YA.ME: Customizable human resources management (HRM) system

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Platform overview

Ya.me is a custom HRM system with flexible roles and a flexible permission flow that allows employees to easily monitor their available leave and get a transparent overview of the company’s structure. Our HRM system can become a go-to tool not only for the HR department but for any company manager or project manager — as well as for all other employees. 

Common HR challenges you can solve with Ya.me

Every mature and rapidly growing organization aims at improving their employee management practices by keeping an up-to-date log of each employee’s time-off balance. But organizations might face the following challenges:

  • Frequent errors in calculating employees’ time off and accepting time-off requests due to manual employee management 
  • Lack of visibility and transparency regarding the corporate structure
  • Potential security risks with handling employees’ personal information
  • Cost-intensive and time-consuming development of a custom HRM system from scratch

Adopting a ready-made HRM system can help with solving the abovementioned HR-related challenges by:

  • implementing a set of foolproof access controls and permissions to protect employees’ data from malicious attacks 
  • providing customizable UI/UX designs that can be easily adjusted to any company’s needs
  • offering a complete functionality set that easily integrates with the company’s existing data sources and allows for a quick solution rollout
  • contributing to an uninterrupted people management workflow and streamlined decision-making in the HR department

Ya.me benefits versus custom HRM development from scratch

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    Up to two times faster solution implementation. Developing a custom HRM system from scratch can take up to nine months for the average feature set, while our team can implement an HRM solution with all customization and additional features within approximately four months based on Ya.me modules. 

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    Seamless integration and data exchange with internal and external systems. An HRM system easily connects with any other internal or external corporate systems to ensure regular updates of personal and professional employee data.

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    Development cost savings of up to 40 percent and increased operational efficiency. Organizations can significantly reduce costs starting at the initial HRM implementation stage by working with existing functionality and an existing architecture to efficiently kick off the development stage.

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    Complex role-based security controls. An HRM system securely stores employee information, and only authorized users each with their specific set of permissions can create, view, or modify employees’ profiles.

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    Transparency in time-off request approvals. With Ya.me, you can keep track of approvers and ensure that only eligible employees can approve or decline an employee’s time-off request.

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    Effective workforce tracking with cooperation history logs. The system automatically tracks employees’ parental leave or sabbaticals to ensure employees are quickly returned to their positions once leave is over. Plus, the system has a separate tab for dismissed employees so that HR managers can get the big picture of former and current employees.

Check out this video to see how the product works:

Critical functionality for enhancing HR practices

Currently, the system includes the following functionality:

Time-off management module:

  • A functional and minimalist dashboard with a time-off balance for personal tracking; employees can create time-off requests and view their current time-off balance, which is divided into vacation days, paid vacation, sick leave, and documented sick leave
  • Creation of time-off requests for paid and unpaid vacation time, regular sick leave, and documented sick leave; types of time-off requests can be modified depending on a particular company’s needs
  • Approval of time-off requests by an employee’s project manager, team lead, or any other person with permission to approve

Analytical module for employee management:

  • Risk radar for each employee to reflect a low, medium, or high risk level for the projects they’re involved in; criteria that increase an employee’s risk level include frequent sick leaves or unpaid vacation days and high involvement on several projects
  • Employee satisfaction (ESAT) surveys to gather employee feedback on the company’s operations and further improve employee management at different levels of the company
  • Time-off reports for each employee with the possibility to add filters to retrieve only critical information

Corporate structure module:

  • A separate tab in each employee account to view a history of time-off request approvers
  • Separate tabs for created, approved or declined, and completed time-off requests
  • Ability to view all company employees with current work status and limited personal information (as per the viewer’s permissions) including job position, probation period, direct manager, birthday, and English level
  • Adjustable system of permissions to reflect changing employee responsibilities

If necessary, your development team can enhance or modify the HRM system’s functionality.

Ya.me use cases: fill in the gaps in HR processes with an advanced HRM system

  • Quickly onboard new employees to the company and provide them with a ready-to-use tool for keeping track of their time-off balances and viewing the whole company structure

  • Simplify workforce capacity planning with complete transparency of planned and ongoing vacations and sick leaves per employee that are automatically updated in real time

  • Measure employee satisfaction to maintain a convenient work environment for everyone in the company

  • Set risk levels per employee to identify how each employee’s performance and personal time-off management affects overall project performance