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Industries of choice

Access domain expertise and market knowledge to help your business evolve and scale with a relevant tech solution.

We have experience in these industries

Supply chain management

  • Process visibility and transparency

  • Fleet and labor management

  • Automated order distribution

  • Scheduled delivery

  • Payment management

  • Data collection and analytics

  • Navigation

  • Management by exception

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Healthcare and life sciences

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Hospital management

  • EHR and EMR

  • Telehealth and remote patient monitoring

  • Medications and e-Prescribing (eRx)

  • LIS tests and reports

  • Clinical trial management platforms

  • Patient portals

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  • Digital payments

  • Banking ERP systems

  • Wealth management

  • Trading platforms

  • Blockchain solutions

  • Automated billing and charging

  • Customer engagement programs

  • Fraud and risk detection

  • KYC and KYB pipelines

  • Mobile and web banking solutions

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Client reviews about the quality of our work

1 / 8
One of the biggest values they bring to the table is the way of thinking critically during the whole development process. They’re not just building software, they’re effectively solving your business problem.

Benefits of working with an industry-dedicated team

Optimize your product delivery terms

  • Relying on our domain-specific expertise, you’ll spend less time and money throughout the onboarding stage. Our experts already understand your industry and market demands, so we can help you form your product vision faster and start developing earlier compared to a team with no domain expertise.

Get a more relevant technical solution

  • Experience creating solutions for specific industries allows us to predict important requirements, offer flexible and scalable architectures, and supply reliable alternatives for each functional module. We can deliver a relevant technical solution to support your business continuity and successful operations.

Ramp up with an industry-experienced team

  • Aside from а pool of industry-focused experts, Yalantis has a well-established framework for training and developing new team members. With workshops and regular knowledge-sharing sessions, we ensure our employees obtain the domain-specific expertise needed to create top-notch custom solutions.

Receive additional value for your business

  • With Yalantis, you receive more than a team of professional developers. You also get our expertise, the knowledge of subject matter experts we consult, and experience creating industry-specific custom software products and optimizing business processes for improved efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

Expertise and competencies

Case studies of solutions for various industries


Digitize manual processes like charging and billing, implement new payment alternatives, boost customer loyalty, and protect your business and customers from data breaches, fraud, and other risks.

A unified wealth management system that allows our client to collect, process, and visualize financial data, open and monitor investment accounts, and automate manual billing operations, saving 320 work hours a month.
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Build secure and HIPAA-compliant software for holding virtual visits, exchanging messages with files and media, scheduling appointments, managing medical data, supporting patients, managing your practice and revenue, and handling billing.

An all-around HIPAA-compliant system that digitizes your medical practice and offers a patient app and modules for appointment scheduling, telemedicine, online payments, medical device integration, and basic decision support.
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Supply chain management

Get flexible and integration-ready supply chain management solutions for more efficient decision-making, reduced operational costs, improved transportation processes, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Transportation management system
A cloud-based SaaS solution for transportation management that helped our client reduce the time required for route planning from 6 hours to 30 minutes, automate routine processes and problem-solving, and provide process visibility
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Got a domain-specific project?

We have the expertise to build it with high quality and within aggressive deadlines.

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