Team augmentation services for an IoT solution provider

See the results of seven years of outstaffing services for an IoT device manufacturing company.

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    March 2017 – present

About the client

IoT Systems is a US-based vendor of IoT hardware and software for large manufacturers. 

Business context

Our collaboration with IoT Systems started in 2017, when we staffed a remote team to help the company quickly customize their software and integrate with their new warehouse management system. Throughout our collaboration, we have helped the company:

  • provide cost-efficient and flexible staffing solutions to reduce time to market
  • implemented staff retention programs for long-term collaboration and motivation of project team members
  • ensure efficient remote collaboration by retaining IoT Systems’ corporate values, culture, and productivity 

Cooperation overview

  • Covering the client’s ramp-up needs cost-effectively

    The IoT Systems team at Yalantis currently has over 20 experts and keeps growing. To help our client reduce the time to market and quickly onboard new customers, we:

    • ensured fast and relevant staffing. We’ve adopted our client’s internal criteria to look for engineers with IoT experience and conduct the first set of interviews. After our internal interviews, IoT Systems conducts a one-hour coding session to ensure a candidate’s code quality, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. Then we onboard successful candidates to the client’s development processes and corporate values.
    • provided required experts gradually. Each time IoT Systems required more capacity, we added new experts with the hard and soft skills needed to adjust the platform according to the requirements of new end customers. 
    • optimized the onboarding process. We created a project knowledge base and constantly refined it. This allowed us to shorten the onboarding process from a month to three to five working days while increasing development efficiency.


  • Retaining team members

    To reduce staff turnover, we relied on our retention policy that includes:

    • regular monitoring of staff satisfaction
    • performance reviews and knowledge evaluation
    • one-on-one meetings with the HR manager
    • mentorship and training programs
    • individual development plans
    • custom retention plans for key players
  • Assigning a certified Agile project manager

    To make sure that our team understands the client’s goals and is fully integrated into their development processes, we assigned a PMI- and Scrum-certified project manager who:

    • communicates with the client and delivers their business goals to the Yalantis team, ensuring the team’s engagement on the project and the required development velocity 
    • facilitates online and offline communication for standup meetings, retrospectives, invoice forecasts, teambuilding activities, and more 
    • holds regular management syncing sessions to align the plans of the Yalantis team with those of the client’s team
    • ensures ongoing improvement of collaboration by collecting and processing the client’s feedback, conducting regular process audits, tracking progress on a daily basis, and more
  • Establishing efficient communication processes

    To minimize the influence of time zone differences, we:

    • adjusted our work hours to increase the overlap in hours between our team and the client’s team
    • set up Slack and other shared communication spaces
    • used various offline communication tools like video recordings and structured sprint meeting reports
  • Adopting and contributing to processes of the client’s core team

    The Yalantis team integrated into the client’s in-house team by:

    • following the corporate culture of the IoT Systems team. This allowed our software engineers to participate alongside all other team members in planning, development, code reviews, and releases and work towards the same quarterly and yearly goals as the client’s organization. Also, by working in such a way, we got to implement parallel tasks to increase development velocity.
    • Engaging in the client’s brainstorming sessions and teambuilding activities. The Yalantis team participates in our client’s regular brainstorming sessions to search for development process optimization opportunities and better technical solutions for product functionality. To bring more of the client’s culture to the Yalantis team, our engineers attend live online teambuidling activities.

Value delivered

We’ve been working with IoT systems for more than seven years. So far, we have:

  • involved more than 20 Yalantis experts into development

  • reduced staff turnover from 25% to 15% within 6 months

  • achieved high development quality and velocity

  • enabled full team synchronization and combined development efforts

  • set up continuous improvement and a constant feedback loop


Yalantis has a unique approach to working with your in-house teams while sharing common goals, following your corporate culture, and striving for your success

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