What's Behind Yalantis Philosophy

We have a philosophy. It is built around a set of choices — the strategy, the projects, the team, the services and the products.

1. Do one thing and do it perfectly well

We develop only mobile apps and only iOS and Android. Loud and clear. Narrow focus allows us to build great products and be creative. What is more, mobile is our favorite thing.

We have gained a lot of experience in mobile apps development field and continue deepening our expertise even more, because we care about what we create. Judging from the current trends, mobile is the direction in which the world is moving today, so we are more than lucky to have grabbed this opportunity.

Our narrow focus defined the choice of our partners. AusTechSystems and WebiNerds follow the same philosophy, but for web.

Do one thing and do it perfectly well -- Yalantis philosophy

2. A Players

We carefully select people to our team. We do not have a vertical structure in the company and prefer a word «team» over «staff». While Yalantis leaders have the main vision and set the direction for others to follow, it’s our team members who get the company going.

The best and the brightest, the A players, form a large core of our team. Most of our senior developers are the oldest specialists who came to Yalantis when we just started. They helped to establish the foundation of the company and its basic principles which we evolved. But for these guys nothing would’ve been possible.

In order to keep our A players in the game and ensure they remain A players we try to engage them with the most interesting and challenging projects. The same applies to middle programmers. Junior developers get guidance from senior and middle programmers, which helps them quickly improve their skills. Hiring new advanced specialists is another way to motivate everyone else to improve their expertise and strive for perfection. The great thing about all that is control of quality, which happens naturally.

When hiring new specialists we pay attention to whether they have a similar outlook and can seamlessly fit our team. «Yalantis is a team sport» is the key concept in our choice of people we hire. This is also the way our company is organized.

Yalantis shared office space allows specialists from different departments, such as iOS and Android, design and quality assurance, management and sales, and even administrative board, freely collaborate. We literally created a community inside our team. This way of organizing people is highly important as it lets them come up with great ideas, exchange experiences, get some help, deal with difficulties, share achievements and simply have fun.

Our team members do a great job not only on the projects, but also at hackathons, different meetups, conferences and even football competitions.

Yalantis A players

3. Great projects

We prefer to choose clients passionate about their app development idea. The majority of them are startups. We help them build a great product and clench our fists tightly for that app to succeed. Our goal is to develop the best products the whole world will use. This will make us feel proud of ourselves and our creations.

One example of such projects is Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP). The app was developed for a non-profit organization — one of the most visited memorials in the world that commemorates American and Canadian law enforcement officers. The ODMP website is the most respected law enforcement site on the Internet. Other than honoring fallen heroes, it also provides resources and benefits for affected families and police departments.

ODMP application we helped to develop has received excellent feedbacks and reviews from the users. Its functionality includes an interactive statistic dashboard that visualizes LODD trends, heat maps picturing LODDs by states and line of duty death notifications.

This project is especially important for us, as it became a successful contribution to the North America law enforcement community. What is more, Chris Cosgriff, the founder of the organization, became our long-term partner.

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ODMP app by Yalantis

4. Quality services

We are more than just an app developer. We are a consulting partner. From helping our clients choose an appropriate technical solution to applying the most suitable growth hacking technique once their app is launched, we provide full stack quality services.

Our approach differs us from other development firms. We choose to gain experience in product development and deepen technical expertise for the sake of our products. We are always in the know of the latest design features, animation and technical tools and will make worthwhile suggestions to our clients. Our goal is not only to develop an app our clients asked for, but to make their idea work and succeed on the market.

All our guys love what they do and care personally about the projects they are engaged with. Both client and team involvement is what makes it to success. That’s why we ensure the best level of communication with our clients despite the distance and provide advice and guidance throughout project development process.

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Yalantis provides quality services

5. Perfect delivery

We work hard to perfect our code so that our clients don’t have any trouble with it. We constantly improve our developers’ skills by doing code reviews and testing different methods, such as pair programming, internal workshops, and meetups. We provide beautiful design which will make the product stand out. Our apps are user-friendly, modern and tasteful.

Perfect products do not become perfect out of the blue. Design, development, and thorough testing carried out by experts is what you need to create a diamond. We produce excellent apps, therefore our price is higher than average in Ukraine.

If you ever doubt whether an app development company meets your expectations, the first step is to look at their website, see their works and understand their vision. Companies that care about quality and clients won’t let themselves look mediocre.

We pay huge attention to how we look, what we deliver and who we work with. Our philosophy is to be the winner. We strongly believe that ideology defines our development and lets us reach our goals.


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