Deploy your cloud infrastructure in 1 day with Yalantis DevOps serverless accelerator

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Solution overview

DevOps serverless accelerator is one of Yalantis proprietary solutions for fast cloud architecture deployment and facilitated efficiency of software development. It contains a set of scripts that gives the DevOps control over the cloud services, allowing to scale the environment up and down based on the demand.
The serverless approach works best for scenarios where rapid scaling and cost-efficiency are critical considerations. It allows addressing the infrastructure needs that arise during the development of prototypes, MVPs, or microservice architecture environments.

The accelerator is an industry agnostic solution that combines several AWS services, notably AWS Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, and DynamoDB, further enhanced by the strong typing and error handling capabilities of TypeScript. This combo gives the accelerator a few advantages:

  • ease of integration with traditional cloud architectures
  • ability to handle varying workloads efficiently without manual intervention
  • resilience to failures
  • robust security features and compliance certifications guaranteed by AWS
  • cost optimization, since you’re only paying for the resources you use.

Common software development challenges that can be solved by Yalantis DevOps serverless accelerator

Yalantis DevOps serverless accelerator features the full functionality needed to seamlessly integrate, deploy, and configure your cloud environment. By using it to reduce time needed for architecture setup, companies can also address some challenges related to the software development, such as:

  • Ensuring low latency and high availability of cloud applications to end users
  • Decreasing time to market for applications and prototypes
  • Minimizing time and resources spent on infrastructure management tasks
  • Getting auto-scalable cloud solutions without manual intervention

Looking for a quick way to set up your cloud infrastructure with no human error?

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Benefits of serverless accelerator that assist in effortless cloud architecture setup

  • 01

    A ready-to-use cloud infrastructure in 1 day. Prepare infrastructure in the shortest possible time with Yalantis DevOps accelerator comprehensible setup guide and built-in server solutions.

  • 02

    Minimal post-release DevOps support. Run code and automate essential processes by yourself without the need to provision or manage architecture.

  • 03

    Secure and reliable services. Transfer or restore the whole infrastructure on another AWS account in an hour in the case of an emergency. Yalantis accelerator is based on AWS services that are designed for high-demanding environments, like financial services or media streaming platforms.

  • 04

    No platform limitations. Use Yalantis serverless accelerator for web, desktop, and mobile applications without dealing with limitations of these platforms.

Key features of DevOps serverless accelerator that ensure operational efficiency, security, and cost reduction

Operational efficiency

  • Ready-to-use infrastructure template that simplifies and accelerates the deployment process by abstracting away low-level infrastructure configurations.
  • Configured CI/CD pipeline (GitLab CI/CD) to streamline the deployment workflow on your project, ensuring consistency and reliability across different environments.
  • Optional Route53 records for production environment to provide DNS routing capabilities for improved reliability and accessibility. It also assists in directing traffic efficiently to the production environment while keeping non-production environments isolated.
  • Access logs from API Gateway and CloudFront to facilitate monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of API performance and security.
  • CloudWatch alerts (5XX Errors, long API latency) to enable proactive monitoring and timely intervention to maintain service reliability and performance.
  • Built-in Sentry integration for exception tracking to get visibility into runtime errors and exceptions, facilitating rapid debugging and resolution of issues.
  • Benchmark load testing on Locust to examine the solution’s performance under various scenarios. This validates scalability efforts and ensures that the solution can handle expected workloads efficiently.
  • Optimized traffic routing to Lambda for testing and selecting the best-performing method to route traffic to Lambda functions, ensuring optimal resource utilization and responsiveness.


  • Fine-tuned Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies for CI/CD users. to secure permission control and least privilege principles, which means that individuals are only granted the permissions or privileges essential for their specific role or function. This mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to resources and improves the security of internal processes.
  • High-workload handling for internet-facing services to handle high workloads without failure, ensuring resilience and availability under heavy traffic conditions.

Cost reduction

  • Retention time for AWS Lambda logs for as long as needed, based on compliance and operational needs, which helps to optimize storage costs.
  • Using HTTP API gateway over legacy REST API to reduce API Gateway costs by up to three times while maintaining functionality and performance.

Use cases of DevOps serverless accelerator

  • Building prototypes and MVP applications for the cloud. The accelerator simplifies infrastructure setup and provides quick deployment options, enabling developers to focus on core features and rapidly validate ideas in a cloud environment.

  • Developing applications that deal with real-time data processing. The accelerator offers efficient data storage solutions and error tracking mechanisms, ensuring reliable and low-latency processing of real-time data for applications.By offering streamlined workflows for deploying and managing microservices, Yalantis DevOps serverless accelerator assists in promoting scalability and maintainability while reducing overhead in infrastructure management.

  • Developing applications that deal with real-time data processing. The accelerator offers efficient data storage solutions and error tracking mechanisms, ensuring reliable and low-latency processing of real-time data for applications.

  • Building the backend for web and mobile apps. Yalantis accelerator provides ready-to-use backend modules with REST APIs, facilitating seamless integration with frontend frameworks and libraries, thereby accelerating the development of web and mobile applications.

  • Minimizing human errors during deployment stage. The accelerator reduces the human risks in application development by automating deployment processes, implementing proactive monitoring, and offering error tracking capabilities that enhance the application’s reliability and stability.

  • Managing cloud applications with varying server load. The accelerator assists in efficient cloud application management by leveraging automatic scaling mechanisms and performance monitoring tools, ensuring they can handle fluctuating workloads effectively while minimizing downtime.