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SaaS development services

Whether you’re creating personalizable subscription-based software from scratch or converting successful software into a cloud-based SaaS application, we can help you build a modular system with core functionality that can be quickly customized and integrated into your clients’ business processes.

  • Create a SaaS product from scratch

  • Convert a successful traditional app into SaaS

  • Enter new markets with a localized SaaS app

  • Enhance an existing SaaS solution

Why build a SaaS/XaaS system with Yalantis?

With 20+ business analysts, 6 software architects, and 400+ engineers, we have the resources and expertise to build a SaaS solution that meets your business goals.

Multi-tenant architecture

  • Tenant isolation for database performance

  • Multi-factor authentication for access control

  • Role and permission management mechanisms

  • Simplified tenant onboarding

  • Tenant usage and subscription analytics

  • Advanced tenant configuration

  • On-demand scaling

  • Cloud-native development

  • Best practices in cloud-agnostic development

  • Proficient use of industry-standard cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.)

  • Cost optimization with cloud providers

  • DevOps and SRE architecture with product quality in mind

  • High security standards

  • Data loss prevention best practices and tools

  • Data and file encryption mechanisms

  • Advanced malware prevention methods and technologies

  • Cloud access security brokers (CASBs)

  • Refined data access security solutions

  • Supercharged performance

  • Detailed and maintainable SLA and non-functional requirements

  • Performance monitoring and customizable metrics

  • Robust failure recovery mechanisms

  • Bottleneck analysis

  • Development solutions in low-level languages (C++, C, Go)

  • Optimized content delivery with CDN solutions

  • Existing SaaS enhancement

  • Application audit and analysis for discovering potential growth areas

  • Plan elaboration for successful conversion to the SaaS model

  • Release management and smooth transition to new SaaS solutions without side effects for clients

  • Advanced SaaS transition management

  • Advanced billing

  • Custom pricing with complex deals and rebuilt invoices

  • Payment automation with triggered actions

  • Anti-fraud mechanisms

  • Integration into existing SaaS payment systems

  • Integration with various accounting vendors

  • Payment data protection, encryption, and storage

  • Flexible subscription plan composition using available features

  • Need SaaS and XaaS experts or teams to help you create a technical solution that meets your unique goals?

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    • How we approach SaaS creation

    • Elicit SaaS product requirements

    • Prioritize features and roadmap releases

    • Create strategy for customization and integrations

    • Elaborate the multi-tenancy architecture

    • Prepare the system for peak loads

    • Develop all SaaS components

    • Create the core platform design

    • Assure high product quality

    • Ensure continuous multi-version delivery

    Create and enhance your SaaS with Yalantis

    We can help you build a secure, high-performing, scalable, and integration-ready SaaS solution.

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