Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

  • Deliver your IoT solution 35% faster with the Yalantis IoT Solution Development Accelerator

  • Increase business efficiency and optimize operations with innovative IoT solutions

  • Bridge business intelligence gaps by leveraging data derived from IoT devices

  • Improve industrial safety and security with IoT-enabled predictive maintenance

Value delivered to our clients

  • 96%

    average customer satisfaction rating

  • up to 50%

    reduction in operating costs with IoT solutions

  • up to 30%

    increase in asset utilization rate with Yalantis IoT

  • up to 35%

    faster development with the Yalantis IoT Accelerator

IoT solutions and services Yalantis provides

  • Industrial IoT solutions

    • Data and device management

    • Industrial automation

    • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance

    • Supply chain optimization

    • Asset tracking and management

    • Energy management

    • Safety and compliance

    • Smart wearables for industrial applications

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  • Smart home and smart building solutions

    • Home automation systems

    • Building access and security

    • Building automation

    • Smart energy management

    • Environmental monitoring

    • Baby monitoring solutions

    • Space management

    • Smart parking solutions

    • Energy-efficient lighting systems

    • Smart waste management

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  • Automotive IoT

    • Connected car services

    • Vehicle telematics

    • Fleet management

    • Dock and yard management

    • EV smart charging solutions

    • Over-the-air (OTA) updates

    • Advanced driver assistance systems

    • Vehicle monitoring and security

    • E-bike solutions

  • IoT solutions for wearable devices

    • Health and fitness monitoring

    • Smart notifications and alerts

    • Activity tracking and gamification

    • Location tracking and geofencing

    • Gesture control and biometric authentication

    • Environmental personalization

    • Pet wearables and smart pet tracking

  • IoT healthcare solutions

    • Connected medical devices

    • Remote patient monitoring

    • Real-time health data analytics

    • Telemedicine and virtual care

    • Smart hospitals and healthcare facilities

    • Medication management

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  • Retail IoT solutions

    • Smart shelf solutions

    • Beacon technology

    • Smart vending machines

    • In-store customer analytics

    • Theft prevention and security

    • Smart carts and baskets

    • Smart delivery


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How do you accelerate time to market when building IoT software solutions?

To help clients speed up their product launch, we have leveraged our multi-year experience in developing IoT technology solutions to create the Yalantis IoT Solution Development Accelerator. This accelerator encompasses all necessary elements for enhancing solution development, reducing development costs, and streamlining data management due to:

  • a customizable multi-tier and cloud-agnostic architecture that operates on cloud services, Docker, and Kubernetes and easily adjusts to the client’s business processes
  • Apache Druid, which serves as a core for scalable and seamless data processing 
  • a user management module from Yalantis that facilitates user accounts and access rights management within a solution 
  • a UI component library that accelerates development of user-facing functionality

Using this accelerator, we are able to deliver IoT products 35% faster compared to starting them from scratch.

How do you enhance the customer experience and optimize operations with IoT software solutions?

First, we use IoT technology to collect and analyze valuable data from various sources, including customer interactions, operational processes, and environmental factors. 

Second, by integrating IoT devices and sensors, we enable real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as inventory, equipment performance, and customer behavior. This data-driven approach empowers our clients to make informed decisions, identify bottlenecks, and proactively address issues, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Yalantis develops intuitive and user-friendly IoT applications that enhance the customer experience. These applications provide seamless connectivity, personalized services, and convenient control over IoT devices. By incorporating automation, we streamline processes, reduce manual intervention, and create a more efficient and enjoyable customer journey.

Moreover, our IoT solutions enable predictive analytics that help forecast customer needs and optimize resource allocation. 

Do you enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance via an IoT platform in industrial settings?

Yes. By integrating IoT devices, sensors, and connectivity solutions, we create a connected ecosystem that enables continuous monitoring of equipment, machinery, and their critical parameters.

Companies benefit a lot from the Internet of Things. IoT solutions give businesses access to data from their industrial assets in real time, providing insights into the performance, health, and operational status of equipment. With advanced analytics and ML algorithms, we can detect patterns, anomalies, and potential issues before they result in costly breakdowns or downtime.

By analyzing historical data, performance trends, and sensor readings, we can accurately predict when maintenance is necessary. This helps in scheduling maintenance activities during planned downtime, optimizing maintenance and IoT resources, and avoiding unexpected equipment failures.

How does your company assist in integrating a retail IoT platform and educating employees?

When it comes to integrating retail IoT solutions, our teams collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and objectives. We assess existing infrastructure, identify the most suitable physical devices and sensors, and develop customized applications that seamlessly adjust to their retail operations. Our expertise in IoT application development ensures that the solutions we deliver are tailored to meet the unique needs of each retail business.

In addition to technical integration, we recognize the importance of educating employees about the functionalities of retail IoT solutions. Our IoT solutions and services include training programs and workshops that educate staff on connected devices and how to manage devices and software. This helps to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency.

Our dedicated support team is available to address any technical issues, provide troubleshooting assistance, and offer guidance.

How do you address the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with IoT security?

Our security measures for addressing risks and vulnerabilities include: 

Prioritizing secure and trusted hardware components and software frameworks to ensure that devices and sensors we integrate into the system have built-in security features and follow industry best practices for secure communication protocols.

Implementing robust authentication and access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to IoT devices and sensitive data. 

Utilizing continuous monitoring and threat detection systems to identify and quickly respond to potential security breaches. 

Сonducting regular security assessments and penetration testing and staying up to date with the latest security standards, industry regulations, and best practices to adapt our security measures in a timely manner.

Training our clients on IoT security practices, such as the importance of strong passwords, regular updates, and the need to be cautious about potential social engineering attacks.

Does your company develop IoT solutions according to industry-specific certifications and compliance requirements?

Our IoT solutions development process incorporates approaches to meet requirements of the GDPR, CDPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other regulations, laws, and standards. We follow industry best practices for data encryption, access control, secure communication protocols, and data privacy to ensure that our IoT industry solutions align with compliance requirements.

Additionally, we conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to verify that our Internet of Things solutions meet desired standards. This includes conducting internal audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing to identify and address potential vulnerabilities or security gaps.

By developing IoT solutions in line with industry-specific certifications and compliance requirements, we provide our clients with the assurance that their IoT deployments are not only innovative and efficient but also comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

How do you handle the lifecycle management of IoT solutions, including software updates and device management?

As an IoT solution company, Yalantis takes a comprehensive approach to the lifecycle management of IoT solutions, ensuring that they remain up-to-date, secure, and optimized throughout their operational lifespan. We consider:

Software updates and version control. We closely monitor the latest advancements in IoT technologies, security requirements, and feature enhancements. 

Device management. We use device management platforms and tools that enable centralized monitoring, configuration, and control of IoT devices. This includes remote device diagnostics, firmware management, and device provisioning. 

Emphasis on security. We implement security protocols to authenticate and authorize devices, encrypt data during transmission, and protect against potential threats. Regular security assessments, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing are conducted to identify and address any security weaknesses.

Ongoing support and maintenance. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any technical issues, provide troubleshooting assistance, and offer guidance on system optimization to ensure smooth operations and minimal downtime.

How do you address the energy efficiency and power management requirements of IoT devices and networks?

Yalantis follows several strategies to optimize energy consumption and enhance overall efficiency:

Prioritizing the use of low-power components and devices. We carefully select energy-efficient sensors, microcontrollers, and communication modules to minimize power consumption without compromising functionality. 

Using advanced power management techniques to optimize energy use. These techniques include implementing sleep modes, power scheduling, and dynamic power scaling to ensure that devices consume power only when necessary. 

Employing data-driven analytics to monitor and optimize power consumption. By collecting and analyzing real-time data from IoT devices and networks, we gain actionable insights into energy use patterns and identify areas of inefficiency. 

Exploiting cloud computing and data analytics. With cloud computing and data analysis, we centralize data processing and storage, minimizing the energy consumption of individual devices. 

Evaluating and optimizing IoT deployments. To ensure ongoing energy efficiency, we conduct energy audits, assess device performance, and identify opportunities for further optimization. 


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