Chatbot development company

  • Acquire a scalable and multifunctional AI chatbot solution capable of optimizing manual tasks across departments within your organization

  • Integrate a ready-to-use chatbot solution into your operational routines and provide comprehensive analytics on the performance of your units

  • Develop a customizable chatbot with precise context and intent recognition, observed through a thoroughly designed conversational flow

  • Prepare your virtual assistant for future enhancements by implementing disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, and NLP to improve request execution

Value we have delivered to our clients with our chat bot development services

  • Up to 60%

    Reduction in MVP development time

  • Up to 50%

    Reduction in live communication efforts

  • 10X

    Faster response time

  • 24/7

    Customer support availability

AI chatbot development services Yalantis provides

After working on multiple projects involving implementation of artificial intelligence and development of messaging functionality, we have honed our expertise in delivering AI-powered virtual assistants.

  • Defining goals for chatbots

    • Strategic consulting

    • Definition of specific goals and KPIs for chatbots

    • User needs analysis

    • Goal identification

    • Conversation flow design

    • Intent recognition

    • Context awareness

    • Iterative goal refinement (based on feedback)

  • Custom chatbot development

    • Consultation and analysis

    • Chatbot architecture design

    • User experience (UX) design

    • Scalability planning

    • Security and compliance

    • Platform selection

    • Integration with internal information systems

    • Multichannel deployment (web, mobile, social media, messaging apps)

    • Customization and personalization

    • Multilanguage support

    • Testing and quality assurance (QA)

    • Performance monitoring and optimization

    • Maintenance and support

    • Documentation

    • Analytics and reporting

    • User training and onboarding

  • Chatbot solution integration

    • Integration strategy design

    • Chatbot API development

    • A/B testing for flows and conversations

    • Integration with analytics tools

    • Cross-platform compatibility

    • Integration with knowledge bases

    • NLP model integration

  • Conversation flow design

    • Requirements analysis

    • Use case definition

    • Persona development

    • Intent and entity recognition

    • Context management

    • User testing and iteration

    • Customization and personalization

  • Chatbot MVP development

    • Requirements analysis

    • Minimum feature set definition

    • User testing and feedback

    • Iterative development

    • MVP analytics

    • Deployment and hosting

    • Single-channel integration

    • Documentation

  • Advanced capabilities development

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms

    • Machine learning (ML) algorithms

    • Natural language processing (NLP)

    • Voice recognition and synthesis

    • Cognitive computing

    • Integration with IoT devices

    • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)


Yalantis will provide you with a ready-to-use AI-powered chatbot to reduce implementation costs, substantially accelerate your time to market, and adjust to your unique business needs.

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Yalantis has relevant expertise and the necessary tools to deliver an AI chatbot solution capable of optimizing your business and operational processes with minimum resources.

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What’s your approach to implementing AI chatbots as a chatbots development company?

At Yalantis, we follow a specific approach during chatbot development, adjusted to your unique business needs. To reduce unnecessary costs, our chatbot development strategy includes implementing the Yalantis AI virtual assistant. 


The Yalantis AI virtual assistant is an easily customizable and low-maintenance platform that the Yalantis team can quickly implement and configure to cover your real needs, guaranteeing flexibility and scalability so your business can effortlessly scale operations. If necessary, the development team can extend functionality of the Yalantis AI virtual assistant to meet your unique business needs and processes.

Do you have to develop a virtual assistant from scratch with each new project?

No, our chatbot development strategy doesn’t require us to build every AI chatbot from scratch. The Yalantis AI virtual assistant allows us to provide advanced AI chatbot services without needing to develop all functionality from scratch for each new project. This domain-agnostic platform doesn’t depend on industry-specific standards. Moreover, we can easily adjust it to the specific requirements of your business and security requirements in your domain in terms of our AI chatbot services.

What technologies do you use when providing chat bot development services?

At the heart of both the Yalantis AI virtual assistant and custom chatbot development services requested by our clients are AI algorithms that enable quick and accurate searches of knowledge bases used within your organization. 


Moreover, to ensure technology-independent operation of the Yalantis AI virtual assistant, we built it as a cloud-agnostic product that can be deployed privately on your own hosting provider.  Hosting providers you can choose from include AWS, Azure, GCP, and others based on your business preferences and the operation of your internal information systems.

How do you ensure well-rounded security and data privacy when gaining access to knowledge bases?

Exploiting reliable information security frameworks is instrumental in developing or integrating AI-powered chatbots for companies, ranging from small to enterprise-level. Considering the amount of valuable and confidential information stored in enterprise knowledge bases and databases, rigorous data access and protection measures are necessary. 


That’s why Yalantis places special attention on preventing data from leaving internal infrastructure. We never integrate with third-party providers that may compromise internal security limitations. We also implement mandatory role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms, use access logs and data encryption measures, and follow industry requirements for secure development.

What does Yalantis consider essential in AI chatbot development services?

At Yalantis, we prioritize purpose-driven delivery in the design, development, and implementation of both custom and ready-made AI chatbot solutions when it comes to AI chatbot development services. As an AI chatbot development company, we focus on crafting intelligent and efficient virtual assistants that not only maximize the operational efficiency of our clients’ businesses but also enhance productivity while minimizing resource consumption. This includes:

  • exploiting the Yalantis AI-powered virtual assistant as a foundation for chatbots
  • putting extreme emphasis on implementing proper security measures
  • focusing on real business value and needs during chatbot development
  • building multi-purpose solutions for improving overall business efficiency
  • applying our development strategy based on cost-efficiency
  • delivering technologically advanced solutions

Yalantis AI-powered virtual assistant: A customizable accelerator inspired by ChatGPT

Yalantis sets itself apart with the Yalantis AI virtual assistant, an accelerator for quickly implementing chat-based functionality into internal information and management systems. Given the increasing trend in implementing virtual assistants across diverse domains and the need for a timely market presence, Yalantis has developed an accelerator with the following key features:

  • Necessary basic functionality
  • Technological flexibility for implementing new functionality
  • Scalability and the ability to maintain stable performance even under excessive loads

Inspired by ChatGPT, the Yalantis AI virtual assistant forms the foundation for intelligent conversations. It enables our development teams to build chatbot solutions that not only grasp context but also adjust dynamically to user interactions in terms within our AI chatbot development services.

By leveraging this accelerator, our chatbot developers can implement and configure required functionality at least two times faster than delivering a solution from scratch.

Among the benefits of the Yalantis AI-powered virtual assistant are:

  • Context-aware conversations. The accelerator works at a level similar to ChatGPT, allowing AI chatbots to participate in context-aware conversations. This ensures that our AI chatbots understand user inputs comprehensively, guaranteeing responses that are not only accurate but align with the ongoing dialogue.
  • Seamless user experience. Similar to ChatGPT, our accelerator is dedicated to delivering a smooth user experience. We emphasize natural language processing (NLP), making it easy for users to effortlessly communicate with our chatbot solutions. This dedication to user-centric design ensures that interactions with our chatbots feel intuitive and genuinely conversational.
  • Learning and adaptation. Like ChatGPT with its dynamic learning capabilities, the Yalantis accelerator enables implemented chatbot capabilities to continually evolve and adapt. Using AI algorithms, the Yalantis AI assistant learns from each interaction with Yalantis’ Integrated Management System, refining its understanding of user needs and preferences over time. This iterative learning process ensures that AI chatbots we deliver become smarter and more efficient with every conversation.
  • Flexibility and customization. The Yalantis AI virtual assistant is designed to be adaptable, allowing us to customize it for different industries and business goals. Whether it’s applied to customer support, HR process optimization, or providing data-driven insights, our AI chatbot is built to deliver specific results.
  • Reliable security as part of Yalantis AI chatbot services. The Yalantis AI-powered virtual assistant is trained in an isolated environment to safeguard databases from external cybersecurity threats. The solution is also built following AWS-based security recommendations, ensuring implementation of industry standards and reliable protection of your knowledge base.

In essence, the Yalantis AI chatbot accelerator is not just a tool; it showcases our dedication to expanding the capabilities of AI chatbots.

First things first: Security as a critical component of the Yalantis AI-powered virtual assistant

Cybersecurity threats to companies’ data assets are more intimidating than ever, and even enterprise-level security measures aren’t always able to maintain reliable security. When adopting AI-powered chatbots and providing them access to confidential information about a company’s processes and employees (especially HR chatbots), companies face certain risks.

To lower the risk level, Yalantis employs a comprehensive cybersecurity framework designed to protect data from breaches and unauthorized access. Specifically, the Yalantis team has built the Yalantis AI virtual assistant following these practices that have become our gold standard:

  • Ensuring confidentiality. Our approach involves deploying a virtual assistant only on the company’s internal infrastructure. To avoid unnecessary integrations and data exchange between various cloud providers, we designed our assistant to be deployed on our clients’ preferred hosting services. This way, data never leaves a client’s internal ecosystem, eliminating the risk of data capture.
  • Limiting access to data and implementing access logs. RBAC implementation has long been a compulsory security measure for Yalantis projects. Granting access only to authorized users protects data from exposure to the general public and potential compromise of a company’s operations. Additionally, at a client’s request, we implement access logs to monitor all operations related to accessing private information.
  • Applying data encryption. Encrypting data to secure all requests to knowledge bases ensures that end users’ questions are encrypted to prevent interception during transit.
  • Following industry standards. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are leaders in information technology and security affairs. Their recommendations and toolsets have proven efficient for building secure and reliable solutions that are well-protected from external access and data breaches. Yalantis adheres to the security standards they have established and consistently updates our internal practices.

Focus on real business value and needs

As an AI chatbot development company, we recognize that the true value of chatbots lies not just in their conversational skills but in their ability to meet specific business objectives. When our chatbot developers embark on the journey of implementing AI chatbots into our clients’ operational flows, our primary focus is on delivering functionality that goes beyond mere conversation and that aligns precisely with the goals set by the business. Our aims when providing AI chatbot development services include:

  • Strategic alignment. Before chatbot development even begins, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their unique business objectives. This collaborative approach allows us to align our AI chatbot development strategy with specific needs and challenges faced by the business. Whether it’s enhancing customer engagement, optimizing internal processes, or driving sales, we ensure that our chatbots are tailored to meet strategic goals.
  • Clear and measurable objectives. Our commitment to purposeful integration means that we work with our clients to define clear and measurable objectives for chatbot functionality when providing AI chatbot development services. Objectives could range from reducing customer support response times to streamlining data retrieval from internal databases. By setting specific goals, our chatbot developers ensure that implemented AI chatbots serve as a targeted solution rather than a generic conversational interface.
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement. Once the AI chatbot is integrated into the business’s operational workflow, that’s not the end of our AI chatbot development services. We believe in continuous evaluation and improvement. We meticulously monitor the performance of AI chatbot against predefined objectives, gather user feedback, and leverage analytics to make data-driven enhancements. This iterative approach ensures that a chatbot not only meets but exceeds expectations over time.
  • Adaptability to evolving needs. Business environments are dynamic, and so are the needs of our clients. Our AI chatbots are designed with adaptability in mind. As business objectives evolve, we can easily modify and extend the functionality of the AI chatbot to ensure it remains a valuable asset, capable of addressing new challenges and opportunities.

Multi-purpose solutions for improving overall business efficiency

As an AI chatbot development company, Yalantis targets optimizing processes across diverse industries, introducing transformative solutions that make a tangible impact on operational processes and customer satisfaction. Our expertise extends to improving:

  • Information-based requests. Our chatbots can optimize customer support and increase customer satisfaction by accelerating responses to information-based queries through seamless interaction with internal databases.
  • HR processes. The solutions we deliver simplify employee onboarding and enhance HR processes, reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency.
  • International team communication. With chatbots supporting real-time translation, they help to break down language barriers and foster real-time communication between international teams, promoting collaboration and understanding.
  • Research support. Chatbots are able to empower research initiatives by streamlining data collection and analysis and providing invaluable support to research teams and individuals.
  • Operational processes. AI virtual assistants can optimize processes including client support, interdepartmental communication, regular reporting, and more.
  • Sales and engagement management team support. AI virtual assistants can assist with initial client validation and help customers when sales specialists aren’t available.

Yalantis development strategy based on cost-efficiency, simplicity, and adaptability to changing market conditions

As an AI chatbot development company, we understand that using chatbots is a practical solution to various challenges, such as:

  • Implementing simple, cost-efficient, yet effective solutions. Yalantis’ chatbots simplify tasks by automating routines, providing a cost-efficient option compared to resource-intensive software systems. This approach streamlines operations without requiring substantial investments, making it accessible for businesses seeking effective solutions without excessive resource commitments.
  • Effective customer interaction with analytics. The effectiveness of our custom chatbots extends beyond automated responses. By providing personalized interactions as part of AI chatbot services, Yalantis chatbots not only enhance customer engagement but offer robust analytics capabilities. Users gain access to valuable insights derived from customer interactions, empowering them with data-driven decision-making tools for improved customer service strategies.
  • Faster time to market. Speed is a critical factor in today’s business environment. Yalantis chatbots accelerate the time to market by expediting various processes, fostering quicker decision-making, and facilitating more rapid project execution. This helps businesses stay agile and responsive.
  • Data-driven decision support. Exploiting data for informed decision-making is a cornerstone of Yalantis’ chatbot functionality. By analyzing user interactions, chatbots can provide valuable insights. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make strategic choices based on real-time information, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Seamless business growth. Recognizing the dynamic nature of businesses, Yalantis designs chatbots to scale. As the business grows, our chatbots can seamlessly expand their capabilities, ensuring that technology infrastructure aligns with the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

Harnessing advanced technologies for superior quality

To ensure unparalleled performance, Yalantis employs advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, generative pre-trained transformers (GPT), and large language models (LLMs). Our focus as an AI chatbot development company is on elevating the quality of interactions, responsiveness, and overall intelligence of chatbots. This commitment to technological excellence ensures that our AI chatbot development services not only meet but exceed expectations, providing our clients with state-of-the-art tools for efficient and intelligent communication.