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Data science solutions

Collect data from all possible sources, extract knowledge from the data collected, and turn that knowledge into actual value for your business.

How we deal with data science

Multiple data pipelines


  • Selecting

  • Sourcing

  • Synthesizing

Data science

Data engineering

  • Exploring

  • Clearing

  • Normalizing

  • Feature engineering

  • Scaling

Data modeling

  • Selecting a model

  • Training

  • Evaluating

  • Tuning


Operation optimization

  • Registering

  • Deploying

  • Monitoring

  • Retraining

Handling constraints

  • Legal
  • Ethical / Transparency
  • Historical (bias)
  • Security
  • Challenges data science can help you solve

    • Fraud and anomaly detection

    • Demand forecasting and other prediction systems

    • NLP-based content analysis and generation

    • Risk management and credit scoring

    • Distributed asset management

    ML and AI solutions
    • Intelligent document processing

    • Bot-driven front-office support

    • Automated reporting

    • Automatic security logging and verification

    • Web scraping solutions

    Robotic process automation
    • IoT monitoring

    • UX improvement and service personalization

    • Decision-making support and advanced analytics

    • Data structuring and visualization

    • Expert recommendation systems

    Big data, BI, and analytics

    Team roles in data science

    Deliverables you get from Yalantis

    • Preparation for integrating ML&AI

      solutions into your business

    • ML&AI implementation roadmap

      based on your business needs

    • Idea and hypothesis validation

      using your existing data and models

    • Employee onboarding

      and full ML and AI knowledge transfer

    • Well-structured data

      in a data lake, data warehouse, or data mart

    • 24/7 support

      for your data architecture and software

    What you can do with the deliverables

    • Convert data into monetary value for banking, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, agriculture, logistics, real estate, and other industries

    • Tackle big multi-dimensional business problems with the implementation of ML and AI systems

    • Develop scalable solutions that can be seamlessly ported to any industry and business model

    Data science center of excellence at your command

    Use our dedicated team of specialists and well-tuned development and collaboration processes to improve business efficiency, generate new value, and obtain a competitive advantage.

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