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Enterprise communication solutions

Allow secure interactions with your customers and employees, streamline communication troubleshooting, align employees’ efforts, monitor remote work, and help employees engage in the company’s success.

  • Follow any communication paradigm with one-on-one and group chats, audio and video calls, announcements, bulk emailing, and read-only channels.

  • Ensure high security standards and compliance with end-to-end encryption, user administration, and role and permission management.

  • Obtain insights on your audiences and areas of business optimization with deep analysis of group behavior, user filtering queries, and report management.

  • Build a universal communication platform that handles text, media, instant video and audio messages, video streaming, and financial transactions.

Custom communication solutions to optimize

Healthcare operations

  • Based on our vast experience developing medical software for various business operations, we build telemedicine, EHR, PMR, diagnostic, procedural management, and monitoring systems. These software systems comply with HIPAA and other laws and regulations and correspond to the strictest medical industry security standards.

Supply chain processes

  • Yalantis creates platforms for connecting vendors, warehouses, carriers, distribution centers, transportation hubs, and other units within logistics infrastructure. By mapping out the whole transportation network, we deliver solutions for successful collaboration and for exchanging information at all levels of a logistics system.

FinTech operations

  • Our professionals design and develop sophisticated ERP, banking, and individual wealth management systems. Enriched with custom engines, these systems provide secure communication channels and next-gen customer portals for enhanced customer engagement, streamlined customer support, and improved troubleshooting.

Real estate activities

  • With our experience working with Zillow, America’s leading real estate company, we understand the value of communication in the real estate market. We enhance our clients’ software with a wide range of features, from secure one-on-one and group chats for brokers and tenants to file sharing and virtual home tours, reviews, and ratings.

Different domain? Let us know your business needs and specifics and see what we can do for you.

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We can augment your software with

  • Admin and role


  • Notifications and


  • Scheduled


  • Video


  • Text


  • Emojis and


  • Voice notes

  • Search

  • File sharing

  • Data retention

  • Testimonials

  • Chatbots

  • Benefits of custom communication software

    Technical excellence

    • Given our extensive experience creating solutions for various industries, you can be sure you’ll obtain a robust cloud-based or on-premises solution to satisfy your needs.

    Full ownership and control

    • Within the highly secure communication solutions we create, you get access to all data and analytics at any time and have total control of communications.

    Security and data protection

    • To ensure no data leaks or interceptions, we use peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption. The solutions we deliver comply with laws, regulations, and industry standards.

    Scalability and resilience

    • Yalantis takes advantage of the scalability of cloud technologies and modular architectures to handle high loads and many users whenever necessary.

    New functions and integrations

    • We can augment a platform with any functionality required. This can include AI and ML algorithms for data integrity and deep personalization of services and communications.

    Omnichannel communication

    • With our communication solutions, you get a single system for managing workflows, selling products, providing services, and reaching out to customers via multiple channels.

    solutions by Yalantis



    We created an online communication channel for a global network of companies providing audit, tax, and advisory services. The app allows users to:

    • Request a call back from a particular support expert

    • Send text and audio messages and attach media files

    • See an exhaustive list of the services KPMG offers

    • Use Siri within the app

    See full case study



    Yalantis professionals built a multi-platform medical SaaS solution for automating and optimizing healthcare processes that:

    • Enables telemedicine with scheduling and payments

    • Allows for real-time communication between patients and caregivers

    • Supplies patient monitoring and medical device integration

    • Ensures high-level security standards and HIPAA compliance

    See full case study

    Logistics customer portal

    Supply chainWebUSASAAS

    We developed a unified customer portal with modules for order management and tracking, communication, and document management that:

    • Improved functionality and helped attract 17 new customers

    • Enhanced service quality and increased customer lifetime value by 23%

    • Optimized routine tasks and sped up order processing by 46%

    • Decreased time spent on problem solving by 18%

    See full case study

    Need a communication module or a full-fledged platform?

    We will augment your software with tools for efficient communication and collaboration in accordance with industry requirements and market demands. We also have experience building communication platforms as separate products.

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