Embedded software development services

  • Ensure the smooth operation of your IoT ecosystem by applying proven firmware development approaches and leveraging innovative technologies

  • Gain a competitive edge in your market by providing end users and large companies with sophisticated yet seamlessly operating embedded devices

  • Safeguard your customers’ operations and data flows through robust security measures and leading SecOps practices and methodologies

  • Minimize downtime and enhance system reliability by identifying and addressing potential operational challenges at the initial development stages

Value we have delivered to our clients with embedded software development

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Embedded software engineering services Yalantis provides

Recognizing the increasing demand for embedded systems and with expertise in developing embedded systems across various industries, Yalantis offers the following services:

  • Core embedded software development services

    • Embedded software design and development

    • RTOS-based software development (FreeRTOS, Zephyr, QNX, VxWorks, Mbed OS)

    • Device driver development

    • Microcontroller programming

    • Microprocessor programming

    • Firmware development

  • Operating system and platform services

    • Embedded Linux development

    • Linux Kernel customization

    • RTOS porting to specific hardware

    • RTOS performance optimization

    • Custom board support package (BSP) development

    • Bootloader development

    • Yocto, Buildroot

  • Communication and protocol implementation

    • IoT embedded software development

    • IoT protocols (MQTT, CoAP)

    • Physical layer protocols (UART, SPI, I2C, USB, USART, CAN, RS-485, Modbus, 1-Wire, Microwire, Ethernet)

    • Communication stack development

    • Wireless communication protocol implementation (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRaWAN, ZigBee, NB-IoT, NFC, RFID)

    • OCPP

  • Hardware support

    • STM32

    • ESP32

    • NXP

    • NRF52

    • Nordic SemiConductor

    • Raspberry Pi

  • Quality assurance and testing

    • Unit testing for embedded systems

    • Integration testing for embedded systems

    • Validation testing

    • Performance testing for real-time systems

    • Compliance testing

    • Regression testing

    • Test automation for embedded systems

    • Stress testing

  • Security and optimization services

    • Security analysis and implementation

    • Encryption algorithm implementation

    • Legacy system migration

    • Compliance with industry standards (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, etc.)

    • Vulnerability assessments

    • Patch management for embedded systems

    • Embedded system risk assessment

  • Support, documentation, and consultation

    • Comprehensive documentation services

    • User manuals and guides

    • Training programs for development teams

    • Ongoing maintenance and support

    • Troubleshooting and issue resolution

    • Hardware selection consultation

    • Embedded system lifecycle planning

    • Consultation on upgrading technologies

  • Prototyping

    • Hardware prototyping

    • Firmware development

    • Sensor integration

    • RTOS and multithreading

    • Power management

    • Testing and debugging

    • Simulation and modeling

    • UI and HMI

    • Documentation

    • Connectivity integration


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What is embedded software development, and how does it differ from traditional software development?

Embedded software development services involve creating software specifically designed to run on embedded systems, which are dedicated computing devices within larger systems. Examples include engine control units (ECUs), home automation systems, medical imaging devices (CT, MRI), routers and switches, and gateways and terminals.


Unlike traditional software development for general-purpose computers, embedded programming is tailored to the constraints and functionality of embedded hardware. Embedded systems typically have limited resources (processing power, memory, and storage) and often require real-time processing capabilities to respond to events or inputs within specific time constraints.

What types of embedded systems do you specialize in?

We specialize in a wide range of embedded systems that can serve businesses in various industries. Our expertise extends to:

  • Microcontrollers for consumer electronics
  • Embedded Linux systems for industrial applications
  • Real-time operating systems (RTOS) for critical systems
  • Automotive control systems
  • IoT devices and sensors
  • Medical device software
  • Embedded software for communication and networking devices
  • Firmware for EV chargers

What industries do you cater to with your embedded software development service?

As an embedded software development company, we have worked on projects involving:

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Healthcare and medical devices
  • Industrial automation and control
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Energy and utilities
  • EV chargers

With experience in these fields, we are able to build embedded software systems of various sizes and with varying degrees of complexity, tailoring them to your specific business needs and objectives.


Due to resource limitations and the particular approach to their development, embedded systems demand meticulous attention to detail. This is why Yalantis has devised a unique approach to comprehensive embedded software development, encompassing the following best practices, expertise, and methodologies:

Providing resilient embedded software development tailored for long-term business success

As an embedded software company, Yalantis prioritizes the success of our clients’ businesses and helping clients fulfill their objectives for particular software solutions. Additionally, we actively contribute to sustainable and resource-conscious development. With these priorities forming the core of our embedded software development strategy, our approach to challenge-resistant development consists of:

  • Cost-efficiency. The Yalantis team adopts efficient embedded systems programming practices and embedded software development tools, leveraging our ready-to-use development accelerators, including Yalantis IoT Accelerator, Yalantis DevOps Accelerator, and Yalantis Authorization Accelerator. These accelerators collectively reduce development costs and substantially expedite the time to market. Using them, we optimize resources without compromising the quality of the final product. Our commitment is to ensure that your investment in embedded software system development delivers lasting value, establishing a robust foundation for your business growth.
  • Scalability. Businesses evolve, and so should your software. The embedded software solutions we deliver are designed with scalability in mind, accommodating the growth and changing requirements of your business. Whether you are expanding your operations or integrating new functionalities, the scalable solutions we provide will adapt seamlessly to meet your evolving needs.
  • Wise implementation of disruptive technologies. While we embrace innovation, we believe in the balanced use of disruptive technologies. Our embedded engineering services involve careful analysis of your business requirements to determine when and where emerging technologies can truly make a difference in your specific case. This ensures wise implementation of such technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), business intelligence (BI), and augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) that aligns with your business objectives without unnecessary complexities.
  • Stable performance under high loads. To meet end users’ overwhelming needs, your embedded software must perform reliably, even under high loads. Our embedded software engineers meticulously develop solutions that prioritize stability and robustness. We conduct rigorous testing to guarantee that your software can handle the demands of real-world scenarios, ensuring consistent performance under any circumstances and loads.
  • Long-term reliability. Our focus on the long-term perspective extends beyond the development phase. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the reliability of the embedded software we build for our clients. Our commitment is to empower your business with a solution that is resilient in the face of challenges.

Pursuing a step-by-step approach to developing embedded systems

Embarking on the journey of embedded system development requires a methodical and customized approach. As an embedded development company, we understand the unique demands of each project and provide a flexible, personalized, and step-by-step process to achieve optimal results:

Step #1: Requirements analysis

Before any code is written, Yalantis’ embedded software developers delve deep into understanding your specific needs. Our team collaborates closely with stakeholders to gather comprehensive requirements, ensuring that every aspect of your embedded system is tailored to your business objectives.

Step #2: System design

With a clear understanding of your requirements, we move on to designing the embedded software architecture. Our approach prioritizes flexibility and scalability, allowing for easy adaptation as your project evolves. The system design phase lays the foundation for a solution that aligns seamlessly with your current and future needs in terms of functionality, integrations, and emerging technologies.

Step #3: Customized development

With a robust design prepared, our development team begins crafting your embedded system. They focus on customization to meet the specific functionality and performance benchmarks defined during requirements analysis. This personalized approach ensures that your embedded software is not burdened with unnecessary features, promoting efficiency and reliability.

Step #4: Rigorous testing

Quality assurance is paramount in embedded system development and our embedded development services. We check your solution with the help of rigorous testing scenarios, identifying and rectifying any potential issues. Our testing process ensures that your system meets the highest standards of performance, stability, and security.

Step #5: Flexible integration

We consider flexibility to be a crucial aspect of the embedded software we deliver, allowing for seamless integration with new technologies and updates. This ensures that your system remains current and can adapt to emerging industry trends.

Step #6: Client collaboration

While developing embedded software, Yalantis maintains open communication with our clients. Regular check-ins and collaborative sessions ensure that your feedback is integrated into the development cycle. This iterative approach to embedded systems programming allows us to refine and enhance your system based on your needs.

Step #7: Deployment and support

The journey doesn’t end with development. We also oversee deployment of your embedded systems and provide ongoing support. Our team is dedicated to guaranteeing that your system operates smoothly in real-world environments, offering timely updates and maintenance as needed.

Applying a wide range of programming languages considering the specifics of a client’s project and the industry in which it operates

Yalantis has experience working with a diverse range of programming languages in the context of embedded software services, allowing us to tailor our approach to the unique needs of each client’s project. Some of the most popular languages we work with include:

  • C and C++. Providing the efficiency and performance required for resource-constrained environments, C and C++ allow us to build robust and reliable embedded solutions.
  • Python. Renowned for its readability and versatility, Python plays a crucial role in our embedded software development toolkit. We use Python for rapid prototyping, scripting, and interfacing with embedded hardware components, ensuring a balanced and adaptable approach to development.
  • Rust. Recognizing the growing demand for system-level programming with enhanced memory safety, we embrace Rust for projects requiring high performance and reliability.

Additionally, our embedded software engineering services and embedded solutions extend across various industries, each with its unique challenges and requirements. Here are some fields where we have successfully delivered embedded systems to our clients:

  • Healthcare. In the healthcare industry, we have developed embedded systems for medical devices and patient monitoring solutions. Our expertise ensures compliance with regulatory standards while delivering reliable and secure healthcare solutions.
  • Manufacturing. With embedded technologies, we enhance efficiency and automation in manufacturing processes. From real-time monitoring to control systems, our solutions optimize production workflows and improve overall operational performance.
  • EV Charging. The electric vehicle industry demands intelligent and reliable charging infrastructure. Our embedded solutions in this sector facilitate smart charging stations, ensuring seamless communication, monitoring, and control.
  • Smart building. We work on smart building solutions, integrating Internet of Things devices for energy management, security, and automation. By creating interconnected embedded software applications, we can enhance the intelligence of modern buildings.

Exploiting specific methodologies when working with enterprise-level clients and legacy systems

Yalantis software engineers understand the challenges associated with legacy enterprise systems. Our approach prioritizes practicality and efficiency, ensuring a seamless integration process that respects existing infrastructure. Specifically, we are proficient at:

Integrating with legacy systems

Legacy systems often form the backbone of established enterprises, and our team specializes in navigating the complexities arising from them. With a deep understanding of legacy technologies, we seamlessly integrate modern embedded systems with existing systems. Our methodology prioritizes compatibility, minimizing disruptions, delivering a convenient user interface, and ensuring a smooth transition.

Ensuring seamless scalability for enterprise businesses

Enterprise-level embedded software projects demand a forward-looking approach. Our methodologies are crafted with scalability in mind, accommodating your business’s growth strategy. Whether you need to expand operations, add new functionalities, or adapt to increased data loads, our embedded systems are designed to scale efficiently, providing the flexibility you need to meet evolving enterprise requirements.

Ensuring proper data management

We recognize the critical role data plays in decision-making and operations. Our methodologies include robust data handling practices, ensuring the security, integrity, and accessibility of your data. From data migration to real-time analytics, we tailor our approach to align with the specific data needs of your enterprise and your embedded software systems.


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