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Delivery optimization

Ensure stable and continuous releases and high development velocity for your software product and product ecosystem.

Software delivery issues we can fix

Missing your release deadlines and other commitments
Multiple challenging bugs and issues in your product
Your development team doesn't deliver the required software functionality
New changes to your legacy product constantly invoke new problems

Our approach to solving software delivery issues

Architecture assessment

Our experts start with checking if your product matches your functional and non-functional requirements in terms of scalability, maintainability, security, etc.

Then we analyze your software development lifecycle to see what adjustments are needed for the required product quality and development velocity.

Next, we evaluate your software architecture, DevOps, and CI/CD practices to find bottlenecks in your production pipeline and areas for improvement.

Finally, our professionals assess your testing processes to prepare your software for implementing testing automation techniques.

Product design assessment

Stakeholder management framework

  • Providing the functionality required by each stakeholder involved

  • Ensuring functionality matches stakeholder needs and expectations

Project requirements analysis

  • Fixing the miscommunicated user scenarios

  • Assuring the compliance to the non-functional requirements

Visual design investigation

  • Eliminating bottlenecks in the user journey

  • Elaborating conversion-optimized user experience for users

Constant feedback loop

  • Regularly processing stakeholder and user feedback

  • Further improving your software product

Project management assessment

Evaluating your release management system

  • Providing the required release frequency

  • Ensuring smooth releases according to your expectations

Checking your development processes

  • Finding areas that require more control

  • Defining other adjustments for improved production maintenance

Examining your organizational structure

  • Checking staffing and ramping up needs

  • Defining required team roles and seniority level

Implementing parallel development techniques

  • Preparing your infrastructure for parallel development

  • Increasing development velocity according to your expectations

Solve the problem blocking you from stable and timely releases

Let us discover the bottlenecks and limitations in your software delivery processes and supply a proper solution to accelerate development.

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