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IT consulting

As an IT consulting firm, Yalantis helps enterprises connect businesses with information technology solutions. Based on an in-depth project and product portfolio audit and business analysis, our experts architect streamlined IT delivery systems that offer a high level of consistency and quality. We also provide ideas for the digital transformation of our clients’ businesses. Based on our technology expertise, Yalantis dives deep into each client’s strategy and processes to validate technology accordance with business objectives. And to streamline business and software performance, our certified consultants personalize and set up delivery and support processes and provide suggestions for resolving discovered issues and providing an efficient user experience.

Delivery approach

  • Set objectives

    Outline key audit objectives and plan the scope of work to meet the client’s budget and deadlines

  • Perform an audit

    Audit the organization’s structure, project portfolio, management, and technology stack

  • Get to know the client’s business

    Evaluate the client’s business efficiency, situation, key processes, projects, and performance indicators

  • Report on the results

    Report on audit findings, risks, limitations, accomplishments, and conclusions

Core deliverables

Streamlined IT delivery systems that offer a high level of consistency and quality

  • Core deliverables

    Streamlined IT delivery systems that offer a high level of consistency and quality

  • GuidanceProduct development tech map
  • AccuracyTechnology compliance
  • PredictabilityRisk assessment
  • ControllabilityProject management framework
  • OptimisationSuggestions for organizational optimisation
  • PerformanceList of processes and performance indicators to improve
  • ImprovementTechnical environment, infrastructure, and security best practices
  • Alignment Stakeholder alignment of expectations with the requirement management flow
  • AccountabilityComprehensive audit report

Clients about Yalantis

  • Paul ViskovichChief Executive Officer at Healthfully

    "All of a sudden, not only health systems are interested in having access to our app but employers and universities as well. Our phone is ringing all the time with people asking us to present our solution. It’s something that is really needed by employers."

  • Kevin BrownDev Lead at Naked Apartments

    ”We've worker with Yalantis to fill out the QA presence on our development team. They've been exceptional! I'm regularly surprised by the knowledge and experience they bring to their day-to-day work. They go above and beyond to help improve our processes and develop our products using the customer's perspective. Very impressed!”

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