Big data and analytics

    Gain full control over your data and turn it into actionable insights for improved business performance and growth.

    • Structure your data effectively to harness predictive analytics for your business

    • Create data warehouses and data lakes for enhanced ETL operations

    • Visualize data with reports and dashboards for data-driven decisions

    • Get a 360-degree view of your business operations with real-time reports

    • Optimize your data management costs with a fine-tuned data architecture

    • Analyze root causes and assess risks to eliminate roadblocks to business growth

    Big data and data analytics services

    Data science

    • Data integration

    • Data analysis

    • Data migration and maintenance

    • IoT data management

    • Data engineering

    • Time series analysis and forecasting

    Big data

    • Data architecture and design

    • Data processing

    • Metadata management

    • Data visualization

    • Data lake and warehouse solutions

    • Dimensional modeling

    Business intelligence

    • Custom BI development

    • Ready-made BI integrations

    • Omnichannel BI solutions

    • BI strategy

    • Ad-hoc analysis

    • Self-service reporting

    • Real-time analytics streams

    Our approach to data analytics

    • Extract datafrom all sources
    • Cleanobtained data
    • Ingest andenrich data
    • Processingested data
    • Visualizestructured data

    Big data and analytics technologies we use

    • Scala
    • Java
    • Cassandra
    • Apache Spark
      Apache Spark
    • Hadoop
    • Power BI
      Power BI
    • Python
    • Microsoft Azure
      Microsoft Azure
    • Postgre SQL
    • Kafka
    • ElasticSearch
    • Tableau
    • Amazon Athena

      Amazon S3 Glacier

      AWS Lake Formation

    • Amazon Redshift

      Amazon Aurora

      AWS Backup

    • AWS Glue

      Amazon EMR

      Amazon SageMaker

    • Amazon S3

      Amazon QuickSight

      Amazon RDS

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    What you can do thanks to big data and analytics

    Clear product vision and strategy

    • With business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions, you can obtain a data management strategy and measurable goals to enhance your planning and get a clear vision for the future.

    SLA assurance and performance

    • Using our big data consulting services, you can eliminate bottlenecks in customer service and ensure the quality, performance, availability, and fault tolerance of your software.

    Cost-efficiency and optimization

    • Implementing a proper data architecture, you get to spend less on data management operations to ensure data mobility and scalability.

    Security and compliance

    • Having properly built your data platform, you can optimize your product according to your industry’s security requirements, such as those imposed by HIPAA and the GDPR.

    Data-driven decision-making

    • With BI and data analytics insights, you can adjust your software to streamline your KPIs and efficiently achieve your business objectives.

    Some of our works for clients

    123 Sourcing

    Supply chainWebUSA

    A load planning system for analyzing and identifying production plan feasibility that:

    • Processes inventory data and calculates availability of materials
    • Automates planning of the number of containers for shipment
    • Updates production plans based on new delivery plans
    • Updates calculations based on changing parameters
    See full case study

    Transportation management system

    Supply chainWebUSASaaS

    A cloud-based SaaS system for transportation management that features:

    • Automatic aggregation of data about company assets and fleets
    • A time reduction algorithm to plan routes for multiple vehicles
    • Dashboards on logistics processes within the system
    • Exception alerting, management, and logging
    See full case study
    Transportation management system



    A solution with advanced wealth management functionality, including:

    • Automated aggregation of financial data from multiple sources
    • Real-time financial reports and dashboards
    • Monitoring of investment activities
    • Automatic billing
    See full case study

    Gain full control over your data

    Our data experts will help you develop the proper data architecture with improved ETL operations and unlock the power of predictive analytics.

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