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We build custom software that allows businesses to meet their needs and constraints. As a strategic partner, we help our clients digitally transform to improve their products, speed up service delivery, increase operational efficiency, and expand to new markets.

Case studies

We help businesses from healthcare, transportation, real estate, communication, and other industries seize new opportunities, overcome business challenges, and gain higher operational efficiency.


Healthcare WebUSASaaS

An all-around HIPAA-compliant solution for digitizing healthcare processes that:

  • enables a telemedicine solution with convenient and quick scheduling and payments
  • allows real-time communication and efficient collaboration between patients and caregivers
  • supplies patient monitoring and medical device integration
  • ensures high-level security standards and HIPAA compliance
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Transportation management system

Supply chainWebUSASaaS

A sophisticated SaaS TMS for Supply chain and delivery companies that:

  • reduces the route planning time for multiple vehicles from 6 hours to 30 minutes
  • automates business processes, routine operations, and problem-solving
  • provides clear visibility for all Supply chain and delivery processes within the system
  • allows smooth integration with other modules and systems like billing or WMS
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Delivery and logistics system


A massive multiplatform ecosystem for an international transportation corporation that:

  • digitizes a complex transportation business into a software product ecosystem
  • is easily scalable and modifiable thanks to the modular architecture
  • increases operational efficiency and reduces the number of failed orders
  • allows the international transportation company to attract 23% more sales
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Learn how our clients achieve operational effectiveness, reduce costs, and improve customer retention with custom software.

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    Industries in focus
  • Supply chain management

    By creating powerful delivery and logistics platforms, we equip our clients with tools for navigation, transportation visibility, fleet management, order distribution automation, delivery scheduling, real-time shipment status monitoring, payment and shipment management, material and flow coordination, and automated data collection. Yalantis delivers transportation management systems and warehouse management systems that improve decision-making processes, reduce operational costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
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  • Healthcare

    We design innovative high-tech medical platforms that increase the value of service delivered to patients and doctors, automate the collection and processing of patient data, manage medical data, and securely store sensitive data. With healthcare software products built by Yalantis, our clients can focus on continuously delivering high-quality work.
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  • Communication

    Be it building communication modules or separate communication products, our developers create communication engines to let users of web and mobile applications exchange text, media, documents, transactions, reports, and any other types of information in real time. Custom communication systems by Yalantis comply with required data protection regulations and supply a variety of communication methods: audio and video calls, conferencing, presence, mobility, and others.
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Clients about Yalantis

Ron BullisPresident and Founder at Lifeworks Advisors
ZillowJason Jung Engineering manager at Zillow

"The Yalantis team has scaled in-house development efforts, allowing the business to hit important short-term milestones. Their engineers are quick to onboard and have contributed to multiple project rollouts. Besides high-quality work, the team values a thriving, customer-forward culture."

 HealthfullySimon Jones Chief product officer at Healthfully

"What we appreciate Yalantis for, is their thoughtfulness and involvement. The team is always responsive and delivers fast. We think that with Yalantis we got a better product than we would get with another outsourcing company. "

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