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Platform overview: Opportunities opened with Yalantis ERP system

Yalantis ERP is a customizable and ready-to-use enterprise resource planning system that enables delivery teams to efficiently plan, submit, and approve staffing requests. It provides opportunities for accurate and convenient financial management and reporting, streamlined human resource allocation, and efficient project management.

Common resource planning challenges Yalantis ERP solves

Resource allocation and planning typically consumes a significant amount of time and requires numerous approvals to arrive at a team composition that aligns perfectly with the project’s requirements. Without the support of tools capable of automatically assessing each employee’s workload and availability after completing a project, organizations face challenges such as:

  • Inefficient management of workload and resource planning within a company, leading to errors in human resource allocation and project prioritization
  • Inability to establish a transparent process for staffing projects, starting from the initial request and up to the approval stage
  • Difficulties reviewing and analyzing key financial metrics such as gross profit margin (GPM), utilization, delivery budget, non-billable delivery costs, etc. from the perspectives of the company, its deliveries, its projects, and its employees
  • Inability to store and analyze historical data regarding the company’s capacity in staffing projects and increasing ROI over a defined period of time
  • Lack of functionality for reviewing the history of employees’ participation in projects within the company

Proven benefits of the Yalantis ERP system

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    Up to 70% faster team staffing for projects. With advanced filtering, managers can easily sort employees by their grades, availability, margins, and other metrics to quickly assemble a team of available contractors and suitable specialists.

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    At least 50% more accurate employee availability and project deadline forecasting. Yalantis ERP clearly displays project deadlines and lists of employees involved in a specific project. It also offers functionality for income and delivery budget planning and visual representation of undertime and overtime working hours for each individual.

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    35% improved efficiency due to integration with the most popular productivity and communication applications. When developing the platform, Yalantis ensured integration with Slack and Jira, allowing managers to easily organize and coordinate all aspects of product development and establish clear and transparent communication processes. Other communication and project management systems can be connected to Yalantis Payments through additional custom integrations.

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    Real-time data-driven decision-making based on insights gathered through BI integration. Management can get comprehensive up-to-date reports, access key performance indicators (KPIs), and get insights into various aspects of the business to make informed choices regarding resource planning and project management. BI enables advanced data analysis, visualization, and predictive analytics, empowering businesses to gain deeper insights into their operations.

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    Securing critical information on projects, employees, and financial data with advanced data protection measures. To mitigate the risk of losing critical project and employee information, including associated properties (such as service, grade, dates, etc.), all data is regularly backed up and stored in an encrypted form to safeguard against unexpected situations.

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    Comprehensive customization for indicating employees’ available days in the planner. Yalantis ERP provides multiple customization options for defining specialists’ availability, including workdays, holidays, vacations, and sick leave, for specific time periods throughout project development as well as post-project phases. End users can also enjoy interface customization through various themes and color schemes.

Check out this video to see how the product works:

Yalantis ERP feature set

The platform offers features for:

Reviewing employee availability and planning resources:

  • Calendar displaying the availability of the delivery team, showcasing employees’ project assignments, project-related requests, approved days off, undertimes, and overtimes on specific projects. Users can access details of previous and current assignments and approximate release dates from current projects. To navigate multiple employees’ calendars, end users can use filters and sorting functionality.
  • Request feature for an employee to be assigned for a project (part-time or full-time). Requests can be for specific specialists within the company or to fill new vacancies.
  • Employee release feature that allows users to submit requests for releasing employees from particular projects. These requests contain all relevant information on employees’ workloads, engagement periods, etc. Upon approval, corresponding assignments are marked as completed in the system and removed from the planner.

Analytical module for analyzing financial information:

  • Profitability dashboard with monthly reports displaying average GPM, utilization, planned revenue per project, deliveries, and departments.
  • Delivery budget tab that provides a table with annual and monthly revenue for each project, with all costs calculated. This is a limited access feature because it contains sensitive and confidential information, so managers must grant access to people who may view and modify this information.
  • Profitability report that calculates the weighted average for internal and external hourly rates, delivery use, and GPM using up-to-date data.
  • Billability report and dashboard with charts and aggregated tables displaying the ratio of hours actually spent to initially planned hours. The system takes into account company workdays and employee availability when generating these charts and tables.

Operational process optimization:

  • A dynamic roles and permissions system allows for creating role groups with access only to specific types of data available on the platform.
  • Email reports and alerts in the event of unexpected issues within the platform, such as unapproved Jira timesheets, unfilled rate fields for past periods, issues with data synchronization, etc.
  • Slack notifications regarding new requests for employee assignments to new projects and for releasing employees from current projects. End users also receive notifications regarding status updates of requests they have created.

Use cases of operational processes optimized with Yalantis ERP

  • Accelerate team staffing for new projects with extensive filtering capabilities that highlight employees’ availability, skills, grades, compensation, and current and future project assignments.

  • Evaluate, analyze, and compare projects’ marginality to identify resources spent supporting employees’ activities, assess revenue generated from different projects, and discover opportunities to improve the company’s financial condition.

  • Continuously review the company’s billability with automated reporting that reveals the company’s current billability rate, individual employees’ billable and non-billable hours over the selected period, and allows performing comparative analysis.

  • Ensure streamlined and top-notch project management with up-to-date information on employees’ availability and assignments for future projects, which will help with efficient staffing of new projects and avoiding staff turnover.