SaaS online appointment scheduling software solution

Learn how we helped our client create a complex SaaS medical appointment scheduling solution with a pay-as-you-go business model.

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    10 months

About the client

Our client is a healthcare technology company headquartered in Germany. Their mission is to improve patient care delivery across the whole of Europe with the help of advanced healthcare technologies. The company cooperates with many hospitals, private medical practices, and other healthcare providers.

Business context

The client asked Yalantis to build an appointment scheduling system, as the solutions they were currently using couldn’t meet all their needs. Their key objectives were to:

  • enable convenient appointment scheduling and management within a single app
  • turn the solution into a SaaS product to bring in revenue
  • help healthcare providers deliver more coordinated patient care

Solution overview

  • Based on our proven track record in SaaS software development and with regard to the client’s needs, we came up with custom SaaS-specific functionality to include in the appointment scheduling solution. In this way, we ensured a competitive advantage for the client’s business. To enable secure and effective implementation of the custom SaaS solution, our architects designed a foolproof multi-tenant architecture that comprised multi-access authentication for access control, role and permission management mechanisms, as well as tenant usage and subscription analytics.

  • Approach to developing a SaaS solution

    To develop a well-functioning SaaS solution, we:

    • allowed for standardized services and ensured direct contracting with third-party providers to enable custom features such as payments
    • prepared a service-level agreement (SLA) with specific project requirements and analyzed the client’s monetization model to build a suitable billing architecture as well to estimate SaaS product maintenance costs
    • developed customer and SaaS admin panels to monitor customer accounts and for human-based customer support
    • elaborated on high availability and disaster recovery strategies, building a foolproof product architecture and ensuring automated deployment to enable service reliability and minimize human error
  • SaaS-related custom functionality

    We developed a SaaS-ready solution that includes the following custom functionality:

    • Built-in EHR module compliant with legal requirements
    • Third-party payment integrations
    • Extensive role and permission system
    • Resource management functionality
    • Notification system for ensuring patient loyalty and attendance

    As a result, patients can: 

    • find NPI-registered doctors based on health issues and location 
    • book visits using advanced appointment scheduling functionality
    • get information on appointments and discounts via notifications
    • make payments for doctor appointments online or offline
  • Most prominent features

    • Improved practice management functionality. We adopted features of appointment scheduling platforms our client previously used to ensure a smooth transition to the new system for the client’s staff. We also provided a consistent user flow for admins and front desk operators so they can assist each other. 
    • Distributed areas of responsibility. We implemented four default user roles for patient service management: admins responsible for managing the entire group of clinics, practice admins, front desk operators, and patients. The architecture we built allows for adding more user roles if needed.
    • Improved appointment visibility. We implemented appointment statuses (out, canceled, novisit, arrived, confirmed, and new), which significantly simplifies appointment management. Sophisticated color coding helps clinicians monitor the patient database by highlighting new and established patients.
    • Compliance and product security improvements. We limited the scope of data visibility for sensitive PII/PHI data and implemented strict access limits for sensitive information. We decided on AWS as a fully HIPAA-compliant infrastructure provider, set the session expiration time, and limited the number of devices that can be logged into one account at a time. We also used HTTPS/SSL protocols to ensure secure data transmission and provided encrypted file storage for data protection.
    • Validation tools for minimizing human error in front desk operations. When there are new appointment requests in the system, front desk operators see a notification until they confirm them. If there are booked appointments within a certain time slot, the time slot can’t be deleted until the booked appointments are moved to another time slot. A patient can cancel an appointment in response to receiving an appointment notification, which reduces the number of skipped appointments.

Value delivered

The client expanded their revenue streams by enabling other medical practices to benefit from the product. The developed SaaS-ready appointment scheduling solution is user-friendly and quick to deploy.


  • The client used several separate appointment scheduling applications and communicated directly with patients for scheduling.

  • Onboarding new healthcare organizations could take days, weeks, or even months since this process was usually implemented on the provider’s side.


  • The client provides its customers with open APIs. A unified system provides an intuitive user flow and the ability to track all doctor visits, cancellations, and reschedulings. Automated notifications, SMSs, and emails have unburdened administrative staff.

  • On the new platform, any healthcare company can set up an account themselves, pay for use of the service, and request account activation. As a result, it takes a new practice just an hour to appear on the platform.

  • With the help of new appointment scheduling software, healthcare providers can decrease administrative costs, eliminate duplicate appointments, and optimize clinicians’ work schedules.

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