go with industry-specific RPA solutions such as Olive (healthcare) or RPA Labs (logistics). Whether you need custom RPA development largely depends on the complexity of your business processes and the operational issues you typically face. 


Consider making a list of processes that could benefit from intelligent automation solutions and then analyze whether ready-made solutions can fully cover all of your needs. If not, you can consider developing RPA software from scratch. Plus, off-the-shelf RPA products may have poor usability or a complicated UX. With custom development, you can avoid these drawbacks and even conduct a UX survey among your potential users to make sure you develop software that fits their needs.

Six simple steps for full RPA implementation

Let’s take a look at six quick steps you can take to seamlessly implement an RPA solution into your workflow. We provide a wide range of RPA services that can simplify this process for you.

Step 1. Identify processes to optimize with RPA technology

This is the most crucial step to take for effective robotics process automation implementation. If you want to test the RPA solution first, you should prioritize your business processes and automate with the help of RPA integration only the most tedious and time-consuming workflows that are hindering your business from growing and preventing your employees from making valuable contributions. 

Step 2. Create triggers for RPA software to automate repetitive tasks

For RPA software to know when and how to perform particular tasks, you should create triggers. Rules and triggers are particular conditions that must be met for the RPA software to initiate the automation process. For instance, a schedule trigger can ensure that a certain task starts at a particular time or on a particular date. Our RPA services team can help you with creating suitable rules and triggers.

Step 3. Develop an RPA solution for specific business processes

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you can proceed to the actual RPA development tailored to your business needs and requirements. The development process starts with elaborating a detailed roadmap of your business processes that require automation. Then, everything depends on your initial decision to go with custom software development or integrate ready-made software.

Step 4. Gain automatic control of all your data from multiple sources 

With the help of RPA technology and our RPA consulting services, you can improve data management at your company and gain better control over data spread across different sources. By doing this, you can ensure a more holistic approach to business processes and make data-driven decisions.

Step 5. Scale the amount of intelligent automation on demand

As your business starts growing, you can scale your RPA solution on demand to make sure it fits your current operations and workflows. You can add new processes to automate, integrate with more data sources, and create more space for your company’s gradual evolution.

Step 6. Let your staff focus on customer-centric tasks

The last step is to actually enjoy the perks of robotic process automation implementation by letting your staff work on more customer-related tasks and bring more value to your business. In such a manner, you can increase customer satisfaction and employee engagement, which are essential for any business to prosper. 

The time span between the first step and the last depends on the number of processes you’re planning to automate and the abilities of your RPA services provider, who should have a foolproof system for quick solution delivery and an established development process that clients find satisfactory. 

To stay ahead of the game in delivering robotic process automation services, Yalantis has created an RPA center of excellence that sets us apart from our competitors.  

Yalantis robotic process automation consulting and RPA center of excellence

To deliver value-added robotic process automation services, Yalantis created an RPA center of excellence consisting of four main levels:

  • Organization. This level comprises a team of RPA consulting experts with distributed roles and responsibilities for RPA functionalities and support. We also provide regular training for development of new competencies to ensure our team delivers high-quality RPA services.
  • Processes. At this level, we assess a system’s readiness to implement RPA, elicit requirements for RPA functions, and provide RPA development and testing services. We also ensure secure software deployment as well as ongoing support and maintenance. 
  • Technology. This level includes setting up the architecture for the robotic operating environment (ROE) and optimizing infrastructure for RPA.
  • Governance. At this level, we elaborate escalation paths and protocols and ensure compliance with industry-specific standards and requirements.

The Yalantis RPA center of excellence helps us spread knowledge about the latest RPA news and technologies among our RPA experts as well as enhance our robotic process automation services, allowing us to deliver industry-specific RPA solutions. For instance, for data process optimization, we provide the following solutions:

Fraud detection. RPA solutions can be programmed to monitor transactions in real time and identify fraudulent activities or software vulnerabilities that can threaten your business.

Device monitoring. You can use RPA for monitoring devices (such as cardiac event monitors in healthcare) to ensure they work properly and without interruptions. 

Automated reporting. You can also generate reports with an RPA tool and immediately send them to stakeholders.

Service personalization. Improve customer service and increase customer loyalty by enabling better personalization with quick customer data aggregation via RPA technology.

Risk management and credit scoring. Banks find robotic process automation services particularly useful for minimizing risks during credit allocation.

Demand forecasting. Logistics and pharmaceutical companies can find RPA solutions beneficial for forecasting product or medication demand based on historical data and market trends.

Automated front-office support. By automating front-office tasks such as responding to inquiries, processing orders, and scheduling appointments, companies can win time for closer interactions with their customers.

Automatic diagnoses based on patient data. RPA is also applicable in diagnostics, as clinicians can save time on analyzing patients’ symptoms by simply validating diagnoses made by RPA software.

Data structuring and visualization. By using RPA development services, it is possible to automate such processes as data entry and data cleansing to speed up data management, increase accuracy, and reduce errors.

Automated logging. Such solutions can reduce wait times on registering in a certain system and help companies gain a full picture of their system users.

Let’s discuss what your RPA project might look like if you choose our robotic process automation services.