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    SaaS development services

    Whether you’re creating personalizable subscription-based software from scratch or converting successful software into a cloud-based SaaS application, we can help you build a modular system with core functionality that can be quickly customized and integrated into your clients’ business processes.

    • Create a SaaS product from scratch

    • Convert a successful traditional app into SaaS

    • Enter new markets with a localized SaaS app

    • Enhance an existing SaaS solution

    Why build a SaaS/XaaS system with Yalantis?

    With 20+ business analysts, 6 software architects, and 400+ engineers, we have the resources and expertise to build a SaaS solution that meets your business goals.

    Multi-tenant architecture

  1. Tenant isolation for database performance

  2. Multi-factor authentication for access control

  3. Role and permission management mechanisms

  4. Simplified tenant onboarding

  5. Tenant usage and subscription analytics

  6. Advanced tenant configuration

  7. On-demand scaling

  8. Cloud-native development

  9. Best practices in cloud-agnostic development

  10. Proficient use of industry-standard cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.)

  11. Cost optimization with cloud providers

  12. DevOps and SRE architecture with product quality in mind

  13. High security standards

  14. Data loss prevention best practices and tools

  15. Data and file encryption mechanisms

  16. Advanced malware prevention methods and technologies

  17. Cloud access security brokers (CASBs)

  18. Refined data access security solutions

  19. Supercharged performance

  20. Detailed and maintainable SLA and non-functional requirements

  21. Performance monitoring and customizable metrics

  22. Robust failure recovery mechanisms

  23. Bottleneck analysis

  24. Development solutions in low-level languages (C++, C, Go)

  25. Optimized content delivery with CDN solutions

  26. Existing SaaS enhancement

  27. Application audit and analysis for discovering potential growth areas

  28. Plan elaboration for successful conversion to the SaaS model

  29. Release management and smooth transition to new SaaS solutions without side effects for clients

  30. Advanced SaaS transition management

  31. Advanced billing

  32. Custom pricing with complex deals and rebuilt invoices

  33. Payment automation with triggered actions

  34. Anti-fraud mechanisms

  35. Integration into existing SaaS payment systems

  36. Integration with various accounting vendors

  37. Payment data protection, encryption, and storage

  38. Flexible subscription plan composition using available features

  39. Need SaaS and XaaS experts or teams to help you create a technical solution that meets your unique goals?

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    • How we approach SaaS creation

    • Elicit SaaS product requirements

    • Prioritize features and roadmap releases

    • Create strategy for customization and integrations

    • Elaborate the multi-tenancy architecture

    • Prepare the system for peak loads

    • Develop all SaaS components

    • Create the core platform design

    • Assure high product quality

    • Ensure continuous multi-version delivery

    Some SaaS solutions we’ve delivered



    Discover how we created an all-around medical SaaS solution that:

    • Enables telemedicine with scheduling and payments

    • Allows for real-time communication between patients and caregivers

    • Supplies patient monitoring and medical device integration

    • Ensures high-level security standards and HIPAA compliance

    See full case study

    Transportation management system

    Supply chainWebUSASaaS

    See how we built sophisticated cloud software for transportation management that:

    • Reduces the route planning from 6 hours to 30 minutes

    • Automates business processes and problem-solving

    • Provides visibility for all logistics and delivery processes

    • Smoothly integrates with other modules and systems

    See full case study

    Patient management SaaS


    A user-friendly appointment scheduling solution that is easy to deploy and provides:

    • An open API for customers for connecting with their systems

    • Streamlined onboarding processes and simplified user flows

    • Automation for notifications like emails, SMSs, and emails

    • Tracking functionality for doctor visits, cancellations, and rescheduling

    See full case study

    Create and enhance your SaaS with Yalantis

    We can help you build a secure, high-performing, scalable, and integration-ready SaaS solution.

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