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IT consulting and digital advisory

We dive deep into your strategy and processes to validate your ideas and technology. Then we create a perfect solution according to your business objectives and budget.

Select the right technology for your business goals

Validate your product idea before investing in it

Attract investment with an elaborate product prototype

Add scalability and flexibility to your business

Ensure regulatory compliance for your product

Beat competitors with advanced functionality

Our digital advisory services

Architecture assessment

  • Extensive architecture assessment report

  • Assessment summary presentation

  • Improvement roadmap

Solution design

  • Architecture vision

  • Product scope

  • UI and UX design

  • Custom delivery approach

PoC development

  • Interactive prototype

  • Demo presentation

  • Feasibility audit report

  • Further development strategy

More consulting solutions

Complex transformation offerings for your business

SaaS development consulting

  • Build a SaaS software product from the ground up

  • Turn a successful traditional app into SaaS software

  • Conquer new audiences by localizing your SaaS app

  • Extend the functionality of an existing SaaS solution

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Digital transformation consulting

  • Upgrade out-of-date technology that causes execution delays

  • Optimize operations of crucial business units

  • Reduce the costs of supporting and maintaining your IT infrastructure

  • Minimize data breaches and other security risks

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Experience design consulting

  • Retain users with desirable, intuitive, and easy-to-use designs

  • Quickly react to user feedback, implementing required functionality and updates

  • Ensure scalability with a flexible and expandable information architecture and version control systems

  • Reduce time to market using our wide knowledge of UX patterns and avoiding extra development efforts

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Delivery optimization consulting

  • Ensure timely releases and back up your SLAs with properly set up CI/CD pipelines

  • Regularly update your software according to industry standards and regulations

  • Eliminate challenging bugs and issues in your software

  • Update legacy code and make your system agile to meet market demands

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Communication platforms

  • Implement one-on-one and group chats, audio calls, video conferences, announcements, bulk emailing, and read-only channels

  • Secure channels with end-to-end encryption, role and permission management, and user administration

  • Optimize business processes with report management and analysis of group behavior and user queries

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Blockchain solutions

  • Minimize costs and increase delivery predictability

  • Automate financial calculations

  • Increase process transparency and settle payment disputes in seconds

  • Minimize machinery and port downtime

  • Reduce errors and fraud cases using blockchain data

  • Improve transportation planning and minimize queues

  • Reduce errors and paperwork

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Technology consulting solutions for advanced system upgrades

Cloud and DevOps consulting

  • Optimize your production costs by properly using cloud capabilities

  • Introduce software agility and scalability with DevOps best practices

  • Assess your cloud and on-premises system and eliminate security risks

  • Elaborate a cloud strategy specifically for your business needs and get a detailed roadmap of your cloud transformation

  • Carry out cloud migration by fully or partially transforming your on-premises systems into cloud-based ones

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BI, big data, and analytics consulting

  • Organize your data into well-structured datasets for advanced and predictive analytics

  • Build a data warehouse, data lake, or data mart to improve your ETL operations

  • Obtain a holistic view of all your business operations using reports and dashboards

  • Reduce data management costs by properly building your data architecture

  • Discover the root causes of your business issues to get rid of roadblocks to business expansion

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ML and AI consulting

  • Use computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition for new business models

  • Tackle multi-dimensional problems using advanced analytics and non-traditional approaches

  • Accelerate the discovery of security risks with the help of machine learning applied to your data

  • Decrease labor costs and help your employees focus on strategic tasks with robotic process automation

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IoT consulting

  • Assure just-in-time maintenance of your equipment using industrial IoT solutions with real-time monitoring and machinery analytics

  • Manage your distributed assets and maintain machinery with the help of remote management software

  • Collect and securely transmit sensitive data from medical devices, sensors, and wearables

  • Unite and manage smart home devices and security systems from a centralized control system

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Cybersecurity consulting

  • Evaluate your security system and strengthen your security controls

  • Receive real-time reports on security system vulnerabilities

  • Make cybersecurity and individual privacy protection an integral part of your software architecture

  • Make your software system compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other data and privacy protection requirements

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Performance engineering consulting

  • Architect a fault-tolerant structure for your product ecosystem

  • Check if your software system is ready for increasingly high numbers of users, discover performance bottlenecks, and find ways to eliminate them

  • Integrate system performance monitoring solutions with real-time analytics and comprehensive reports

  • Implement performance testing and regularly run such tests for stable system performance

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Data science consulting

  • Collect all of your data and turn it into monetary value for FinTech, supply chain management, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, agriculture, and other industries

  • Resolve big multi-dimensional business issues using the ML and AI systems

  • Develop innovative solutions that you can seamlessly port to any other industry and business model

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RPA consulting

  • Automatically capture content from documents in different formats via optical character recognition services

  • Minimize response times and process support tickets faster with an automated digital assistant and RPA bot development

  • Automate reports sending them to business partners with software bots

  • Implement automated verification and reporting for suspicious activities as stated by the industry security standard

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UI and UX design

  • Identify the key needs of your target audience

  • Analyze industry standards and competitors’ solutions

  • Test your ideas before investing in development

  • Get a consistent user experience across all products of your ecosystem including web, mobile, wearables, and IoT devices

  • Create a design for multiple user roles with role-specific features

  • Use a modular design approach for faster software development

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Consulting approach


  • Current situation

  • Business efficiency

  • Key processes

  • Performance indicators


  • Business goals

  • Constraints

  • Functional requirements

  • Quality attributes


  • Architecture review

  • Code review

  • Qualitative tradeoff analysis

  • Quantitative metrics analysis


  • Risks

  • Limitations

  • Conclusions

  • Possible improvements

Want to obtain assets that can help you turn your ideas into long-term business value and market leadership? Our professionals can help.

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Some of our works

Medical PACS


See how we optimized processes for a telemedicine and teleradiology business to:

  • Decrease the time for urgent ticket processing from months to 1 or 2 days

  • Increase customer satisfaction by 32 percentage points

  • Reduce the number of unnecessary meetings by 70%

  • Enhance employee satisfaction by 43 percentage points

See full case study



See how we built an IoT network management platform that offers:

  • Remote management for multiple IoT devices

  • Automatic reconfiguration for hundreds of hardware setups

  • Over-the-air updates for IoT network configurations

  • Monitoring of device statuses and issue resolution

See full case study



See how our experts developed a wealth management system with tools for:

  • Aggregating, processing, and visualizing financial data

  • Opening investment accounts and monitoring investment activity

  • Automating billing operations, saving 320 work hours a month

  • Communicating with customers via the customer portal

See full case study

Client reviews about the quality of our work

1 / 8
One of the biggest values they bring to the table is the way of thinking critically during the whole development process. They’re not just building software, they’re effectively solving your business problem.

How can you implement consulting deliverables?

  • 1

    Develop a software product to win new markets and target audiences

  • 2

    Create custom software when there are no ready-made solutions that meet your goals

  • 3

    Digitize and optimize your routine processes and problem-solving

  • 4

    Modernize your current product and align it with new business processes

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Validate your ideas and create powerful solutions

Make maximum use of our tech background as well as our consulting and development experience to meet your business goals with custom technology solutions.

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