Blockchain software development

Develop custom blockchain solutions to increase customer trust, reduce paperwork, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Evaluate the feasibility of blockchain technology for your project

  • Reduce the operational burden and streamline business processes with smart contract automation

  • Cost-efficiently integrate desired blockchain functionality with existing solutions

  • Enable fraud detection mechanisms for your business and protect your data from tampering

  • Ensure the quality and integrity of your blockchain solutions with an all-around security and testing approach

  • Implement safe document sharing and easy record validation, and ensure legal compliance

Industries we provide with blockchain software development services

  • FinTech

    • Decentralized user management

    • Secure transaction processing

    • Automated and transparent credit scoring

    • Improved user identity verification and KYC procedures

    • Peer-to-peer borrowing and lending

    • Data analytics of trading volume and market sentiment

    • Solutions for managing crypto assets

  • Healthcare

    • Blockchain-enhanced EHR system as a comprehensive source of accurate medical records

    • Transparency of pharmaceutical supply chains

    • Highly secure storage and sharing of patient data

    • Transparent and well-documented clinical trials

    • Automated billing

    • Assuring the origin and authenticity of medical devices

  • Real estate

    • Property tokenization to engage more investors

    • Automated buying and selling of property with smart contracts

    • Security of property ownership records to ensure transparency and build trust

    • Increased accuracy of property search on multiple listing services (MLS)

  • Manufacturing

    • Enhanced traceability of manufacturing materials

    • Verification of material authenticity

    • Streamlined supply chains

    • Efficient asset management

    • Fast and accurate document management

    • Reduction in warranty fraud

  • IoT

    • Reliable IoT networks resistant to cyberattacks and unexpected downtime

    • Accurate IoT data aggregation

    • Real-time device diagnostics

    • Fast transaction processing across a large number of devices

    • Increased scalability of IoT networks

  • Energy and resources

    • Secure and automated management of energy billing transactions

    • Transparent end-to-end monitoring of energy supply

    • Automated peer-to-peer energy trading by means of smart contracts

    • Smart electric vehicle charging to maintain a stable grid

Benefits of our blockchain development company

  • 01

    Expertise in numerous blockchain technologies

    Obtain expert guidance in developing optimal technical solutions based on expertise in leading blockchain technologies including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Stellar, Hyperledger, and Corda.

  • 02

    Blockchain solutions catered to every industry need

    Leverage customized blockchain development services that align with your industry-specific demands and security requirements.

  • 03

    Seamless integration and scalability

    Ensure smooth integration of the blockchain into your workflow and get an architecture that scales with your business and adjusts to increased transaction volumes.

  • 04

    Emphasis on security and data privacy

    Implement best-in-class security measures to protect sensitive user and business data, maintain your blockchain project’s security, and comply with laws and regulations.

Power up your business with blockchain technology

Make use of blockchain development services to bring full transparency and traceability to your business operations.

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Tools and technologies our blockchain software development company uses

Blockchain networks

  • Ethereum

  • Avalanche

  • Fantom

  • Polygon

  • Solana

  • Arbitrum

  • Corda

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • Polkadot

  • NEAR

Liquidity providers

  • Coinbase

  • Binance

  • Kraken

  • Curve

KYC/AML providers

  • Fireblocks

  • KYC-Chain

  • Chainalysis

  • Persona

Web3 node service providers

  • Infura

  • Chainstack

  • Figment

  • Moralis

  • Alchemy

Payment gateways

  • Uniswap

  • Prime Trust

  • Coinbase

Lightning/Layer 2 solutions

  • zkSync

  • Fireblocks

  • OKX

  • Lightning Network

Wallet solutions

  • Trust Wallet

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • MetaMask

Smart contract programming languages

  • Solidity

  • Rust

  • JavaScript

  • Go

Develop a foolproof and functional blockchain system

Tap into our in-depth blockchain development knowledge and expertise to create blockchain software that boasts high security and performance.

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What blockchain software development services and technologies do you have the most experience with?

Our blockchain development company specializes in decentralized blockchain ecosystem development, token creation, software for crypto asset management, smart contract development, and integration of blockchain technology into clients’ existing industry-specific software, including EHR systems, mobile banking applications, and transportation management systems (TMSs).

When it comes to choosing a suitable blockchain software development technology stack, our blockchain developers give preference to tried-and-true tools to prevent bugs in the production environment. For Ethereum blockchain projects, we make use of the Solidity programming language for writing smart contracts. We also have a large pool of Rust developers with blockchain development experience who work on projects that run on the Solana, Polkadot, and NEAR blockchain platforms.

How does your blockchain software development company assess whether blockchain technology is suitable for my business needs?

First, we audit and evaluate your business operations and build a workflow chart to see which processes can be optimized and automated. Blockchain software development services are considered especially beneficial when there’s a need for high security, transparency, and trust among all parties. If you deal with multi-step operations that require regular identity and data verification, then a blockchain can be your go-to technology. 


Our blockchain development company also performs market research to look for blockchain solutions common to your industry and evaluate the viability of those solutions for your particular business case. Additionally, our blockchain developers pay attention to your existing IT infrastructure to make sure that blockchain technology can seamlessly fit in it or to make an action plan for its smooth integration.


Are you also a cryptocurrency software development company?

Yalantis can assist you in developing diverse cryptocurrency-related custom blockchain solutions such as crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, payment gateways, and cryptocurrency-earning applications. Our blockchain development company is proficient in the most popular blockchain protocols and networks to ensure you get a well-functioning blockchain development solution that will help you meet your business objectives.

With Yalantis’ blockchain development services, you can build a standalone cryptocurrency application or integrate cryptocurrency capabilities into your existing application.  

What challenges associated with blockchain technology does your blockchain development company solve?

There are two common challenges for businesses to take into account before engaging in blockchain software development. They are associated with ensuring data quality and understanding the app’s technical complexity. 


#1. Data immutability means a need for careful quality checks. Once information is added to the blockchain ledger, it’s impossible to change it. In light of this, our blockchain app development company can educate your users on the risks of blockchain-based software and provide them with clear instructions on how to use the system and ensure several stages of data validation before data gets written to the blockchain.


#2. High complexity of blockchain technology. A blockchain’s code runs on hundreds of servers that each store a copy of the blockchain’s data and communicate with each other to execute transactions and keep data synced, making a blockchain an incredibly complex ecosystem. Thus, you should partner with experienced blockchain developers and specialists who can first evaluate the feasibility of a blockchain solution for your business.

What are the responsibilities of your cryptocurrency software development company?

Our blockchain development team approaches cryptocurrency projects with requirements elicitation and getting to know the client’s business processes, industry specifics, applicable laws and regulations, and cryptocurrencies to include. Since the security of cryptocurrencies is still a subject of heated debate, we make sure to immediately discuss with the client security precautions and measures that we need to take into account before the actual blockchain software development process begins.

Based on the requirements and expertise of our blockchain developers, we recommend the most suitable customized blockchain solutions and technologies for each cryptocurrency project. Software architecture design is also a significant part of our blockchain software development services for cryptocurrency projects, and it involves defining system components, building a database structure, and enabling integration with other solutions and services.

Blockchain development example: Specifics for building a cryptocurrency wallet

If you’re planning to develop a cryptocurrency wallet, our blockchain developers will first need to define whether you need a cold or hot wallet. A cold wallet is hardware-based and is the most secure option, as it stores private keys offline — outside of a wallet application. A hot wallet is software-based and typically uses a private key stored securely on a user’s mobile or desktop device. An understanding of hot and cold wallets is fundamental during blockchain development when it comes to choosing the architecture and technical design of the wallet solution.

Next in the blockchain development process comes defining core functionality for the application, which impacts the architecture and UI/UX design. Among the critical functions to include in a crypto wallet are the following:

  • Secure crypto asset management
  • Transparent transaction tracking
  • Support for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Logging of all transactions 
  • Interactive dashboards to gain a holistic picture of crypto assets
  • Fast and convenient payments
  • QR code generation with crypto wallet data

Our blockchain software development services also involve comprehensively testing your cryptocurrency solution to ensure it satisfies your core functional and non-functional needs. Common testing procedures include performance, functional, penetration, and security testing. For instance, we use the EthFiddle tool for quick and effective testing and debugging of smart contract code. 

Eventually, our blockchain development team will be ready to roll out the cryptocurrency solution to the market and evaluate the audience’s response in order to make further system improvements and updates. After your product’s release, we stay in touch with you for as long as needed to provide support and maintenance for your cryptocurrency software. Contact us if you want to entrust our blockchain app development company with your next blockchain project.

Blockchain software development services and solutions Yalantis delivers in the supply chain industry

We can enhance supply chain management with blockchain development by integrating with:

Transportation management systems. Our blockchain development experts can enhance your transportation management system with improved visibility by implementing smart contracts for shipment data transactions. You can collect, store, and process data from container, truck, and ship sensors using a blockchain database available to everyone involved in the transportation process.

Medical supply systems. Yalantis can implement blockchain-based proof of manufacturing, storage, and transportation conditions for medical products.

Labor management systems. Yalantis blockchain software development engineers can integrate immunization certificates for employees and implement scan coding functionality to easily check certificates within your LMS software.

Online shopping and delivery apps. As part of our blockchain development services, we can add a product trust feature to your online shopping and delivery software, guarantee fabric quality, check manufacturing locations, verify ingredient lists, and more.

Supply chain specialists who can benefit the most from our blockchain software development services

Cargo owners and shippers can:

  • Reduce costs and inventory
  • Increase delivery predictability
  • Boost customer trust
  • Settle payment disputes in seconds

Port and terminal operators can:

  • Minimize vessel and equipment downtime
  • Reduce errors and fraud cases using blockchain data

Sea carriers can:

  • Reduce downtime at ports
  • Increase the transparency of cargo transportation and financial transactions

Land carriers / 3PLs can:

  • Improve transportation planning and minimize queues 
  • Reduce errors and paperwork
  • Automate financial calculations

Here is an example of effective blockchain development for a supply chain company. Brilliant Earth is a bridal and fine jewelry brand. The company made use of blockchain software development to securely track the origins of its precious stones and assure buyers of the company’s credibility. Brilliant Earth uses a blockchain-powered database to track all supply chain steps, from mining through manufacturing.

Distributed ledger technology improves jewel tracking by securely storing each supporting document, such as invoices and certificates. When an individual buys a blockchain-tracked jewel, they can see the entire chain of custody.

Buyers can view the provenance of a jewel, where it was sourced (and the advantages of sourcing from that region), data on the carat, the lot number, a photo of the rough jewel, and a video of the polished jewel.

Benefits of blockchain software development for the supply chain

These are many advantages of working with a blockchain app development services company. Thanks to blockchain development, businesses in any industry can ensure a higher level of security, build trust with customers and all stakeholders involved in business operations, and bring the business to a completely new level with a significant competitive edge. Blockchain technology is only starting to gain traction in the business world, and its future is definitely bright.

Simplified record-keeping and documentation management

Manually maintaining supply chain records is cumbersome. Professional blockchain development provides solutions that ensure all details get into the ledger and can be viewed in their original form whenever needed. Plus, thanks to blockchain app development technology, you can provide full traceability and visibility of your documentation and transactions with guaranteed privacy and authenticity.

Real-time order tracking and IoT integration

Blockchain software development improves real-time tracking of products, letting you know their current locations and freshness. Tracking product freshness is possible if a blockchain platform is paired with sensors and RFID tags. If a blockchain is linked with connected IoT devices, you can implement real-time alerts on temperature deviations.

Data transparency and supply chain visibility

All supply chain participants can see changes made to the shared ledger. Similar to a Google Doc that you create and share with a group of people, a blockchain ledger is distributed, not copied or sent. Its decentralized nature allows all participants to access a blockchain ledger simultaneously.

Cost-effectiveness thanks to disintermediation 

One of the main problems supply chain companies face is their dependence on an intermediary that connects them with consumers. For example, a manufacturer often sells goods to a wholesaler that resells them to a retailer who then sells them to consumers. The wholesaler usually processes all delivery-related data manually. However, this document processing increases delivery costs. Our blockchain software development services help supply chain companies function on a peer-to-peer basis,  ensuring a considerable reduction in delivery costs. This is a great cost benefit of the blockchain in logistics.

Dispute settlement and issue resolution

Cargo delivery often leads to disputes if, for example, products are misplaced or their delivery is delayed. Disputes are difficult to settle and may take weeks to resolve. Settling disputes also requires an organization to spend resources. A blockchain development company can help you settle disputes quicker and easier by making immutable and real-time information about cargo available in your blockchain software. As a result, lots of disputes may be settled in minutes.

Enhanced customer–supplier relationships

A blockchain software development company helps vendors preserve the quality of merchandise throughout delivery and allows consumers to make sure they buy authentic, fresh, and standards-compliant foods and goods. This helps vendors build relationships of trust with customers, increasing customer loyalty and retention.