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Software product development

Yalantis builds custom technical solutions tailored to our clients’ specific business objectives. Taking into consideration industry standards, the client’s product vision, and non-functional requirements, we provide custom application development services with consistency. To achieve that, our outsourced development team uses a multi-platform product development roll-out framework. Add to that a PMI-based approach for meeting aggressive deadlines, high process and code quality with a custom software development lifecycle model for each project, and legal compliance along with business continuity. That’s how our customers get a well-suited solution that ensures business sustainability and high performance.

Delivery approach

  • Analyze the business opportunity

    Define business goals and objectives for the project roadmap

  • Elicit product requirements

    Collaborate on the client’s vision and non-functional requirements

  • Shape the vision with solution design

    Design a cost-effective custom technical solution in accordance with the product vision and strategy

  • Build the software

    Develop the software application and user experience based on the software design documentation

  • Assure software quality

    Use quality control and management systems to deliver a high-quality product that meets requirements

  • Deploy the software product

    Ensure a stable product launch and successful operations to secure the client’s business from potential losses

  • Maintain and improve the product

    Evolve product functionality based on analytics data and user feedback

Core deliverables

Custom technical solutions tailored to our clients’ specific business objectives and product vision, industry standards, and non-functional requirements

  • Core deliverables

    Custom technical solutions tailored to our clients’ specific business objectives and product vision, industry standards, and non-functional requirements

  • PersonalisationCustom technical solution designed for specific business needs
  • QualityHigh-quality product that fits within your time and budget constraints
  • DeliverySmooth and continuous delivery and support processes
  • Cost-efficiencyСost-efficient ownership and changes to the project
  • ContinuityGuaranteed business continuity and accordance to the highest standards of the industry
  • ScalabilityTechnical and organizational scalability
  • MaintenanceCost-effective model for product maintenance and support
  • SecurityIntellectual property right protections
  • SolutionPartially shippable product to always ensure a working solution

Clients about Yalantis

  • Giorgio ZinettiInnovation Project Manager

    ”We worked with Yalantis on a very demanding project and experienced the team as great technology partner. The process of translating requirements into a product was smooth and quick. Thanks to their support we were able to create a great new experience for banking.”

  • Optima
    Simon JonesChief Product Officer at Optima Curis

    ”What we appreciate Yalantis for, is their thoughtfulness and involvement. The team is always responsive and delivers fast. We think that with Yalantis we got a better product than we would get with another outsourcing company.”

  • Kevin BrownDev Lead at Naked Apartments

    ”We've worker with Yalantis to fill out the QA presence on our development team. They've been exceptional! I'm regularly surprised by the knowledge and experience they bring to their day-to-day work. They go above and beyond to help improve our processes and develop our products using the customer's perspective. Very impressed!”

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