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Domains of choice

Access domain expertise and market knowledge to help your business evolve and scale with a relevant tech solution.

    We have experience in these domains
  • Supply chain management

    Yalantis creates flexible and integration-ready TMS, WMS, FMS, MRP, and ERP solutions for better decision-making, lower operational costs, optimized transportation processes, and improved customer satisfaction. Such systems feature process visibility, fleet management, automated order distribution, scheduled delivery, shipment tracking, customer portals, payment management, navigation, and data collection and analysis.
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  • Healthcare

    We build secure and HIPAA-compliant medical software products that are accessible, customizable, and scalable. With EHR, EMR, MRS, and other custom medical software, our clients obtain modules for virtual visits, real-time chat with support for files and media, appointment scheduling, medical data management, patient support, practice management, revenue cycle management, and medical billing.
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  • Communication

    Whether they’re creating modules for software systems or separate products, our experts build custom communication engines for exchanging text, media, documents, transactions, reports, and any other types of information in real time. Communication engines by Yalantis comply with data protection regulations and integrate multiple communication methods: audio and video calls, conferencing, presence, mobility, and others.
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Benefits of working with a domain-dedicated team

Optimize your product delivery terms

With our domain-specific expertise, you’ll spend less time and money throughout the onboarding stage. We already understand your industry and market demands, so we can help you form your product vision faster and start developing earlier compared to a team with no domain expertise.

Get a more relevant technical solution

Experience creating software solutions for specific industries allows us to predict important requirements, offer flexible and scalable architectures, and supply reliable alternatives for each functional module. This means we can deliver a relevant technical solution to support your business continuity and successful operations.

Ramp up with an domain-experienced team

Aside from а pool of industry-focused experts, Yalantis has a well-established framework for training and developing new team members. With workshops and regular knowledge-sharing sessions, we ensure our employees obtain the domain-specific expertise needed to create top-notch custom solutions.

Receive additional value for your business

When partnering with Yalantis, you get more than a team of professional developers. You also get our expertise, the knowledge of subject matter experts we consult, and experience creating industry-specific custom software products and optimizing business processes for improved efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

Delivery approach

  • Form a domain-dedicated team for maximum productivity and quality

    We organize a team of skilled professionals with experience developing solutions for your industry. This team includes a delivery manager, business analyst, designer, developer, and any other necessary specialists.

  • Gather requirements to align with the client’s business goals

    Based on our deep understanding of the industry and a broad network of subject matter experts, we contribute to improving software product quality and enhancing business processes.

  • Establish processes for quick and efficient communication

    Each domain-dedicated team has a leader who’s responsible for supplying information on the current project state along with developing deliverables and estimates.

  • Build the software product to meet market demands and regulations

    Having agreed on the software design document, we start developing your product while taking into account industry regulations and market demands.

  • Assure quality and deploy your product for business continuity

    With our quality management system, we ascertain that your product meets your business requirements, then ensure a stable product launch and successful operation.

  • Support and product evolution for higher customer satisfaction

    Based on an understanding of new business requirements, industry trends, and market demands, Yalantis can implement updates and make adjustments whenever necessary.

Domain-dedicated team leaders

Building custom software products with Yalantis, an industry-dedicated team lead works to:

  • Ensure that your business goals are clearly communicated and achieved
  • Quickly respond to your new needs and provide feedback
  • Comply with industry standards and market trends
  • Assist in seizing new opportunities for business expansion

Kateryna Subbotina

EVP of Logistics and Supply chain

Mikhail Vyshinsiy

Delivery Director | Healthcare

Serhii Herasimov

Director of Engineering / Communication solutions

What our clients say about us

Ron BullisPresident and Founder at Lifeworks Advisors
ZillowJason Jung Engineering Manager at Zillow

"Yalantis was able to jump in and rapidly onboard developers who were highly capable and contributed to multiple project rollouts productively while maintaining high quality in our work. The outcome of this is visible through the work they produce, the level of engagement in commitment."

Let’s Do It FoundationKristiina Kerge Technology Manager at Let’s Do It Foundation

"They are solution-oriented, and it felt easy for me to work with them. They suggest new approaches and point out potential risks or problems that we weren’t aware of. Yalantis has adopted the product as their own, and we are working together as one team."

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