Enterprise architecture consulting services

  • Address bottlenecks linked to complex enterprise system integration and redesign the architecture landscape to better adapt to increasing workloads

  • Increase system stability and automate routine processes for better resource allocation and seamless scalability

  • Refactor and replace existing legacy code with streamlined third-party systems to reduce maintenance time and improve the system’s performance

  • Improve connectivity between multiple third-party systems, decrease operational costs, and ensure business transparency with custom enterprise architecture solutions

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • 15+

    years of IT consulting expertise

  • 35+

    clients achieving their business goals with our solutions

  • ISO 9001

    certified to deliver exceptional quality of our services

  • 500+

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Your journey with Yalantis

  • 01

    Step #1

    You go through a thorough discovery call with our team, where we find out about your current organization strategy, potential challenges, areas of improvement, and any information that allows us to detect your business needs.

  • 02

    Step #2

    We perform an audit of your existing enterprise architecture using best business analytics tools and practices to identify technology gaps and scalability limitations.

  • 03

    Step #3

    To ensure we meet your business goals, our team conducts a series of synchronization workshops and solution presentations to cover every aspect of your digital transformation.

  • 04

    Step #4

    As a result of our consultancy collaboration, you’ll receive a roadmap to update your corporate blueprint that includes re-engineering of current architecture, modernization of legacy systems, and integration of third-party solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Yalantis enterprise architecture consulting services

With more than 15 years of experience integrating complex systems like ERP, CRM, or EHR, and designing multi-layered enterprise architecture, Yalantis specialists will cover every need of your enterprise and create a tailored solution that seamlessly evolves and scales with your company.

  • Enterprise strategic consulting

    • Digital transformation strategy

    • Business process optimization

    • IT infrastructure planning

    • Enterprise architecture design

    • Data governance and management

    • Cybersecurity risk assessment

    • Innovation and disruption analysis

    • Change management and adoption Strategy

    • IT portfolio management

  • Process consulting and advisory

    • Process mapping and analysis

    • Workflow optimization

    • Lean six sigma implementation

    • Business process reengineering

    • Quality management systems development

    • Performance measurement and KPIs

    • Continuous improvement programs

    • Process automation assessment

    • Supply chain optimization

    • Regulatory compliance consulting

  • Cloud enterprise consulting

    • Cloud adoption strategy

    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) assessment

    • Platform as a Service (PaaS) integration

    • Software as a Service (SaaS) evaluation

    • Cloud security assessment

    • Hybrid cloud architecture design

    • Cloud migration planning

    • Cloud cost optimization

    • Multi-cloud management strategy

    • Cloud governance and compliance

  • Optimization advisory

    • Cost reduction strategies

    • Resource allocation optimization

    • Legacy system integration

    • Streamlining operational workflows

    • Inventory management optimization

    • Asset utilization analysis

    • Energy efficiency consulting

    • Lean manufacturing advisory

    • Production planning optimization

    • Customer experience enhancement


Yalantis consulting team can assess your existing business architecture, identify improvement areas, scalability potential, and propose a digital transformation strategy that will evolve and adapt along with your business.

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How can enterprises benefit from technology consulting services?

Strategic enterprise architecture consulting offers invaluable guidance in aligning enterprise expansion goals with efficient solutions that will improve scalability.


Yalantis enterprise architecture consultants leverage expertise in working on cross-domain projects and knowledge of market trends to optimize operational efficiency, enhance competitive advantage, and facilitate innovation to future-proof your business.

How to choose a trusted enterprise architecture consulting firm?

When selecting an enterprise consulting firm, consider factors like:

  • relevant experience working with large-sized businesses and enterprises
  • track record with projects in your industry
  • expertise and qualifications of their enterprise architecture consultant team
  • business methodologies and practices they use in their approach
  • ability to offer customized solutions to meet your unique business challenges whether they are built from scratch or ready-made.

How long does it take to see tangible results from enterprise architecture services?

The timeline for seeing tangible results from enterprise consulting initiatives varies based on factors like the strategic objectives and complexity of the project.


While some improvements, such as manual process automation or integration of data visibility solutions, may be immediate, significant transformational initiatives like CRM integration and staff training may take months to fully realize their impact. It’s crucial to set realistic expectations and work closely with the consulting team to track progress toward your goals.


Get in touch with our team and get professional advisory on improving operational visibility, security, data management, and employee satisfaction.

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What business challenges can be solved with enterprise consulting services?

Enterprise architecture consulting services can help in addressing the most common challenges faced by businesses today:

  • The presence of legacy systems that are no longer efficient. These outdated technology platforms and systems often hinder innovation and agility, and are incapable of meeting current business needs creating bottlenecks in operations and limiting growth potential. Enterprise architecture consultants work to modernize and streamline these systems, ensuring they align with current business objectives and technology trends.
  • Increased maintenance and operational costs associated with legacy systems. Outdated technology requires frequent maintenance and support, driving up expenses and diverting resources from strategic initiatives. Enterprise consultants conduct thorough cost-benefit analysis and recommend strategies to optimize spending, whether through system modernization, cloud migration, or process optimization.
  • Struggles with effective execution of transformation initiatives. Legacy systems, lack of technical expertise, and organizational resistance can impede progress and delay transformation efforts. Enterprise consultants provide the expertise and guidance needed to overcome these obstacles, developing comprehensive business strategy and transformation roadmaps and facilitating organizational change management to ensure successful adoption of new technologies and processes.
  • The complexity of integration of third-party systems and applications. Seamless integration is crucial for optimizing workflows and maximizing efficiency. However, integrating disparate systems can be complex and prone to compatibility issues. Enterprise consultants can help you navigate these challenges, design, and implement integration solutions that facilitate data exchange and interoperability across platforms.
  • Scalability constraints. Traditional systems may struggle to scale effectively, leading to performance issues and resource limitations. Enterprise architecture consulting services offer scalable solutions that can adapt to evolving business requirements, ensuring systems can handle increased workloads without compromising performance or stability.

Enterprise architecture consultants at Yalantis can promptly address a wide range of these challenges. Our specialists provide the expertise and strategic guidance needed to renew your business strategy, navigate complex processes, whether it’s modernizing legacy systems, integrating third-party applications, reducing operational costs, or developing a roadmap to digital transformation.
By partnering with Yalantis, enterprises can unlock potential opportunities for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage in today’s business landscape.