Business intelligence services

  • Improve daily decision-making and increase operational efficiency with custom BI software and data-powered insights.

  • Drive and monitor operational KPIs with powerful BI tools to make data-driven adjustments to your business plan.

  • Automate data analysis across departments with self-service BI for fast and accurate business decisions.

  • Provide easy and secure access to all company data through a centralized repository for seamless collaboration.

  • Get expert guidance on tailoring BI reports and dashboards to your unique business needs for relevant insights.

  • Fully leverage your corporate data with a fitting BI implementation strategy for consistent business growth.

Business intelligence and analytics services Yalantis provides

  • Business intelligence consulting for strategic expertise

    • Analysis of available data sources and data types

    • Identification of company bottlenecks to solve with BI

    • Roadmapping of BI solution improvement or implementation

    • Selection of suitable BI tools and specialists

  • Business intelligence solutions to resolve unique data challenges

    • Development and integration of key BI solution components such as data warehouses

    • Data visualization process setup

    • Integration of customized dashboards and reports

    • Enhancement of BI solutions with artificial intelligence

    • BI solution support and maintenance

  • Customer intelligence solutions for strategic insights

    • Research of customer data sources

    • Collection of comprehensive customer data

    • Development of a customer intelligence strategy

    • Integration of customer intelligence tools

  • Dashboard development for quick insights into key metrics

    • Custom dashboard design

    • Real-time data visualization

    • Interactive dashboards

    • Mobile dashboard development

    • Dashboard integration with multiple data sources

  • Reporting systems for streamlined data sharing

    • Automated report generation

    • Custom report templates

    • Integration with external data sources

    • Operational reporting

    • Financial reporting

    • Sales and marketing reporting

    • Regulatory and compliance reporting

  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) for complex data queries

    • Multidimensional data analysis

    • Trend analysis

    • Data cubes design and development

    • Server configuration and optimization

    • OLAP tools customization

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring for tracking key business goals

    • KPI definition and creation

    • KPI dashboard integration

    • Alerting and notification systems

    • KPI benchmarking

    • Predictive analysis for KPI trends

  • Self-service BI for independent data analysis

    • User-friendly data exploration and analysis tools

    • Data preparation and transformation tools

    • Customization and personalization

    • Security and access controls

    • User training and support

  • Ad-hoc reporting for custom reports on demand

    • Dynamic report builder

    • Template library

    • Report exporting and sharing

    • Report scheduling

    • Access control and security

    • User training and support

Make confident business decisions with intelligent BI solutions

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Industry-specific use cases Yalantis focuses on

  • Healthcare

    • Personalized patient care

    • Definition of treatment patterns

    • Clinical research support

    • Drug discovery

    • Reports on patient treatment

    • Optimized use of medical equipment

  • Finance and banking

    • Fraud detection and prevention

    • Customer retention strategies

    • Creditworthiness assessment

    • Financial and savings planning

    • Wealth management

  • Supply chain optimization

    • Demand forecasting and production planning

    • Supplier performance monitoring

    • Inventory optimization and cost reduction

    • Waste management

    • Route planning and fleet management

  • Retail

    • Sales forecasting

    • Inventory management and forecasting

    • Customer segmentation and targeted marketing

    • Store performance analysis and site selection

    • Pricing optimization and promotion effectiveness

  • Energy and utilities

    • Energy consumption and demand forecasting

    • Asset performance monitoring and predictive maintenance

    • Grid optimization and load balancing

    • Customer segmentation and pricing strategies

  • Transportation and logistics

    • Route optimization and fleet management

    • Shipment tracking and delivery performance analysis

    • Capacity planning and resource allocation

    • Customer service and customer satisfaction analysis

Results our clients get with BI services

  • Strategic market advantage

    • Outperform competitors with data-driven decision-making.

    • Seize emerging market opportunities using actionable intelligence.

  • Unlocked data potential

    • Maximize the value of existing data assets to increase operational efficiency and visibility.

    • Reveal hidden patterns and trends in data for new revenue streams.

  • Progress on ESG ambitions

    • Measure the current state of sustainability performance.

    • Harness operational intelligence to accelerate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

  • Secure and flexible data access

    • Implement a BI system that provides secure, role-based access to relevant data.

    • Ensure the BI solution maintains the highest levels of data privacy and security through built-in encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

  • Collaborative problem-solving

    • Enable employees at all levels to interpret data for actionable insights and fast problem-solving.

    • Foster a data-driven culture across departments that encourages informed risk-taking and continuous improvement.

  • Tailored BI solution setup

    • Customize out-of-the-box BI systems to meet unique business requirements.

    • Develop a personalized and secure approach to data aggregation and processing.

    • Integrate BI solutions with existing systems and workflows with minimal disruption.

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Our clients’ video reviews

What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. Their strong technical experience helped us scale our platform and deliver great performance to our customers. 

Yalantis has been a great fit for us because of their experience, responsiveness, value, and time to market. From the very start, they’ve been able to staff an effective development team in no time and perform as expected. 

Working with Yalantis, you get their breadth of experience building hundreds of projects. Their expertise and knowledge were second to none. And that makes the difference between a good product and a great product.

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How could my company benefit from business intelligence services?

Reliable BI service providers tailor tools and solutions to fit diverse data structures, business models, and operational needs.

Yalantis BI services can provide better business outcomes in several ways:

  1. Data-driven decision-making: Transform data into meaningful insights, enabling informed decision-making based on facts rather than assumptions.
  2. Process optimization: Identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, leading to optimized operations, reduced costs, and increased productivity.
  3. Growth opportunities: Uncover new revenue streams, untapped markets, and product innovation possibilities by analyzing patterns and trends in your data.
  4. Competitive advantage: Gain an edge with real-time dashboards and reports that provide up-to-date information on key performance indicators.
  5. Reduced workload: Save time through automated data integration, analysis, and reporting.
  6. Empowered employees: Enhance decision-making at all levels by providing user-friendly self-service BI tools that allow employees to access and analyze data, leveraging data insights relevant to their roles.

What business intelligence services and tools are you most experienced with?

We have experience implementing diverse BI tools and solutions, including:

  • popular options like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, QlikSense, and Amazon QuickSight
  • less popular yet powerful alternatives such as Domo and Looker

Our BI services encompass consulting to determine what BI solution is the right fit for your business as well as BI development, implementation, and maintenance that doesn’t disrupt your workflow.

We can work with you to create a complete BI system that comprises:

  • data visualization to present valuable insights in an accessible format
  • an ETL (extract, transform, load) engine to collect and process data from diverse sources
  • data warehousing or a data lake to securely store datasets in a centralized location
  • data lifecycle management (DLM) to ensure data quality and data governance throughout the entire data lifecycle

Our skilled team will set up seamless data pipelines to power your analytics and support your business objectives.

What are some implementation challenges you commonly face while providing BI services?

As a provider of business intelligence services in the USA and globally, we often encounter three common challenges. Here’s how we address them:

  1. Ensuring data quality when processing data from multiple sources. Our data engineers validate and clean data to ensure accuracy and reliability, resolving data inconsistencies, errors, and missing information.
  2. Aligning client expectations with BI capabilities. We conduct discovery sessions to understand clients’ objectives and pain points. By setting clear expectations about what’s achievable, we ensure the final product meets client needs while remaining feasible.
  3. Integrating with outdated or custom-built systems. These systems may lack documentation or have compatibility issues. We assess a client’s current systems and determine the best integration approach, which may involve building custom connectors or setting up data pipelines to ensure smooth operation.

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When you work with Yalantis for your business intelligence needs, you’re tapping into a wealth of experience in delivering effective BI solutions for many industries — FinTech, healthcare, manufacturing and retail, and beyond.

The Yalantis team is with you every step of the way, from the initial consulting phase, where we help you identify your needs and goals, to development and implementation of a customized BI solution with data science capabilities that fits your unique business requirements. But we don’t stop there, as our ongoing support services ensure that your BI system continues to drive value and deliver measurable results for your organization. Book a discovery call with us to jumpstart your BI project.

From vision to value: Maximize your business potential with Yalantis’ end-to-end BI services

As a leading provider of business analytics and intelligence services, Yalantis offers a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Here are the key stages of collaboration with Yalantis and the transformative results they deliver:

  1. Discovery stage to chart your path to BI success. The Yalantis team dives deep into your specific needs, assesses your current data infrastructure, and crafts a roadmap for successful BI implementation. This stage ensures that your BI solution aligns perfectly with your business goals, setting the stage for measurable results with enterprise intelligence.
  2. Implementation stage to build your BI powerhouse. Watch your data come alive as Yalantis experts develop and implement a custom business intelligence solution, seamlessly integrating data from various sources, configuring cost-effective BI tools, and creating user-friendly dashboards and reports. This stage empowers your team to make data-driven decisions with confidence, providing valuable insights to drive your business forward.
  3. Post-implementation stage to experience the full potential of your BI solution. Your BI journey doesn’t end with implementation. Yalantis provides ongoing support and enhancement of your BI solution, using the power of data science and data mining to ensure continuous improvement. This stage maximizes the value of your BI investment. You’ll be able to adapt to changing business needs and use advanced analytics for deeper insights and accurate predictions.

Discover what each stage looks like step by step.

Discovery stage: Comprehensive BI consulting services

Our BI services begin with in-depth consulting to understand your unique business requirements, market trends, and end users’ needs. We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing data infrastructure and provide expert recommendations on the most suitable BI tools and strategies to address your specific challenges. Our consulting services ensure that your BI system remains relevant and delivers long-term value.

For example, as part of our business intelligence consulting services, we assess your current data management strategy. This assessment helps us identify areas for improvement, optimize your data processes, and ensure that your data is being used effectively to drive business value. It includes:

Defining goals and expectations for the BI initiative

Whether you’re looking to remove specific business bottlenecks or enhance the power of your existing BI solution with one of the top business intelligence service providers, we will work with you to define your project’s feasibility, BI implementation costs, and all the resources you need to get started.

Data inventory and assessment

We collaborate with your team to thoroughly analyze your existing data management landscape and enable effective data processing. This includes identifying relevant diverse data sources across your organization, such as CRM systems, marketing platforms, customer surveys, operational databases, and other big data sources. We also assess the quality and consistency of your data, uncovering any potential gaps or inconsistencies that might hinder analysis.

Evaluating existing technology infrastructure

Our team assesses your current technology stack to determine if it can support your BI goals. We identify any gaps or limitations and provide recommendations on the best tools and technologies to integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Data mapping and integration strategy

Our data experts will map your data sources and design an optimal integration strategy. This ensures a seamless flow of data from disparate systems into a central repository, enabling comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Creating a roadmap for business intelligence implementation

Based on our findings from the discovery stage, we develop a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the steps needed to successfully implement your BI solution and provide you with actionable insights. This roadmap includes timelines, resource allocation, and milestones to ensure smooth and efficient BI implementation.

Implementation stage: Custom BI solution development and implementation

Yalantis’ experienced BI developers and architects collaborate with clients to design, develop, and deploy custom business intelligence solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Key steps include:

Data integration and modeling

Our data integration and modeling process starts with comprehensive business analysis to understand your business processes, business data sources (unstructured and structured data), and goals. This knowledge lets us start the data engineering process: identify and connect relevant data sources, design an optimized data model to support your BI requirements, and develop efficient ETL processes to extract and transform data, then load it into storage solutions like a data warehouse or data lake.

BI tool configuration and customization

We perform thorough market analysis to ensure your BI system remains relevant and useful in the long term. We also compare modern BI tools to find the optimal solution for your unique issues. The team then configures the chosen business intelligence tool to align with your business analytics needs; customizes dashboards, reports, and visualizations; and ensures an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Ongoing data quality management

Business intelligence technology helps you generate valuable insights only when it receives relevant, high-quality, and up-to-date business data. To ensure your business intelligence solutions work as intended, we set up a continuous data quality management process. It includes monitoring data integrity, consistency, and accuracy, as well as identifying and resolving data quality issues.

Ensuring measurable results

Another major task is to help you form a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business needs to identify areas for improvement and modify your business intelligence solution. For example, by developing a well-thought-out list of KPIs, we helped a US-based hospital measure the productivity of their radiologists, understand the average radiology report turnaround time, and determine patient satisfaction.

User-centric data visualization

We develop a user-friendly UI/UX for the BI solution so that business users can intuitively navigate it and create insightful dashboards and reports. For example, we make enterprise business intelligence solutions accessible to business users from different departments with varying technical skills.

Post-implementation stage: Ongoing support of the BI solution and further enhancement

To ensure the long-term success of your BI solution, we also offer dedicated support and maintenance as part of our business intelligence and analytics services. This includes:

  1. Performance monitoring and optimization. Our team continuously monitors system performance and the user experience (UX), identifies and resolves performance bottlenecks, and optimizes queries, reports, and dashboards for faster response times.
  2. Continuous improvement and scalability. We regularly gather user feedback and assess changing business needs to implement enhancements and new features that address evolving requirements, while KPIs help to modify the BI solution accordingly.
  3. User support and training. Our team provides ongoing user support to address any questions or issues that may arise. We also develop user manuals, guides, and documentation. This ensures effective onboarding of new users and ongoing training of existing business users on new features and enhancements.
  4. Data security and compliance. We ensure that the data architecture of your existing BI solution remains secure and compliant with relevant industry regulations and standards. This includes managing user access, monitoring for security threats, and conducting regular data security audits.
  5. Disaster recovery and backup management. We implement robust disaster recovery and backup processes to protect your data and ensure business continuity in the event of an unexpected disruption or system failure.
  6. Upgrades and data migration. As your business grows and evolves, we can help you upgrade and migrate your BI solution to newer versions or platforms to take advantage of the latest features and capabilities.

Enhancing the BI solution with advanced data analytics services

Finally, we understand that many clients require advanced data analytics to gain deeper insights and make more accurate predictions from big data. As such, our BI analytics services include machine learning and data science solutions that complement and enhance traditional BI capabilities with data mining and predictive analytics.

Data mining allows us to discover hidden patterns, correlations, and anomalies in large datasets, providing actionable insights that a traditional BI implementation may overlook. A robust BI system integrated with machine learning capabilities allows you to:

  1. uncover patterns and connections in your business data
  2. forecast future trends and outcomes based on historical data and stay ahead of the curve with predictive analytics
  3. analyze unstructured data, such as customer reviews or social media posts, with natural language processing (NLP) to get a fuller picture
  4. study user behavior and gauge how your customers really feel about your products or services using sentiment analysis

We can help you determine whether data science integration and machine learning are feasible for your specific case. If they aren’t, we’ll work with you to define the steps needed to accomplish your goals.