We're proud to announce the successful collaboration between Orbis Systems and Yalantis that started in 2020.

Collaboration announcement: Orbis Systems and Yalantis


In March 2021 we started our collaboration with Orbis Systems. We continue working together with Orbis till now and are proud to have them among our clients.

Orbis Systems is a FinTech company that offers financial consulting services and develops electronic trading systems to help businesses undergo digital transformation. Software solutions from Orbis help both small brokerages and international multi-desk trading corporations transform their financial lifecycle by responding to their trading needs. 

We strive to bring maximum value to our collaboration with Orbis and are delighted to receive their positive feedback. 

“People we have been working with so far are stellar. With Yalantis, we are not getting just development. We are getting a whole support structure,” says Sergei Lishchenko, Director of Digital Experience and Innovation at Orbis Systems. 

A full client testimonial is available below

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