IT consulting and digital advisory

    We dive deep into your strategy and processes to validate your ideas and technology. Then we create a perfect solution according to your business objectives and budget.

    Select the right technology for your business goals

    Validate your product idea before investing in it

    Attract investment with an elaborate product prototype

    Add scalability and flexibility to your business

    Ensure regulatory compliance for your product

    Beat competitors with advanced functionality

    Our digital advisory services

    Architecture assessment

    • Extensive architecture assessment report

    • Assessment summary presentation

    • Improvement roadmap

    Solution design

    • Architecture vision

    • Product scope

    • UI and UX design

    • Custom delivery approach

    PoC development

    • Interactive prototype

    • Demo presentation

    • Feasibility audit report

    • Further development strategy

    Consulting approach


    • Current situation

    • Business efficiency

    • Key processes

    • Performance indicators


    • Business goals

    • Constraints

    • Functional requirements

    • Quality attributes


    • Architecture review

    • Code review

    • Qualitative tradeoff analysis

    • Quantitative metrics analysis


    • Risks

    • Limitations

    • Conclusions

    • Possible improvements

    Want to obtain assets that can help you turn your ideas into long-term business value and market leadership? Our professionals can help.

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    How can you implement consulting deliverables?

    • 1

      Develop a software product to win new markets and target audiences

    • 2

      Create custom software when there are no ready-made solutions that meet your goals

    • 3

      Digitize and optimize your routine processes and problem-solving

    • 4

      Modernize your current product and align it with new business processes

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    Make maximum use of our tech background as well as our consulting and development experience to meet your business goals with custom technology solutions.

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