Staff retention

    Our clients and our company benefit when our specialists prosper. That’s why we maintain an atmosphere of inclusiveness, diversity, and support while providing opportunities for professional development and nurturing talent.

    Our Staff retention techniques

    Personalized HR management to ensure a friendly, disciplined, and productive environment
    • Personal performance monitoring
    • Gamification
    • eNPS methodology
    • Career advising
    • Loyalty programs
    • Burnout prevention
    • Soft and hard skill matrix
    • Total rewards
    • Mentorship programs
    • Proactivity encouragement
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    These are just some of our techniques for building strong bonds with the Yalantis specialists. With effective retention programs, we provide motivated and long-term experts for your projects.

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    We follow these core values

    Yalantis is a perfect combination of empathy, great technology, an innovative business culture, and smart people.

    Partner relationships

    • We base our business on long-term partnerships with our team members

    Constant development

    • Our specialists continuously develop, regularly mastering new skills and gaining new knowledge

    Soft skills

    • Yalantis experts possess skills for successful communication, self-organization, critical thinking, and creativity

    Inquiring minds

    • Our team members share similar mindsets, leading to maximum collaboration comfort and efficiency

    We provide opportunities for professional growth

    The constant improvement of our team members fast tracks project performance. We ensure opportunities and the necessary resources for professional growth.

    Individual development plans

    • Development maps to realize each specialist’s potential

    • Milestones for improving technical and soft skills

    Performance reviews

    • Detailed feedback on specialists’ skills and professional development every six months

    • Updated individual development plans and goals

    Constant mentorship

    • Support from more experienced colleagues for continuous skill improvement

    • Regular knowledge sharing sessions for mastering new skills and roles

    Training courses

    • Y-niversity courses, professional conferences, and meetups

    • Opportunities for the Yalantis specialists to speak and contribute to the IT community

    Case studies

    Building a long-term partnership for your benefit

    With 12+ years of experience staffing teams and retaining development experts, we build long-term relationships to ensure our clients’ continuous business growth.

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