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    Development team augmentation

    We staff and manage remote software development teams flexibly, cost-efficiently, and within tight deadlines.

    Staff a high-performing team with relevant technical experts

    Increase your development velocity by ramping up your team

    Get domain-experienced professionals for your project

    Take the load off your core team with outsourced experts

    Keys to successful collaboration

    • Adaptive staffing

      and team onboarding processes

    • Flexible financial models

      and adaptable legal models including fixed cost

    • Performance management

      framework and productivity best practices

    • Talent nurturing programs

      with individual development plans and special training

    • Staff retention policy

      and project health management programs

    • Off-site and on-site

      collaboration depending on your needs and specifics

    500+in-house experts
    20,000+candidates in our database
    94%employee satisfaction
    3+years of collaboration on average

    Our engineering tech stack


    • Frontend







    • Backend






    • Database






      AWS RDS

    • Cloud


      Google Cloud

      Microsoft Azure

      Oracle Cloud

    • DevOps





    • Android



    • iOS



    • Cross-platform


      React Native

    Specialists to enhance software development efficiency

    • Automated QA

    • Manual QA

    • Business analyst

    • Project manager

    Need technologies or specialists that aren’t listed?

    Contact us to learn about the extensive technology stack our expert engineers can work with.

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    Distribution of responsibility between Yalantis and our clients

    When providing outsourced software development services, we take care of all technical tasks so you can focus on your business goals and strategy.

    • Plan resources and form a dedicated project team

    • Motivate specialists and provide personal development plans

    • Supply office environment and equipment

    • Develop required tech expertise on demand

    • Ensure development visibility and transparency

    • Follow your corporate values and processes

    • Continuously improve service based on feedback

    • Ensure data security and compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations, laws, and standards

    • Follow a well-established retention policy

    • Transfer technical expertise to your team

    • Provide candidate requirements, participate in interviews, and approve team members

    • Supply the software development life cycle (SDLC) and corporate values for us to follow

    • Onboard our team to your specific communication processes and tools

    • Supply feedback on our development outcomes

    • Initiate adjustments and improvements to the collaboration process

    Our remote collaboration processes

    • 1

      Provide an Agile project manager responsible for team performance, development, and retention

    • 2

      Synchronize and adjust our processes to your time zone, tooling, and development frameworks

    • 3

      Confirm acceptance criteria and establish processes for approving outcomes

    • 4

      Build team charts and set up shared communication spaces convenient for you and your team

    • 5

      Facilitate constant and direct communication with our skilled experts

    • 6

      Effectively manage distributed teams and multiple projects and programs if required

    Some case studies of our team’s work

    Medical PACS


    Optimizing production maintenance for a telemedicine and teleradiology business to:

    • Decrease the time for urgent ticket processing from months to 1 or 2 days

    • Increase customer satisfaction by 32 percentage points

    • Reduce the number of unnecessary meetings by 70%

    • Enhance employee satisfaction by 43 percentage points

    See full case study

    Team augmentation for an IoT solution provider


    Over 6 years of successful collaboration between IoT Systems and Yalantis

    • 2 software products supported and upgraded by Yalantis

    • 20+ experts dedicated to IoT Systems projects

    • Follow IoT Systems’ corporate values and culture

    • Efficiently handle remote collaboration processes

    See full case study

    Delivery and logistics system


    Engaging a team of 30 people to build a multiplatform ecosystem that:

    • Digitized a complex transportation business into a software product ecosystem

    • Is easily scalable and modifiable thanks to a modular architecture

    • Increases operational efficiency and reduces the number of failed orders

    • Allows an international transportation company to attract 23% more sales

    See full case study

    Client reviews about the quality of our work

    1 / 8
    What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. So if you're looking for a partner with technical know-how and well-established processes, we can definitely recommend Yalantis.

    talent nurturing programs

    By enthusiastically sharing our knowledge and experience at events, schools, and meetups, we nurture talents to meet our growing recruitment needs.

    We organize20+online and offline events and courses annually
    More than3 000people have attended Yalantis events
    Over350people have already graduated from our Y-niversity program
    We invite ~20%of Y-niversity graduates to join our team

    Quality outsourcing IT services to build projects of any complexity

    With our domain-experienced professionals and well-established collaboration processes, we can create a perfect technology solution for your business-specific objectives.

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