Technology consulting services

  • Get a comprehensive technology strategy that takes into account your business architecture, solves scalability challenges, and assists in meeting your transformation goals

  • Assess and eliminate potential business risks and align technology solutions with your long-term objectives

  • Overcome budget constraints and invest in effective technologies that you can adapt to your changing business needs and market fluctuations

  • Minimize uncertainty in strategic decision-making by building a transparent business architecture and solution design

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • 15+

    years of IT consulting experience

  • 200+

    projects accomplished

  • ISO 27001

    compliant security protocols

  • 94%

    employee satisfaction

Your journey with Yalantis

  • 01

    week 1

    Gathering crucial project requirements. Our consulting team, which consists of a business analyst, project manager, and solution architect, will analyze your business needs, determine stakeholders’ expectations, and develop a project schedule with essential milestones.

  • 02

    Week 2

    By the end of week 2, you’ll receive a detailed project plan and a roadmap for the first development sprint, as well as a thorough risk assessment and budget evaluation.

Yalantis technology consultancy services

Yalantis technology consultants offer vast expertise to assist your business in achieving its expansion goals. We can help you optimize your corporate strategy, increase operational efficiency, select trusted and scalable software solutions, and identify gaps in security flows.

  • Strategic technology consulting

    • Current infrastructure assessment and strategic planning

    • Roadmap development for technology adoption

    • Guidance on technology investment and cost optimization strategies

    • Risk management and compliance advisory

    • Innovation workshops and future tech exploration

    • Vendor selection and technology procurement advice

    • Custom tech consulting services

    • Implementation oversight and management

    • Change management and staff training

    • Continuous improvement and IT strategy refresh

  • Digital transformation consulting

    • Digital capabilities assessment and transformation roadmap creation

    • Customer experience and digital operations strategy

    • Automation of business processes and workflows

    • Implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions

    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system consulting

    • Mobile app development and omnichannel strategies

    • Big data analytics and insight generation

    • Technology stack modernization

    • Change management for sustainable growth

    • Post-transformation support and evolution planning

  • Enterprise consulting

    • Strategic planning and alignment of IT infrastructure with business objectives

    • Enterprise architecture design and optimization for agility and efficiency

    • Implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

    • Business process re-engineering to improve efficiency and productivity

    • Change management strategies to ensure smooth adoption of new technology

    • IT governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) frameworks

    • Data management and analytics strategies

    • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems to enhance customer engagement and sales

    • Supply chain management optimization

    • Continuous innovation strategies

  • Project management consulting

    • Project planning and strategy

    • Risk management and mitigation

    • Resource allocation and optimization

    • Best practises for efficient stakeholder management

    • Project governance and compliance

    • Team augmentation services

    • Change management

    • Advanced analytics and reporting

    • Quality control and assurance

    • Post-implementation review and continuous improvement

  • Crisis management consulting

    • Crisis preparedness and response planning

    • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

    • Emergency and disaster response coordination

    • Crisis communication and reputation management

    • Business continuity planning

    • Crisis leadership and decision-making support

    • Cybersecurity incident response

    • Humanitarian and relief efforts coordination

    • Regulatory compliance and post-crisis reporting

    • Post-crisis recovery and resilience building


Yalantis can help you create a flexible digital transformation strategy, provide you with a scalable solution framework, and assist in establishing a competitive advantage for your business.

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What makes Yalantis one of the top technology consulting firms?

Our approach, based on three pillars of an excellent customer experience, makes Yalantis one of the leading technology consulting firms:

  • Client-centric. We focus on understanding and prioritizing your unique needs and challenges, delivering customized tech services that not only solve your immediate issues but empower your business to thrive in the long term.
  • Technology-driven. As a technology consulting company, we strive to equip you with the insights and tools necessary for launching your business and staying competitive in any industry segment.
  • Goal-oriented. We aim to provide you with a tailored tech consulting strategy that aligns with your business goals, enables rapid growth, and can be easily scaled or adapted to changing demands.

Can your technology consulting service help with budgeting and cost optimization?

Yalantis is equipped to assist with budgeting and cost optimization through the following technology consulting service strategies:

  • Cost-benefit analysis. We conduct thorough cost-benefit analyses for proposed technology solutions, ensuring you understand the financial implications and long-term benefits. We can also suggest ways to reduce development costs, such as code reuse, modular development, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) methodologies.
  • Cloud optimization. Yalantis experts can help optimize cloud expenses by analyzing your current cloud computing capabilities and recommending strategies to reduce costs, such as using reserved instances, scaling resources, and identifying underutilized resources.
  • Technology audit and rationalization. We perform audits of your existing technology stack to identify redundancies and outdated systems, leading to significant cost savings and streamlined operations.

What is your experience with digital transformation projects?

Assisting businesses in harnessing digitalization efforts is one of our key fields of expertise at Yalantis. We have a few long-term clients in FinTech, healthcare, smart homes, and logistics whom we have helped to achieve significant operational improvements, elevate customer satisfaction ratings, and improve profitability through our guided transformation efforts.


For example, we worked with Healthfully, a US-based healthcare enterprise, to assist them in building a digital healthcare environment that’s convenient for healthcare providers and engaging for patients. We updated the architecture of their EHR system and simplified the process of integrating with cloud computing services. For our second project with Healthfully, we worked on creating an environment for remote patient monitoring by integrating a patient-facing app with smartwatches and other wearables to measure patients’ vitals.


Working with the Lifeworks wealth management platform, we achieved significant improvements in legacy modernization by performing code audits and suggesting upgrades for the current technology stack.

How does your tech consulting firm stay up to date with the latest technologies and industry trends?

Yalantis tech consulting experts are committed to continuous learning and professional development. They regularly attend industry conferences, participate in training programs, and maintain certifications with leading technology providers.


Furthermore, working with clients from various industries allows our technology consultants to apply their knowledge in practical situations, observe how their solutions perform in real time, and deliver valuable insights to our clients.


This ensures that we bring the latest knowledge and fresh perspectives to every project, helping you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

How can you assist us in leveraging cloud computing for our business operations?

Yalantis is one of the few technology consulting firms that excels in optimizing businesses through cloud computing solutions. Whether you need assistance migrating existing systems to the cloud, want to develop cloud-native applications, or are seeking guidance in implementing cloud-based data analytics, our expertise will ensure that you harness the full potential of cloud computing for sustainable growth and a competitive advantage.


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How do you ensure that insights obtained from your technology consulting service align with our business processes?

One of the key responsibilities of Yalantis technology consultants is to ensure that insights obtained from sessions with our tech strategists not only align with your current objectives and goals but can be adapted as your business evolves. Here are several strategies to guarantee this alignment:

Initial assessment and continuous engagement

Before embarking on any consultancy project, a Yalantis tech consultant team performs a comprehensive assessment of your business, your current technology landscape, and potential infrastructure gaps. We engage in continuous communication and feedback through stakeholder interviews or surveys and host workshops to understand your business problems.

We also facilitate continuous stakeholder engagement throughout the project to ensure that insights remain aligned with your business goals. This iterative process creates room for real-time feedback and adjustments and syncs the outcomes of the consultation with the desired outcome for your business.

Customized solution framework

By establishing and integrating a custom solution framework, the Yalantis technology consultant team can directly link technology visions they develop to your business needs. We take into account your current digital environment, assess potential technology and knowledge gaps, and create an integration roadmap that helps you transition to the new environment without compromising performance.

If we find out that an existing solution isn’t ideal, we can always offer our software development services to create a custom product or technology that will close the gap and meet your needs.

Alignment workshops and strategic roadmaps

Regular alignment workshops involving your team and our transformation experts ensure that every insight and solution is geared towards achieving your stated business goals. These workshops serve as checkpoints to validate alignment and make any necessary course corrections.

Additionally, developing a strategic technology roadmap as part of technology services consulting lays out a clear path to achieving your goals, identifying key milestones and establishing metrics for success. We’re invested in your success just as you are and can become your business partner to help you achieve it.

Performance metrics and ROI analysis

Our business analysts perform research and identify metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for continuous improvement. We implement methods like customer journey mapping, business process modeling, and gap analysis, combining them with tools like SQL and Power BI to sift through historical data and obtain valuable information.

Performing a return on investment (ROI) analysis helps us in justifying our technology vision by understanding how it assists you in achieving desired business outcomes. This approach ensures that every recommendation is focused on enhancing business performance.

How do you address cybersecurity in your technology consulting company?

As a technology consulting firm, we see increasing demand in cybersecurity advisory services. To demonstrate that we’re a security-first company and will protect your personal data from unauthorized access, Yalantis is certified in globally recognized standards including ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 27701. This means that we have operational transparency at each stage of software development and can deliver secure and compliant solutions across industries.

Here are a few approaches we offer companies and businesses that seek to improve their cybersecurity measures:

  • Cybersecurity assessment and risk analysis to audit existing IT infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and evaluate risks
  • Customized security strategy to ensure that protection against cyber threats is both effective and scalable
  • Deployment of advanced security technologies, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption tools tailored to your specific needs for robust defense mechanisms
  • Employee training programs to minimize the impact of human factors and enhance your team’s awareness and adherence to security best practices
  • Incident response planning to ensure rapid and effective action in the event of a security breach, minimizing impact and facilitating swift recovery
  • Ongoing monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real time, alongside ensuring compliance with relevant cybersecurity standards and regulations

Our experts stay informed on cybersecurity trends and new ways to safeguard personal information and are always testing new solutions that can protect you against potential threats.