software product development

    Create successful mobile software to win new audiences, retain customers, optimize complex processes, and open new revenue streams with a rich mobile experience across all platforms and devices.

    • Create a mobile application from scratch

    • Expand your app to a new mobile platform

    • Port your existing desktop or web app to mobile

    • Build an app for iOS and Android simultaneously

    Our mobile development services

    Native iOS development

    • iPhone apps
    • iPad apps
    • Apple TV apps
    • MacOS apps

    Native Android development

    • Android apps for all screens
    • Android TV apps

    Cross-platform development

    • Hybrid mobile and tablet apps
    • Hybrid TV apps

    Wearable app development

    • Apple Watch apps
    • Wear OS apps

    Mobile app consulting and support

    • Architecture assessment
    • Solution design
    • PoC and MVP development
    • Post-release support and QA

    Our technical stack for mobile development

    Programming languages

    • Android



    • iOS



    • Cross-platform


      React Native

    Platform capabilities

    • Fingerprint reader

      Camera APIs


    • Multiscreen



    • Ads

      In-app billing


      Motion sensors

    This is not an exhaustive list of the capabilities we can supply your app with. Get in touch to learn what else we can do for your high-quality software.

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    Our custom mobile app development approach

    Investigate your business specifics and analyze your competition and market background
    • Business strategy
    • Buyer personas and user roles
    Outline the product functionality based on your vision, our investigation findings, and other stakeholder verifications
    • Storyboarding
    • Stakeholder validation
    Document your main product scenarios, create preliminary UI and UX concepts, and decompose your product screen by screen
    • High-level specification
    • Design concepts
    • Feature breakdown
    Elaborate and present the detailed requirements for the design and development of your custom software product
    • Design roadmap
    • Development roadmap
    • Business proposal
    We focus on these domains
    Real estateapps
    On-demanddelivery apps
    Smart homeapps

    Some of our mobile development works



    Discover how we built an online communication channel that allows users to:

    • Request a call back from a particular support expert

    • Send text and audio messages and attach media files

    • See an exhaustive list of the services KPMG offers

    • Use Siri within the app

    See full case study

    Brilliant Move


    Learn how we created an on-demand delivery product ecosystem that:

    • Offers apps for customers, delivery crews, and delivery managers

    • Provides order visibility and payments

    • Allows for customized order distribution and scheduling

    • Features authorization management

    See full case study

    Connect Home

    MobileIoTSmart Home

    See how our engineers created an app for automated smart home management that allows users to:

    • Control their smart home accessories remotely

    • Monitor their properties with dashboards and notifications

    • Navigate their houses and get updates from each room

    • Manage climate control systems and see temperature change statistics

    See full case study
    Medical PACS

    Create a successful mobile app

    Need to build a custom mobile application from scratch or make your software more effective? We can help.

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