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Discover how we helped a Spanish entrepreneur develop a multiplatform, SEO-friendly, and GDPR-compliant real estate solution with advanced functionality and a scalable technology base.

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    September 2019 – April 2022

About the client

Our client is a successful entrepreneur who started a new project for the Spanish real estate market, attained investment, and chose Yalantis to implement the concept.

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Business context

Alongside ensuring GDPR compliance for the European market and optimizing search engine visibility to achieve organic growth of the user base, our objectives for this project were to:

  • elicit requirements and identify possible risks for the multiplatform real estate solution
  • build a solution with a scalable and fault-tolerant architecture that meets project requirements, constraints, and market peculiarities
  • implement competitive functionality such as 3D tours, advanced property search, multi-language support, and more

Value delivered

The result of our cooperation with Truhoo is a full-functioning product that is:

  • filled with functionality according to market needs

  • more user-friendly and faster than competitors’ platforms

  • in full legal compliance and protects users from scams

  • ready for marketing activities and SEO-friendly

Solution overview

  • Conducting discovery analysis

    To set the development direction with end users’ needs and market trends in mind, we:

    • elicited and prioritized requirements
    • conducted competitor analysis of top real estate platforms
    • consulted with a real estate agent as a subject matter expert
  • Designing the solution architecture

    At the client’s request, we developed a secure, cloud-based, and scalable solution with:

    • a modular microservices architecture and cost-efficient infrastructure
    • the ability to process and store huge volumes of media data with AWS Lambda 
    • out-of-the-box localization support for all system components
    • a fault-tolerant key–value store managed by AWS for temporary data like access tokens and request counters
    • integration with third-party services for real estate agency background checks, a 3D tour feature, mapping, and payments 
    • centralized logging and monitoring of hardware, application, and business metrics for further analysis
    • a single entry point for any type of client (web, iOS, Android)
    • reusable REST API endpoints for any type of client
  • Conducting search engine optimization

    Our client wanted to ensure a fast influx of users to the platform. We followed recommendations from an SEO agency and implemented:

    • Angular Universal, as it allows for uploading page content on the server side so that an SEO bot can see it
    • a URL building approach to avoid query parameters in URLs while using search filters 
    • a URL parsing mechanism to implement the required type of URLs 
    • Open Graph meta tags to automatically represent an image and description while sharing links
    • a parsing mechanism that, in response to receiving the robots.txt file, sees pages that are not to be indexed and puts the noindex tag in them 
    • a dynamic XML sitemap to properly reflect the state of the site for search engines
  • Delivering competitive functionality

    The product includes the following features:

    • Streamlined UI/UX. We reduced clicks by simplifying and shortening the user flow and ensured a consistent brand identity and user experience across web and mobile versions.
    • 3D tours. Truhoo 3D tours display floor plans and 3D property models. Users can record virtual tours with audio narration to give context to potential buyers and tenants.
    • Advanced property search. Easy-to-configure search allows users to apply over 50 filters that consider characteristics of a property and its surrounding environment.
    • Optimized media service. The platform is capable of simultaneously uploading up to 50 images each up to 20MB in size for any real estate listing via an optimized media service.
    • Protection from scams. We implemented mechanisms to validate every agency before registering it on the platform. Cadastral numbers are also used to ensure information accuracy. 
    • Multi-language support. Spanish- and English-speaking users have access to all information in their native language, which simplifies the process of buying, selling, and renting properties.
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance

    We ensured GDPR compliance for the EU market.

    • We implemented active consent for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when registering, and re-consent if terms are changed.
    • All legal documents have versioning and can be edited from the admin panel.
    • The Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Listings Policy, and Cookie Policy are published on the website and available to print or save as PDF files.
    • Users can subscribe to and unsubscribe from commercial communications.
    • Users can request their accounts be removed.


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