Data analytics services

  • Customize and expand your data analytics capabilities to uncover actionable business insights as your data volumes expand

  • Ensure robust data security through industry-specific governance principles and quality management procedures

  • Gain a competitive edge by accessing nuanced business insights from relevant data sources integrated into your data analysis processes

  • Discover new possibilities to expand your business with real-time analytics insights across all departments

  • Explore new cost optimization opportunities with reports that analyze past data, recommend actions, or forecast future outcomes

  • Automate and optimize data analytics solutions with AI and RPA to drive quicker, more accurate insights aligned with your business model

Data and analytics services Yalantis provides

  • Data analytics consulting services

    • Roadmapping of a data analytics solution

    • Aligning data initiatives with business objectives

    • Examining existing data analytics approaches

    • On-demand data analytics consultation and support

  • Data strategy consulting

    • Providing strategic data guidance

    • Assessing data maturity and measuring data value

    • Developing and implementing business-specific data strategies

  • Data security consulting

    • Assessing existing data security procedures

    • Engaging security experts to advise on security issues

    • Determining data sensitivity

    • Analyzing risk to define the likelihood of malicious attacks

  • Data quality management services

    • Establishing processes and policies to ensure data accuracy, consistency, integrity, and security

    • Data profiling, cleansing, and standardization

    • Organization-wide data quality checks

  • Data governance and compliance services

    • Developing industry-specific policies, procedures, and frameworks

    • Ensuring compliance with relevant data regulations, industry standards, and best practices

  • Data cataloging and metadata management services

    • Creating and maintaining a centralized data catalog

    • Documenting data assets, their definitions, relationships, and usage

    • Facilitating deep data discovery and understanding

  • Data security services

    • Implementing measures and controls to protect sensitive data

    • Maintaining compliance with privacy regulations

    • Mitigating data breaches, data losses, and instances of unauthorized access

  • Data lifecycle management services

    • Establishing processes for proper data acquisition, storage, transformation, analysis, archival, and disposal

    • Optimizing and organizing datasets to meet business needs

Get the most business value from your corporate data

Enable enterprise-wide business insights with a unified data analytics solution.

What your business can uncover with data analytics

  • Insights into historical performance with descriptive analytics

    • Custom reporting and dashboards

    • KPI tracking and analysis

    • User/behavior analytics

    • Statistical analysis of past trends

    • Segmentation and profiling

  • Root causes behind outcomes with diagnostic analytics

    • Drill-down analysis

    • Root cause analysis

    • Behavior analysis

    • Anomaly detection systems

    • Performance monitoring

    • Error and bug analysis

  • Future trends and events with predictive analytics

    • Predictive modeling consulting

    • Machine learning algorithms

    • Churn/propensity modeling

    • Traffic/capacity forecasting

    • Lifetime value modeling

  • Optimal data-driven actions with prescriptive analytics

    • Optimization models

    • Simulation scenarios

    • Decision management frameworks

    • Personalization algorithms

    • Recommendation engines

    • Notification optimization

  • Key data patterns with exploratory data analysis (EDA)

    • Data discovery/mining

    • Data profiling

    • Hypothesis generation

    • A/B testing analysis

    • User research analytics

  • Clearly communicated insights with data visualization

    • Interactive dashboards

    • Customizable charts and graphs

    • Geographic mapping

    • Journey mapping

    • Visual data discovery

Industry-specific use cases

  • Healthcare

    • Predictive maintenance for medical equipment

    • Patient readmission prediction

    • Clinical research support

    • Healthcare resource allocation

    • Patient data and feedback analysis to improve service delivery

    • Disease outbreak detection

  • Finance and banking

    • Timely fraud detection

    • Credit risk assessment

    • Portfolio optimization

    • Customer lifetime value prediction

    • Regulatory compliance reporting

    • Behavior analysis and forecasting

  • Retail

    • Customer segmentation and personalization

    • Demand forecasting

    • Market basket analysis

    • Price optimization

    • Sentiment analysis

    • Predictive merchandising

    • Inventory optimization

    • Sales performance analysis

  • Supply chain optimization

    • Inventory optimization

    • Procurement analytics

    • Supplier performance analysis

    • Transportation route optimization

    • Demand planning and forecasting

    • Warehouse management

  • Energy and utilities

    • Predictive infrastructure maintenance

    • Energy consumption forecasting

    • Asset performance management

    • Renewable energy optimization

    • Smart grid analytics

  • Transportation and logistics

    • Route optimization

    • Fleet management

    • Demand forecasting

    • Supply chain visibility

    • Last-mile delivery optimization

    • Predictive vehicle and equipment maintenance

    • Driver risk profiling

  • IoT

    • Predictive maintenance of IoT devices and manufacturing equipment

    • Data-driven energy management

    • Cost-efficient vehicle fleet management

    • Smart home monitoring

    • Decision support for smart city projects

Results we deliver for clients with data analytics solutions

  • Transformative domain-specific solutions

    • Implement best-in-class data tools in finance, retail, manufacturing, and beyond

    • Share your biggest challenges with Yalantis and get a customizable and secure data solution

  • Higher customer retention with data-driven decision-making

    • Drive your business forward with a data-centric approach

    • Foster a culture of analytics with real-time data management, visualization, and analysis

    • Gain valuable insights into your clients to personalize services

  • Fortified security, minimized losses from fraud

    • Protect your business from data breaches and unauthorized access

    • Follow rigorous industry security standards for end-to-end protection

    • Share your data protection requirements with us for an added layer of security

  • Greater operational efficiency with self-service analytics

    • Facilitate resource management and cut costs with historical analysis

    • Enable easy report generation without coding

    • Ensure operational transparency with automatically refreshed interactive dashboards

  • Quality insights from quality data

    • Validate your data early to avoid flawed insights

    • Establish KPIs to continuously improve your data reliability and accuracy

    • Get clean, consistent data sets to minimize the risk of data errors

  • Seamless analytics solution integration

    • Get a thorough assessment of your data infrastructure to uncover gaps and opportunities

    • Integrate a data analytics solution without disrupting your workflow

Reveal overlooked opportunities in your data to boost revenue

Yalantis offers industry-leading analytics solutions to turn your organization’s raw data into meaningful insights.

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Our clients’ video reviews

What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. Their strong technical experience helped us scale our platform and deliver great performance to our customers. 

Yalantis has been a great fit for us because of their experience, responsiveness, value, and time to market. From the very start, they’ve been able to staff an effective development team in no time and perform as expected. 

Working with Yalantis, you get their breadth of experience building hundreds of projects. Their expertise and knowledge were second to none. And that makes the difference between a good product and a great product.

Design a data analytics implementation strategy with expert guidance

Establish a company-wide data analysis process to evaluate operational efficiency and identify areas for improvement.

Discuss a data project

How will you ensure the security and confidentiality of our data?

To protect client confidentiality, Yalantis follows a multilayered approach combining technical and administrative controls, including:

  • encryption of sensitive client data in transit and at rest
  • access controls and authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication and role-based access control (RBAC)
  • cybersecurity protections including firewalls, up-to-date antivirus, and vulnerability testing
  • data anonymization
  • following data privacy regulations and frameworks (the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.) based on the client’s jurisdiction
    defining data security roles and responsibilities across teams
  • providing security awareness training to employees
  • conducting regular audits, risk assessments, and testing to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities

How do you customize your data analytics services to meet a variety of business needs?

We begin with an in-depth exploration of:

  1. your business and industry specifics
  2. end users of the data analytics solution and their needs
  3. project constraints such as budget, timeframe, and overall expectations

As a data analytics services company providing domain-specific solutions, we have domain experts in FinTech, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. We work with specialists with relevant expertise to:

  • select the most fitting analytics tools based on business needs
  • develop implementation roadmaps that complement existing workflows
  • choose the best data sources and metrics for maximum impact
  • guide effective data visualization tailored to user needs
  • recommend ways to act on analytics-based insights

What data sources do you use, and how do you ensure data quality?

We can include a wide range of sources for data analytics solutions, including:

  • internal data sources (CRM and ERP systems, local files, etc.)
  • relevant external data sources (commercial datasets, social media data, and web analytics, etc.)

Whether we’re working with structured (spreadsheets) or unstructured data (social media posts), we also have rigorous governance processes in place to ensure data quality and consistency. These include:

  • defining KPIs to see how an implemented data analytics service performs
  • conducting validation checks
  • cleaning data
  • creating monitoring dashboards
  • establishing governance policies

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for data analytics solutions?

Sure. As a data analytics company, we provide continued optimization, training, and support, with Yalantis experts available to fine-tune solutions, update data pipelines, and answer ongoing questions.

In addition, to help you streamline user onboarding, we can:

  • conduct regular knowledge-sharing sessions with your in-house team and Yalantis data experts
  • prepare detailed training materials and documentation

What cooperation models and service approaches does Yalantis offer?

We offer flexible engagement models, which include:

  • full end-to-end development and management of a custom analytics platform
  • embedded data experts who work as part of your team
  • advisory consulting on optimizing data infrastructure, strategies, and roadmaps
  • targeted analytics implementations to solve specific challenges
  • analytics training and support to upskill your personnel
  • managed analytics services with ongoing platform management and enhancements

We’ll work with you to determine the best-fit option based on your goals, resources, and use cases. Let us know how we can help improve your analytics processes.


Data is more than a historical log. It’s a vital resource for businesses seeking a competitive advantage, operational optimization, and new avenues for growth. For example, you can leverage data to better understand customer behavior and preferences or mitigate compliance risks.

For that, businesses need to build a strong data analytics system that helps them better understand their customers and assess company performance.

Should your company embrace data analytics to address business challenges? Consider this checklist

To assess if your business could benefit from comprehensive data analytics services, see if any of these scenarios ring a bell:

  1. You have large volumes of data from various sources but struggle to extract meaningful insights.
  2. You want to make data-driven decisions but lack the internal expertise or resources to do so effectively.
  3. You’re facing challenges in understanding customer behavior, preferences, and needs.
  4. You’re experiencing operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies that hinder your business growth.
  5. You’re struggling to identify and capitalize on market trends and emerging opportunities.
  6. You’re concerned about potential risks that could impact your business, such as data breaches, fraud, or regulatory non-compliance.
  7. You’re looking to streamline your data management processes and ensure data quality across the organization.
  8. You’re dealing with data silos across departments, leading to inconsistent and fragmented insights.
  9. You’re struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape and need guidance on adopting the right data analytics tools and platforms.
  10. You’re facing challenges with integrating data from various sources, such as legacy systems, cloud applications, and third-party data providers.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, it’s time to explore how a data analytics services company can help you address challenges and seize new opportunities.

Below are eight brief case studies from Yalantis that show the real impact of data-driven decision-making as a result of data analytics services and a robust data analytics strategy. We have divided them into three categories that highlight the key business benefits of informed data-based decision-making.

Driving business value through deeper customer understanding with data

Businesses that truly understand their customers hold a significant competitive advantage. Data analytics enable you to become a data-driven organization, going beyond surface-level insights and uncovering valuable information about customer behavior, preferences, and needs. By leveraging this knowledge, you can make informed decisions, personalize experiences, and drive business value.

Here’s how Yalantis has helped businesses across various industries leverage customer data for business growth:

American hospital project: Identifying customer trends and increasing customer satisfaction

As a provider of data analytics services in the USA, Yalantis helped an American hospital assess patient satisfaction, radiologist productivity, and report turnaround times. The hospital struggled to get a complete view of their operations because each department had its own data silo. This made it hard to spot and fix service delivery problems.

To solve this, Yalantis took a thorough approach to data analytics:

  • Identified key KPIs and data sources, like radiology patient volumes and patient satisfaction surveys
  • Built a strong data engineering foundation using data warehousing to centralize data
  • Created a custom BI tool so staff could make dashboards and charts for their specific needs

By bringing together clinical and patient data, the hospital could make informed decisions based on a full understanding of their operations. This led to higher patient satisfaction thanks to shorter wait times and quicker turnaround times for radiology reports.

Online bank project: Enhancing customer retention and growing the user base

Building a strong data foundation to enable more strategic marketing and engagement was a priority for an online bank.

Yalantis helped them develop a scalable and reliable data analytics foundation by first establishing a robust data strategy. With this foundation in place, the bank could create targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement. As a result, the bank increased its overall user base by 5% and grew the number of higher-tier users by 15% through proactive retention efforts.

FinTech company project: Expanding service offerings for new revenue streams

A US-based FinTech company was looking to use data analytics for smarter solution expansion. Yalantis assisted them in implementing lending capabilities that leverage data and analytics to guide loan decisions. As a result, the company attracted new audiences and generated additional revenue streams from loan interest.

Optimizing business operations: Leveraging data for efficiency, cost savings, and scalability

Data analytics helps businesses identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency and scale. Yalantis has a proven track record of helping companies leverage data to achieve these goals.

3PL company project (first phase): Reducing operating costs

Yalantis collaborated with a third-party logistics (3PL) company that needed to convert raw enterprise data from multiple sources, such as customer logs, supply chain systems, RFID tags, and IoT devices, into actionable insights. The client required a data analytics solution to support their decision-making.

Our experts developed a custom big data analytics platform that enabled the 3PL company to implement predictive stock planning. The solution provided real-time updates on sales figures, stock counts, and order frequency, which ultimately led to a decrease in warehouse operating costs.

3PL company project (second phase): Scaling business operations

Using data analytics can also provide essential business intelligence for strategic decisions around expansion and partnerships.

Yalantis developed an integrated data analytics flow for a 3PL company, incorporating:

  • interactive data visualizations to track KPIs, consolidate route planning data, and monitor financials
  • predictive analytics models to forecast customer demand, optimize warehouse capacity, and proactively identify potential supply chain risks

This enabled data-driven decision-making for the 3PL provider on client acquisition, service expansion, and service quality improvements.

European manufacturer project: Improving operational efficiency with data-driven issue resolution

Businesses across industries face challenges with operational inefficiencies that lead to increased costs and lost revenue. With data and analytics, companies can gain insights to optimize operational processes, prevent recurring issues, and minimize downtime.

For example, one of Yalantis’ partners, a European manufacturer of electronic circuits, aimed to solve performance downtime issues. Yalantis experts established a centralized data platform, consolidating data collected across the client’s facilities. This enabled complex analysis of a single source of truth, providing the client with:

  • the possibility for multi-perspective analysis with data integration
  • improved root cause analysis of performance downtime
  • simplified data search and access through accurate cataloging

Navigating challenges, seizing opportunities: Data services for risk management and strategic decision-making

Data analytics allows businesses to proactively identify potential threats, mitigate risks, and make informed strategic decisions to seize opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

The following case studies illustrate how Yalantis has empowered businesses to manage risks and make data-driven decisions for long-term success:

US-based digital bank project: Managing risks and identifying fraud

Analyzing data helps businesses spot unusual patterns that could signal fraud or risk, giving them early warnings to fix problems before they get worse.

In a recent partnership, Yalantis experts helped a rapidly growing US online bank (adding thousands of users quarterly) to improve their data analytics capabilities and prevent potential compliance risks. This included:

  • enhancing data quality monitoring
  • improving reporting by optimizing data workflow monitoring and management
  • establishing data governance for ongoing data management

As a result, the bank was able to reduce fraud-related operational losses by 50%.

Data lake for a 3PL company project: Providing a long-term agile approach to decision-making

For analyzing large volumes of diverse data types (big data), advanced data analytics and data science are ideal. Technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning (along with IoT devices) enable data scientists to forecast performance across all business areas.

Building an advanced analytics and data management infrastructure, such as a data warehouse or data lake, is the first step in implementing an advanced analytics toolset. This infrastructure, often powered by cloud computing, streamlines data collection and storage from various sources.

In one analytics project, Yalantis developed a big data and advanced analytics solution for a 3PL company using a data lake. This allowed the company to collect and store all of their enterprise data, empowering data scientists to perform advanced analysis using Amazon QuickSight and SageMaker, which resulted in:

  • faster and more accurate insights
  • thorough analysis of business performance
  • long-term strategic planning

By leveraging data science and advanced analytics, the company was able to align its business strategy with data-driven insights, ensuring a more informed and agile approach to decision-making.