Yalantis Sustainability Policy

publish date – 01.2024

1. Introduction

The Yalantis Sustainability Policy underscores our mission to elevate the quality of our software engineering and IT consulting services while complying with relevant laws, regulations, and standards wherever our clients operate. We ensure service reliability, implement fault-tolerant practices for partners, and follow ethical standards when interacting with regulatory authorities. Through our commitment to empowering Yalantis associates and practicing social, economic, and environmental responsibility, we foster continual improvement and create a positive impact within the IT community and beyond.

2. Scope

This Policy applies to all levels across the organization Yalantis.

3. Our commitment

Yalantis is committed to pursuing and promoting sustainable business practices and co-creating sustainable business value alongside our stakeholders, empowering them to achieve their sustainability goals. We believe that environmentally sustainable business operations will enable us to create a sustainable future.

4. Policy

As an international IT services and consulting company, Yalantis considers the impact of its business operations on three key pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social and ethical equity, and economic viability.
We implement these pillars of sustainability through four components of the Yalantis Sustainability Policy: Human, Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability.

4.1 Human Sustainability

  • Creating work–life balance among associates

  • Ensuring a safe and motivating work atmosphere for associates

  • Fostering a climate of social responsibility and volunteering towards the betterment of communities (Linkedin)

  • Implementing ethical practices in the workplace

  • Implementing policies and communicating them to all stakeholders

4.2 Social Sustainability

  • Promoting freedom of expression and open communication

  • Respecting associates uniqueness and personal boundaries

  • Being inclusive, ensuring that all associates have access to the same opportunities and is treated with respect and dignity

  • Providing opportunities for individual and collective education to promote associates’ personal growth

  • Ensuring associates’ health through providing medical insurance

Yalantis protects in good faith information of its personnel, associates, customers, devices, networks, and other information assets according to regulatory requirements, contractual obligations, security best practices, and standards like ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.

4.3 Economic Sustainability

  • Ensuring compliance, governance, and quality and risk management

  • Guiding responsible business growth

  • Securing operational efficiency to increase profits

  • Implementing friendly policies and encouraging associate engagement to improve productivity

  • Conducting business continuity and disaster recovery planning to mitigate the impacts of climate change and other business risks

Yalantis eliminates redundant processes and activities to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity by avoiding repetitive tasks.

4.4 Environmental Sustainability

  • Optimizing use of energy and water resources to reduce carbon emissions and water consumption as well as to minimize waste

  • Implementing clean and renewable energy sources

  • Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements

  • Allowing for full remote work, thereby reducing transport-related emissions

  • Providing, encouraging, and promoting environmentally friendly products and events among associates

5. Our states and policies


The Yalantis Sustainability Policy should be reviewed annually or as needed, and whenever changes are made, to ensure its continued application and relevance to the company, business operations, and changing stakeholder expectations. We will ensure transparency by publishing detailed information about our sustainability practices to officers, clients, and all other stakeholders.