Business intelligence services

  • Improve daily decision-making and increase operational efficiency with custom BI software

  • Form a big picture of current business conditions and develop a business improvement plan with historical data analysis

  • Ensure automated report generation to get insights based on a comprehensive analysis of structured data

  • Facilitate convenient and reliable access to company information by centralizing it within a unified and reliable data repository

  • Define how to increase the efficacy and performance of existing data analytics processes and solutions by assessing your current BI toolset

  • Establish a data-driven business environment and use your corporate data potential to the fullest with a fitting BI implementation strategy

Business intelligence and analytics services Yalantis provides

Benefit from our business intelligence services

Get professional consulting on best-fit BI solutions and data management strategies.

Industry-specific use cases Yalantis focuses on

  • Healthcare

    • Personalized patient care

    • Definition of treatment patterns

    • Clinical research support

    • Drug discovery

    • Efficient generation of reports on patient treatment

    • Optimized use of medical equipment

  • FinTech

    • Detection and forecasting of fraudulent activities

    • Customer retention strategies

    • Financial and savings planning

    • Wealth management

  • Manufacturing

    • Equipment maintenance

    • Inventory management and planning

    • Optimized workforce productivity

    • Identification of production line inefficiencies

    • Waste management

Benefits of partnering with us as your business intelligence service provider

  • Goal-oriented approach

    Get a custom BI implementation roadmap with clear milestones and timeframes. Delve into deep market research to get a grasp of BI tools and approaches that align with your goals.

  • Flexible team composition

    Combine the forces of your in-house data analytics team and our BI experts to achieve exceptional results. Create a collaborative work environment and ensure high team efficiency.

  • Broad BI expertise

    Profit from deep knowledge of BI implementation for organizations across domains. Increase the speed of BI implementation with an experienced software development partner available at any time.

  • Guided BI tool selection

    Receive a comprehensive comparison of BI technologies that could be relevant to your particular business case. You can also have our specialists trial products and services for you to get an insider look at different solutions.

  • Customized setup of BI solutions

    Rely on skilled BI experts in setting up out-of-the-box BI systems. Ensure a tailored functionality set and a personalized and secure approach to data aggregation and processing. Create a unique BI solution with a custom blend of ready components.

  • BI solution onboarding

    Ensure comprehensive end-user onboarding to help users effectively employ data visualization and BI tools. Develop a custom training program that corresponds to your users’ needs and increases the BI solution adoption rate.

Elevate your data management strategy with expert help

Resolve all data management issues and set up a continuous data and business analytics process.

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Our clients’ video reviews

What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. Their strong technical experience helped us scale our platform and deliver great performance to our customers. 

Yalantis has been a great fit for us because of their experience, responsiveness, value, and time to market. From the very start, they’ve been able to staff an effective development team in no time and perform as expected. 

Working with Yalantis, you get their breadth of experience building hundreds of projects. Their expertise and knowledge were second to none. And that makes the difference between a good product and a great product.

Unlock the hidden potential of your corporate data

Build an insightful business intelligence system that seamlessly integrates into your daily operations.

Discuss a BI project

What business intelligence services and tools are you most experienced with?

We have experience implementing diverse BI tools and solutions, starting with the most popular including Tableau, Power BI, QlikSense, and Amazon QuickSight, and finishing with less popular yet also powerful options such as Domo and Looker. Our BI services team specializes in comprehensive consulting to help you understand whether BI is the right solution for your business. We also provide BI development, implementation, and maintenance services. By cooperating with Yalantis, you can ensure a guided BI integration process and focus on thinking through your goals and pitching your ideas to investors.


Apart from a data visualization component, a BI system comprises a reliable extract, transform, load (ETL) engine to collect relevant business data from diverse sources and data warehouses to securely store multiple datasets in a single location. Our task is to set up a seamless data flow and ensure uninterrupted data analytics.

How do you assess your client’s data management strategies as a business intelligence service provider?

Assessing your current data management strategy is part of our business intelligence consulting services. First, we define your goals and expectations from adopting a business intelligence solution. You may be looking for business intelligence service providers to solve certain business bottlenecks or need to enhance the BI capabilities of your existing system. At this initial stage, we help you define the feasibility of your business intelligence project and define what resources you might need to start it. 


Then, we take up defining relevant data elements and data sources that are critical for your business intelligence solution. We also engage in evaluating your data quality and check whether all necessary data is easily available. When assessing your data management strategy, our mission is to go through your entire organization’s data management practices and spot any issues we can solve together.

What are common challenges of implementing BI solutions that you’ve faced at your BI services company?

Business intelligence and analytics services always involve a certain deal of challenges: for instance, ensuring that all business data relevant to developing the BI solution is of sufficient quality can be tedious and time-consuming. Oftentimes, bridging the gap between the client’s expectations and the capabilities of the BI solution can be tough as well. If BI solutions need to be integrated with internal business systems, it can pose certain challenges, as sometimes legacy software needs to be updated in order to properly integrate with a brand-new BI system.


To resolve all these issues, we prioritize constant open communication with the client’s team to stay on the same page throughout the development process, conduct risk sessions to avoid unexpected problems as much as possible, and stay flexible in our decisions to be able to easily shift our direction if needed.

Does your business intelligence service include data science solutions on top of BI?

Sure. BI analytics services aren’t only about working with structured data, as our clients often need to keep the capabilities of their BI system yet achieve more. That’s when data science technologies such as AI and ML on top of BI can be an option. Many BI tools already provide advanced data analytics capabilities to enhance the scope of their service delivery, attract more clients, and retain existing ones who want something different. 


With such an approach, you can still generate rules-based BI reports and build dashboards. But if you feel that these insights aren’t enough and you need to make business predictions or analyze larger datasets, you can switch to a more advanced mode within your BI system. We can help with defining whether data science integration is possible in your particular case, and if it isn’t, we can define what to do to turn your goals into reality.

How Yalantis delivers result-oriented business intelligence & analytics services

To deliver top-notch business intelligence and analytics services, we follow a wide range of principles:

In-depth business and market research

To implement efficient business intelligence solutions, it’s essential to dive deep into business requirements as well as current market needs so that your BI system remains relevant and useful for years to come. As a business intelligence services provider, we also conduct a comprehensive comparison of modern BI tools to find the optimal solution for resolving your unique business issues.

Customized BI development and deployment approach

It may seem obvious that customization is a typical benefit of many business intelligence services companies. Yet, we believe our customization approach is uncommon, as we perceive your business as a whole and aim at integrating end-to-end BI solutions that not only help your business generate valuable insights but also streamline your business operations and help you preserve business continuity. 

Continuous data quality management

To ensure your business intelligence solutions work as intended and help your business achieve exceptional results, we set up a continuous data quality assurance process. Business intelligence technology can work properly and help you generate insights only when it receives relevant, high-quality, and up-to-date data.

Ensuring measurable results

When delivering BI services, one of our major tasks is to help you form a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business needs and can help us thoroughly assess the performance of implemented business intelligence solutions. KPIs can help you see areas for improvement and modify your BI system. For instance, due to a well-thought-out list of KPIs, we helped a US-based hospital define the productivity of their radiologists, grasp the average radiology report turnaround time, and define patient satisfaction levels.

User-centric data visualization functionality

Yalantis’ business intelligence services also involve developing a user-centric UI/UX for the BI solution, as it’s critical for business users to seamlessly and intuitively use a business intelligence system, easily navigate its functionality, and quickly create insightful dashboards and reports. For instance, enterprise business intelligence solutions can have many users across the whole enterprise, and it’s important to ensure that people from different departments and with varying technical skills can all navigate and use the system.