Patient portal integrated with internal and external systems

Learn how we developed an MVP patient portal for iOS, Android, and the web to help Duo Health increase patient loyalty and satisfaction and expand their services to seven US states.

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    October 2022 – present

About the client

Duo Health is a US-based medical group that provides support for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). The company collaborates with nephrologists and caregivers to provide patients with high-quality care available at any time.

Business context

Duo Health needed to develop a multi-platform software solution to ensure patients with kidney disease have digital access to their care team and medical records. Our previous client referred Duo Health to Yalantis as a reliable software partner, and Duo Health engaged us to build their software solution. They decided to work on a minimum viable product (MVP) first to validate the solution and evaluate engagement. The core goals for this project were the following:

  • Define detailed requirements for the MVP, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders and the company’s specific workflow 
  • Build a product ecosystem that consists of mobile and web applications
  • Develop a stable architecture to integrate with the client’s existing solutions and efficiently process user data
  • Implement a tiered access system with role and rights management

Solution overview

  • In-depth business analysis and discovery phase

    During the initial discovery phase and requirements definition, the Yalantis business analyst prepared an array of project artifacts such as detailed patient and provider workflows, a feature map, and a context diagram. So far, the project has undergone three discovery phases to better understand the client’s needs after each major release. We’re also providing ongoing business analysis support as the project progresses.

  • Multi-platform software development

    To meet the client’s requirements and deliver products on time and on budget, we:

    • formed two parallel development teams for the front end and back end of the applications and aligned project management practices for two teams
    • offered several cost-efficient integration and development solutions, such as integration with the native Azure service instead of Twilio
    • ensured ATQC and QA services for automated and regular testing of software products
    • developed an architecture design that can handle multiple integrations and ensure stable work of mobile and web solutions
    • set up a Microsoft Azure environment to host applications for easier integration with Duo Health’s existing Azure-based systems
    • started building the patient portal around the client’s existing admin panel
  • Key functionality for patients and Duo Health medical care group

    Taking into consideration the client’s requirements and business goals, and with the client’s active engagement in the development process, we developed patient-facing mobile and web applications in a HIPAA-secure environment with critical functionality that allows patients to:

    • track their health status and get recommended next actions
    • request appointments with Duo providers 
    • track and update their health improvement goals
    • receive appointment reminders
    • update their contact information
    • communicate via text with their Duo Health care team


    To allow the Duo medical group to interact with patients, we integrated the patient portal with the client’s existing EHR system, enabling a seamless experience so the Duo Health care team can:

    • write HIPAA-secure text messages to patients directly from the EMR
    • update patient information and create appointments
    • help patients with app navigation
    • check a patient’s health status and clinical progress
    • store all messages in the EMR as part of a patient’s medical record
  • Integration with internal Duo Health software and multiple third-party services

    Before beginning work on integrations, we performed thorough technical research to define parameters for successful integration.

    Among the most important integrations were the following:

    • Canvas (EHR system): Ensures clinical information is captured correctly and billed appropriately 
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Integrates with the cloud phone system and supports a broad patient engagement approach
    • Google Address Validator: Validates patients’ addresses and ensures consistent, standardized formatting
    • Verato: Provides a Universal Master Patient Index (UMPI) to ensure patient records are unique and de-duplicated
    • Redox: Aggregates patient information from Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  • App accessibility and streamlined UI/UX

    Our designer investigated the target audience’s needs to help build a suitable patient portal. Since the majority of Duo Health’s patients are elderly, the client asked Yalantis to focus on visible buttons and headlines, large fonts, and high contrast for readability. We ensured the interface is simple while still complying with brand standards.

    We also used the same basic design and approach to serve patients with iOS, Android, or web-based portals. With the help of responsive design, we ensured the mobile website was also highly usable. This approach provides patients with the widest possible access to the platform.

Value delivered

Work on the project continues with the full support of solutions on the Yalantis side and a formed backlog for the next half year to further advance the system. So far, we have achieved the following results: 

  • Successfully released an MVP version of the product ecosystem with subsequent improvement releases

  • Increased patient satisfaction and loyalty thanks to the customer portal

  • Implemented stable integrations with key third-party services for efficient verification and synchronization of patient data

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