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  • Minimize downtime, extend the lifespan of equipment, and reduce maintenance costs through expert implementation of predictive maintenance

  • Enable real-time inventory management and monitoring by establishing an IoT sensor ecosystem and developing a sophisticated monitoring system

  • Cooperate with a mature team of experts who have a portfolio of completed projects demonstrating expertise across various domains and multiple IoT-related solutions

  • Strengthen your solution’s security by integrating innovative and industry best practices for data and device protection

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IoT application development services Yalantis provides

With versatile IoT projects in its portfolio, the Yalantis IoT Unit possesses extensive expertise in delivering secure, compliant, scalable, multifeatured, and long-lasting solutions developed with disruptive technologies and prepared to meet industry challenges and market fluctuations.

  • Custom IoT app development

    • Requirements analysis

    • Development planning

    • Scalability planning

    • User experience (UX) design

    • Device integration

    • Cloud integration (AWS, Google, Azure)

    • Multiplatfrom compatibility

    • AI and ML integration

    • Multi-tenancy support

  • Data analytics and insights

    • Data lifecycle management implementation and improvement

    • Data collection strategy

    • Data processing and transformation

    • Real-time data streaming

    • Big data analytics

    • Predictive analytics

    • Data visualization

    • Customized reporting and dashboards

    • Business intelligence (BI)

    • Behavioral analytics

  • Firmware development

    • Embedded system design

    • Microcontroller programming

    • OTA (remote firmware updates)

    • Bootloader development

    • Device driver development

    • Low-level hardware abstraction

    • Wireless communication protocol integration (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRaWan)

    • Sensor integration and calibration

    • Power management optimization

  • IoT testing and quality assurance

    • Functional testing

    • Compatibility testing

    • Interoperability testing

    • Usability testing

    • Security testing

    • Performance testing

    • Reliability and stability testing

    • Regression testing

    • End-to-end testing

    • Scalability testing

    • Test automation

    • Documentation and reporting

  • Regulatory compliance

    • ISO standards implementation

    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

    • FedRAMP

    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

    • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements

    • IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF)

    • National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Guidelines

  • Continuous support and maintenance

    • Ongoing technical support

    • Bug fixes and issue resolution

    • Software updates and patches

    • Performance monitoring

    • Security updates

    • Database management and optimization

    • Cloud infrastructure management

    • Regular reporting and communication

    • Server and network maintenance

    • Device firmware updates


Yalantis will guide you through the entire software development lifecycle, providing top-notch consultation, expert engineering services, and transformative solutions.

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What does your IoT app development service include, and why is IoT development important?

IoT app development involves creating applications tailored for devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). This facilitates seamless communication between interconnected devices, enhances operational efficiency, and introduces novel functionalities, contributing to a more interconnected and intelligent ecosystem.

How do your IoT application developers ensure app security?

Security is paramount in our IoT app development process. As an officially ISO-compliant company with a dedicated security department, we keep tabs on all emerging security threats, design risk mitigation plans, implement robust encryption protocols, secure data transmission methods, and adhere to industry best practices. This comprehensive approach safeguards IoT applications against potential threats, ensuring data integrity and user privacy.

What industries benefit from Internet of Things application development services?

IoT app development has transformative applications across various industries. Sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, smart homes, and logistics can experience significant benefits from IoT apps, ranging from enhanced operational efficiency to data-driven decision-making and improved user experiences.

What is the Yalantis approach to IoT app development?

As an IoT development company with years of experience working with IoT technology and IoT projects in various domains, Yalantis has designed and implemented our own framework to develop complex and enduring IoT applications capable of withstanding changing industry standards and requirements. This framework:

  • focuses on developing multiplatform solutions that provide stable performance on various operating systems and platforms
  • ensures that all critical aspects of software development are considered: convenient user interfaces, data privacy and security, scalability, flexibility, quality assurance, and integrations with suitable third-party providers
  • exploits resources and ready-to-use solutions created by Yalantis to accelerate a product’s time to market, driving our clients’ business value as soon as possible and providing cost-efficient key business functionality
  • For enterprise-level companies: follows a value-driven scaling methodology that places seamless and multiperspective scalability at the heart of software development and delivery

Let’s delve into the details.

Prioritizing multiplatform IoT solution development to enable seamless operation on various infrastructures, operating systems, and platforms

Multiplatform IoT app development (mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps) has become a must for IoT-powered products, and we diligently follow this trend as an IoT app development company. Our reason for prioritizing a multiplatform approach reveals the following business and operational values:

  • Facilitating interaction within the connected devices ecosystem. Nowadays, large IoT networks that cater to the data needs of manufacturers or businesses rely on a significant variety of devices running various operating systems and real-time operating systems (RTOS). Additionally, the IoT ecosystem requires a data center responsible for collecting vast amounts of data, which may not be entirely compatible with the IoT devices your business exploits. Proper communication and data exchange flows between devices and data centers depend on compatibility, which software developers must consider from the discovery stage onward. If your in-house or outsourcing development team fails to ensure reliable and uninterrupted data exchange between all elements of the ecosystem across operating systems, there is a risk of receiving inaccurate data or even missing out on information that is critical for your business operations and decision-making.
  • Interoperability contributing to a better user experience. As an IoT mobile app development company, we strongly believe that multiplatform IoT solutions enable end users to seamlessly work with various smart devices, monitoring and managing them from a single interface without disruptions. With smooth data exchange, users aren’t required to constantly activate additional data visualization channels to keep track of everything that’s going on with each type of device. This approach guarantees improved operational efficiency and is conducive to exceeding initially set KPIs.
  • Cost efficiency and reduced time to market. Developing one system for each type of device is faster and cheaper than creating a separate solution for each operating system or platform. By considering cross-platform compatibility in advance, your development team can save substantial resources and accelerate your time to market, gaining a competitive advantage and establishing your brand as innovative within your industry.
  • Non-disruptive scaling and greater market reach. The future holds even more devices and platforms. Focusing on multiplatform IoT app development provides businesses with a strong technical foundation that facilitates the adoption of new devices and accelerates their implementation into the existing ecosystem. Such flexibility and technological maturity are qualities that customers may want to see in their software providers (especially if they are B2B businesses), thereby increasing your market reach. On the other hand, our commitment to present you with a scalable and flexible solution within our IoT application development services guarantees that the software developers you’ve hired will provide a long-lasting solution worthy of investment.
  • Justified investor trust with all-around process visibility and transparency. We prioritize transparent and timely IoT application development, emphasizing comprehensive reporting, openness at each stage of software creation, and continuous communication with stakeholders. This proactive approach involves addressing potential delays, managing risks, ensuring quality, and exploring better development approaches. By adapting to evolving technology and market needs, we can regularly update and enhance our products. This commitment to maximum visibility and high software system quality not only keeps our clients satisfied but also aids them in attracting investors and establishing trust.

Ensuring all critical characteristics of a modern IoT-powered solution while preserving space for innovation in terms of our IoT application development services

In our years of working with IoT solutions, we have witnessed the emergence of multiple innovative solutions as an IoT app development company. Over time, these technologies have evolved into must-have features, establishing themselves at the core of any IoT-based product. However, relying on technologies that can come and go isn’t the best approach for a development company. Building an IoT product around a specific technology can hinder the ability to smoothly transition to other technologies, resulting in disruptions to operational processes and decreased efficiency.

To avoid such situations, the Yalantis IoT Unit follows the strategy of getting the essentials now but preparing the foundation for the future. Specifically, we focus on delivering products that provide:

  • a convenient user experience
  • complex and reliable data privacy and security systems
  • on-demand resource scalability, enabling seamless business expansion
  • technological flexibility that allows for easy integration with third-party services and expansion of the technological base with new technologies and solutions
  • manual and automated quality assurance
  • smooth integration with suitable third-party providers, including detailed vendor audits

To prepare IoT apps for possible market fluctuations and emerging technologies, programming languages, and frameworks, we put special emphasis on building a flexible and scalable solution architecture that easily accommodates changes without compromising performance.

Moreover, new technologies always mean new security and regulatory challenges. Instead of blindly implementing everything that appears on the market, we take time to investigate what new technologies require from businesses and what data processing and exchange flows they may affect.

At the same time, our business analysts delve into thorough research of new technologies as soon as we learn of them. As part of their workflow, they cooperate with our staffing teams to hire specialists that will become first-class professionals in new trends. That’s why our clients can rest assured that our IoT app development and business analysis teams are always ready to present new solutions worthy of investment and effort if they see the potential and the necessity to use the latest technology.

Exploiting ready-to-use solutions to accelerate time to market, direct clients’ resources to developing critical functionality, and gain a competitive advantage instead of a basic feature pack

Market realities and clients’ requests have contributed to Yalantis developing products that may serve as a foundation for future platforms. The starter pack of functionality we have built covers all development needs a client will face at the beginning of product creation. To save resources for killer features that our clients expect will help them take over the market (and to expedite time to market at least twofold), we exploit Yalantis IoT Accelerator at the first stages of IoT application development.

As an IoT software development company providing IoT services, we consider all security and scalability issues that may arise during business expansion and build our solutions so they comply with all industry requirements and meet growing business needs.

Specifically, in the case of IoT application development, we employ our IoT data management platform, Yalantis IoT Accelerator, which aids businesses in monitoring and managing their energy consumption in various settings, whether corporate, industrial, or other. The platform is capable of gathering, processing, analyzing, and visualizing large amounts of big data in real time.

If needed, Yalantis IoT app developers may extend the solution’s functionality upon the client’s request or integrate it with an existing internal system as well as establish real-time and secure sensor data exchange processes.

What differentiates Yalantis IoT Accelerator from other ready-made platforms in the market?

The first thing that makes our IoT data management special is that it’s based on analysis of our clients’ needs, big and small. As an IoT application development company, we pay special attention to the following features of the Accelerator:


  • Strategic architectural planning. Our platform is meticulously designed with business expansion in mind. The architecture is crafted to seamlessly accommodate increasing data loads, growing user volumes, and evolving functionalities. This strategic scalability ensures that as your business grows, our platform grows with it, maintaining optimal performance and responsiveness.
  • Flexibility for business extension. Scalability extends beyond mere capacity – it includes adaptability for new features and modules. The platform’s flexible infrastructure allows for easy integration of additional services or business units. This foresight ensures that as your organization diversifies, the platform evolves seamlessly, preserving efficiency and effectiveness over the long term.


  • Holistic security framework. Our commitment to long-term strategic development is evident in the comprehensive security framework. We not only prioritize current threats but anticipate future risks, integrating robust security protocols and technologies. This approach ensures that your data and operations remain protected against emerging cybersecurity threats, providing a reliable foundation for sustained success.
  • Adaptive threat response. Security is an ongoing concern, and our platform incorporates adaptive threat response mechanisms. Machine learning algorithms we have implemented continuously analyze patterns, detect anomalies, and evolve to counter new security challenges. This proactive stance ensures that the IoT platform remains resilient against evolving cyber threats, safeguarding your assets and maintaining trust in the long run.


  • Comprehensive analytical insights. Reporting isn’t just about retrieving data – it’s about empowering decision-makers with actionable insights. Our platform’s reporting capabilities go beyond standard metrics, offering comprehensive analytical tools. Long-term strategic development is considered in the evolution of these reporting features, ensuring they stay relevant and valuable as your business requirements and industry trends evolve.
  • Customizable dashboards for future needs. Recognizing the dynamic nature of business, our reporting features include customizable dashboards. These empower end users to tailor reporting views according to evolving business strategies and priorities. The adaptability of reporting tools ensures that they remain indispensable for informed decision-making in the long run.

Machine learning algorithms

  • Continuous learning and optimization. Our incorporation of machine learning algorithms is another part of our commitment to continuous improvement. These algorithms evolve over time, learning from user interactions, data patterns, and industry trends. This dedication to ongoing optimization makes our platform an intelligent solution capable of adapting to changing circumstances and providing increasingly valuable insights and functionalities over the long term.
  • Scalable AI infrastructure. Machine learning is becoming integral to business processes, and our platform is equipped with scalable AI infrastructure. This ensures that as the volume and complexity of data increase, machine learning algorithms can scale accordingly, maintaining their effectiveness and relevance. This strategic scalability ensures that the platform’s AI capabilities remain cutting-edge and future-proof.
  • Enhanced sustainability. Integrated machine learning algorithms, when aligned with business intelligence insights, empower businesses to analyze and forecast energy consumption in various settings, such as buildings and factory floors. Through historical data analysis, algorithms can reveal times and locations of peak energy consumption. Their forecasting capabilities allow them to predict future energy consumption and, guided by business intelligence reports, suggest strategies for reducing energy consumption. This approach contributes to enhanced sustainability and substantial reductions in utility costs.

Providing enterprise-level businesses with a value-driven scaling methodology for multiperspective scalability

Our approach for enterprise-level companies is represented with a value-driven scaling methodology. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, this methodology recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities posed by large-scale enterprises. It emphasizes delivering value at every stage of IoT application development and aligning technological solutions with the overarching business objectives of our enterprise clients. These include:

  • Seamless and multiperspective scalability

Scalability is a foundational principle in our IoT app development strategy. Our IoT solutions are designed to grow organically with the evolving needs of enterprise clients. This entails a comprehensive evaluation of scalability across various dimensions, including data volume, device connections, and system complexity. The result is a robust and adaptable IoT ecosystem that can effortlessly accommodate the intricacies of large enterprises.

  • Holistic software development and delivery

Our software development lifecycle (SDLC) is tailored to address the intricate demands of enterprise-level companies. It goes beyond mere functionality, emphasizing reliability, security, and user experience. The delivery process is meticulously managed, considering not just immediate needs but also future enhancements and integrations. This approach ensures that our IoT solutions aren’t just temporary fixes but rather long-term assets that contribute to the ongoing success of our enterprise clients.

  • Hardware and firmware integration

Recognizing the interconnected nature of IoT ecosystems as an IoT application development company, we seamlessly integrate hardware and firmware development into our holistic approach. Hardware components are designed with a focus on scalability and interoperability, ensuring they can support the growing demands of enterprise deployments. Firmware is considered a dynamic element that can be remotely updated and optimized according to the changing requirements of both the business and the broader technological landscape.

  • Adaptive firmware architecture

The firmware layer is not static but adaptive. Normally, it’s built on a modular and extensible architecture, allowing for seamless updates and feature enhancements. This adaptability ensures that IoT devices remain current with the latest security standards, industry regulations, and evolving enterprise needs. Our firmware approach is a strategic investment, aligning with the long-term vision of our enterprise clients.

  • Security-first hardware design

When developing IoT applications, we put data security at the forefront of our hardware design philosophy. Enterprise-level deployments demand a robust security posture, and our hardware components are fortified with features such as secure boot, encrypted communications, and tamper-resistant modules. This security-first approach is essential for safeguarding sensitive enterprise data and maintaining our clients’ trust.

  • End-to-end ecosystem compatibility

Hardware and firmware components are engineered with a focus on end-to-end ecosystem compatibility. This means they seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure and can accommodate future expansions. Our approach acknowledges the diversity of enterprise environments, providing a cohesive IoT ecosystem that enhances efficiency, collaboration, and innovation across the entire organization.


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