Delivery optimization

    We often receive requests for specific IT experts. This way our clients are trying to supply new feature releases, speed up the development process, or simply set up the delivery process. But it’s not always about staffing a team. And to ensure a proper solution, Yalantis experts look into the business problem to be solved. To find possible limitations and bottlenecks, Yalantis audits the organizational and technical structures, project portfolio, business and development processes. Based on the obtained results, we set up continuous product delivery and establish efficient communication processes to ensure stable and regular releases and harmonious team extension on every development level.

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    Delivery approach

    • Business and development audit

      To deal with the root cause of the client’s request, our experts perform an in-depth audit of the client’s organizational operations. We also analyze the technology matching, requirement and project management processes, to find the areas to improve and optimize

    • Action items elaboration

      After the audit, we elaborate not only on the required expertise and roles for the client’s request. We also develop a detailed plan of improvements and key performance indicators for the client’s product, operations, technology, project and program management

    • Team staffing and ramping up

      With the elaborated improvement plan, we proceed to the candidate sourcing and interviewing team members with the clients. When the team members get approved, we onboard them for maximum productivity and engagement

    • Solution implementation

      Once we agree on the action items and form a team of needed experts, our specialists head on to introducing the required changes in the product delivery, collaboration processes, and organizational structure

    • Managed changes

      Yalantis carefully measures the set KPIs after the solution implementation. Based on the obtained analytics data along with the new client requests, our experts execute updates and adjustments to the software product


    Root cause identification

    Yalantis experts study the nature of the client’s request and pursue any factors related to it. We learn what business needs or problems made the client address us and develop a holistic solution for them

    Scaling on-demand

    Having carefully audited business and development specifics and problems, we provide the optimized product delivery processes. Due to this, our clients can seamlessly scale their products and extend their businesses

    Process automation

    With continuous integrations, set up product delivery processes, and proper infrastructure solutions, our client teams free out more resources for strategic tasks and goals like product improvement or new version creating

    Product and process quality assurance

    Yalantis continuously monitors and manages the provided services. Considering the earlier set key performance indicators, client’s feedback, current and future business needs, our expert make the necessary changes and improvements

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