IoT Services

  • Build scalable software and firmware solutions that seamlessly operate within rapidly expanding IoT networks

  • Automate your processes and reduce operational costs with IoT-based technologies

  • Reduce downtime and increase equipment reliability through predictive maintenance based on ML-enabled data management

  • Enable data-driven decision-making and business forecasting with complex real-time analytics solutions

  • Future-proof your investments with solutions that outperform initially stated business goals

  • Exceed industry standards with a solution that effectively addresses environmental challenges

IoT services Yalantis provides


Yalantis is experienced in delivering innovative and sustainable IoT-based solutions of any complexity across multiple industries.

Industry-specific Internet of Things services Yalantis provides

  • Industrial IoT solutions

    • Applications for IIoT devices

    • Energy saving analytics

    • Computer vision software development

    • Real-time monitoring

    • Digital twins

    • Predictive maintenance

    • Industrial automation and control systems

    • IoT for asset tracking

    • Digital transformation

  • Building automation and smart home

    • Smart home app development

    • Home automation systems

    • Smart, connected products

    • HVAC control

    • Wearable device development

    • Security and access control

    • Water management

    • Voice control and virtual assistants

    • Smart building analytics

  • Automotive IoT

    • Supply chain optimization

    • Connected automotive systems

    • Connected car solutions

    • Autonomous vehicles

    • Safety systems

    • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

    • Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) solutions

    • Electric vehicle (EV) integration


Can you provide examples of your successful IoT services and solutions?

Yalantis has worked on multiple IoT-based projects across various domains, including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer IoT, and smart home automation for industry-renowned companies such as RAKwireless, Bosch, Toyota Tsusho, and more.

Yalantis’ portfolio includes:

  • solutions for remote management and the establishment of large-scale IoT networks
  • enterprise-level industrial IoT projects where we have implemented predictive maintenance for early fault detection and condition-based maintenance of manufacturer equipment
  • automotive predictive maintenance solutions that help our clients reduce fleet maintenance costs
  • remote patient monitoring systems that ensure the proper functioning of medical devices and facilitate real-time data exchange between devices and EHR solutions
  • desktop and mobile platforms for smart home automation

Are your IoT solutions scalable to accommodate our company’s growth?

Throughout years of working on IoT projects, we’ve proven that scalability is a critical feature of IoT applications. As IoT networks of sensors and smart devices continue to grow, solutions for their management must be able to operate seamlessly under an increasing data load. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure technical capacity for real-time data analysis for company managers to make prompt decisions in critical situations.

With this in mind, we take into consideration your company’s business needs, desired business outcomes, and plans and incorporate them into the planning stages. This ensures that the solution considers both rapid and gradual growth of your company in terms of the number of implemented IoT devices and the volume of data that needs to be processed and analyzed, ensuring stable solution performance.

Can you augment our in-house team with your embedded or IoT developers?

Sure. Yalantis has experience staffing more than 35 specialists in a month for a large IoT project.

Upon request, our staffing specialist, in collaboration with your Yalantis project manager, will work on finding the necessary embedded and IoT developers. Our staffing strategy allows our clients to take an active part in the hiring process. Our team will find the most suitable candidates according to your request and hand them over to you for further interviewing so you can engage the talents you like the most.

In case our company doesn’t currently have the specialist you need, we will look to our vast talent base and find the necessary specialist as soon as possible.

How can your IoT services help us optimize resource management and reduce costs?

At Yalantis, we have developed our own strategies for resource management and cost optimization that enable us to save costs and human resources during development and post-release support.

This approach includes hiring senior-level specialists and ensuring process and testing automation throughout the product lifecycle to reduce the manual work required for maintaining system performance.

Yalantis actively contributes to suggesting solutions that can enhance the product vision, drive business value, and achieve optimal outcomes. We present such solutions with justifications and expenditure forecasts.

Do you have experience integrating IoT solutions with existing enterprise systems?

Yes, we do. We have experience building IoT software solutions from scratch, redesigning existing solutions, and integrating with operating systems. We have successfully integrated with both third-party services and in-house management systems. Even if your company uses a legacy system, it won’t pose a problem. We can ensure that your new solution seamlessly communicates with it through minimal refactoring or the development of new connectors, enabling smooth data transfer between the new system and the legacy one.

What level of support and maintenance do you provide for IoT solutions?

According to our service level agreement (SLA), we provide constant monitoring through advanced systems that continuously track the health and performance of your IoT devices, networks, and applications to identify and address potential issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing system availability.

Our teams conduct regular maintenance activities to ensure that your IoT infrastructure remains up to date and optimized. This involves applying software updates, security patches, and firmware upgrades to ensure that your devices and systems are stable and secure.

Can your IoT solutions assist us in reducing our environmental footprint and achieving sustainability goals?

Any IoT solution we design is focused on sustainability to help our clients reduce their environmental footprint and achieve sustainability goals. We can help you achieve real-time monitoring and control of resource consumption across facilities. By collecting and analyzing all the data from sensors and devices, we can identify inefficient resource use and suggest strategies for reducing resource waste. This not only helps to cut down on utility costs but also minimizes environmental impact.

Our solutions enable data-driven decision-making for sustainability initiatives. With actionable insights and predictive analytics, we will identify trends, assess the impact of interventions, and continuously improve sustainability practices across your organization. 

Can you assist us in identifying the most suitable IoT devices and sensors?

Of course! We assist our clients in inspecting, testing, and selecting the most suitable hardware and software for integration into their solutions and in keeping with their long-term goals. We consider the quality of hardware, its capabilities, and its durability. Our team also analyzes hardware manufacturers to ensure that your devices will receive updates and proper maintenance. 

Additionally, Yalantis specialists can design a custom device prototype and architecture and even help you determine the best vendor to produce it.

Our objective is to ensure that you utilize devices that are able to serve your long-term goals and aren’t limited in terms of capacity and performance. If necessary, we will conduct various tests (functional, performance, and other tests) to narrow the list of available device options and ensure that you receive the best possible hardware for stable business processes.

How do you handle remote device management and firmware updates for IoT devices?

We utilize the following:

Remote device management platforms to enable a secure connection to and remote control of devices installed in various locations from one place.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates to remotely manage and update firmware on IoT devices without manual intervention or physical access to the devices, enabling seamless and efficient updates at scale.

Version control and release management systems to track and manage firmware versions, keeping a record of installed firmware on each device and facilitating organized release management for updates.

Rollbacks to revert a device to a previous working firmware version in case of unexpected complications.

Scheduled updates to minimize any potential impact on your business operations and determine the most suitable maintenance or low-activity periods for releasing updates.

Remote monitoring and reporting to provide real-time visibility into the status and health of IoT devices to detect and address any anomalies or issues.

Do your Internet of Things services include real-time monitoring and anomaly detection?

Yalantis can assist you with real-time monitoring and anomaly detection by:

  • collecting and aggregating data into a centralized platform so you have a comprehensive view of your operations and can access real-time information for monitoring and analysis
  • using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and patterns within collected data that may indicate potential issues or threats
  • automatically generating alerts and notifications when anomalies are detected, ensuring you are promptly informed of any situations that require your attention
  • using predictive analytics models to detect anomalies before they become critical issues so you can take preventive measures and avoid potential disruptions

We develop solutions for real-time monitoring and anomaly detection that are able to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows, enhancing your efficiency and decision-making.


Yalantis will build you a stable IoT-based solution serving your long-term goals and contributing to rapid business expansion across various industries.

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Benefits of partnering with our IoT services company

  • Project-proven expertise

    Develop cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically to your long-term goals and built with industry best practices and methodologies. Get expert guidance in delivering high-quality software that can withstand industry challenges and seamlessly adjust to emerging trends and needs.

  • Cost-efficient development

    Optimize development costs with conscious resource allocation, efficient planning, and strategic decision-making. Reduce operational and labor costs with process automation, implementation of advanced analytics and business intelligence, and deployment of scalable solutions.

  • Security resilience

    Cooperate with an ISO-certified company that follows the GDPR, CDPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other regulations, laws, and standards. Obtain solutions that can overcome evolving security threats, easily adapt to new security requirements, and integrate new security measures.

  • Strategic adaptability

    Ensure scalability and flexibility of the solution’s architecture, infrastructure, and integrations. Easily adjust to an increasing number of users and business operations. Streamline implementation of new features and integration with third-party systems while maintaining stable performance.

  • Accelerated time to market

    Deploy ready-to-use products before initially planned deadlines, catering to your stakeholders, investors, and end users. Speed up development with reusable component libraries, Agile methodologies, open-source APIs, and extensive documentation.

  • Innovative product mindset

    Partner with a team that develops IoT solutions with your mission and ambitions in mind. Let top talents delve into your corporate culture, understand and follow your business values, and work to achieve your goals with innovative technologies.