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Full-cycle custom software development

Build and adjust software solutions tailored to your unique business objectives and processes.

Enter new markets and win new audiences with an original product

Cover specific business needs when there are no ready-made solutions

Turn years of experience into software to optimize your industry processes

Increase your investment value and open new revenue streams

Value we bring to your project

Being ISO 9001 certified, we engineer high-quality software according to the client, staff, and regulatory requirements, continuously improving our development performance and increasing operational efficiency

As an ISO 27001-certified company, Yalantis delivers secure systems that comply with business, legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements, constantly enhancing our information security processes

  • Domain experience

    Creating solutions for businesses in the supply chain management, healthcare, and communication

  • Technical excellence

    To foresee and eliminate possible issues and ensure top product quality

  • Regulatory compliance

    To correspond to the highest standards of data security in your industry

  • Constraint management framework

    To elaborate on the custom solutions specifically for your time and budget

  • Process visibility

    Backed up by a constant feedback loop, clear communication plans, and regular reports

  • Non-functional requirements compliance

    For your software performance, reliability, security, and maintainability

Expertise and competencies

Our commitments

  • 1

    Client-centric development and open communication processes

  • 2

    Compliance with the latest data security regulations of your industry

  • 3

    Intellectual property rights protection for your software product

  • 4

    Smooth and continuous delivery and support processes

  • 5

    Established processes for collaborating off-site and on-site

  • 6

    Maximum project predictability and detailed documentation

Case studies of some solutions delivered



A software platform for automated management of IoT networks that offers:

  • Remote managing of tens of thousands IoT devices

  • Automatic reconfiguration of multiple device setups

  • Over-the-air updates for IoT hardware

  • Status monitoring and issue resolution

See full case study



An all-around HIPAA-compliant solution for digitizing healthcare processes that:

  • Enables telemedicine with convenient and quick scheduling and payments

  • Allows for real-time communication between patients and caregivers

  • Supports patient monitoring and medical device integration

  • Ensures security that meets high industry standards

See full case study

Transportation management system

Supply chainWebUSASaaS

A sophisticated cloud-based SaaS transportation management system that:

  • Significantly reduces the route planning time for multiple vehicles

  • Automates business processes, routine operations, and problem-solving

  • Provides visibility for all logistics and delivery processes within the system

  • Smoothly integrates with other modules and systems like billing or WMS

See full case study

Client reviews about the quality of our work

1 / 8
One of the biggest values they bring to the table is the way of thinking critically during the whole development process. They’re not just building software, they’re effectively solving your business problem.

Build a perfect solution according to your business goals

Combine our domain expertise, technical excellence, skilled in-house development teams, and well-established processes with your vision and we’ll create a great software product for your business.

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