Advanced analytics consulting

  • Integrate an advanced analytics solution tailored to your needs and define business areas that would benefit from it the most

  • Improve your product metrics, customer experience, and conversions with thorough A/B testing of data analytics solutions

  • Anticipate future business performance and determine optimal pricing by learning how to use machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling in data analytics

  • Enable efficient clustering of your target audience and redefine your software product’s functionality by implementing advanced analytics

  • Learn how to improve your current data analytics capabilities without costly workarounds and disruptive infrastructure changes

  • Explore which external and internal data sources you underutilize in your data analytics initiatives

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • Up to 50%

    improvement in resource allocation efficiency

  • Up to 20%

    increase in revenue

  • 1000+

    quality talents available and a quick sourcing process

  • Up to 15%

    increase in customer lifetime value

Advanced analytics consulting services Yalantis provides

Partner with the Yalantis data team to investigate your current data analytics strategy and modernize it to meet changing industry and customer demands.

  • Data feasibility study and audit

    • Assessing data infrastructure

    • Exploring current data sources

    • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis

    • Unraveling issues with data analytics tools

    • Offering a personalized advanced analytics adoption plan

  • Data strategy and governance

    • Aligning business objectives and data capabilities

    • Creating a business and architecture roadmap

    • Planning necessary resources and budget

    • Presenting tangible value to leadership and stakeholders

  • DataOps and data engineering

    • Exploring available data types

    • Organizing data in a single data repository

    • Preparing the ground for efficient extract, transform, load (ETL) processes

  • Data analytics tech stack

    • Comparing data analytics vendors

    • Negotiating custom functionality with vendors

    • Integrating analytics tools with existing systems

    • Setting up a seamless advanced analytics flow

Tap into advanced analytics technologies with confidence

Define the value of advanced analytics by developing a proof of concept solution for real-time data collection, processing, and analysis without significant upfront investment.

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What does advanced analytics consulting involve?

Advanced analytics consulting includes a thorough analysis of the readiness of your data infrastructure for implementing an advanced analytics solution. As the next step, our consultants provide you with an iterative roadmap of the technological and business changes required for smooth adoption and use of advanced analytics.

How do you help businesses define areas in which to apply advanced analytics services?

To define areas within a business that would benefit from advanced analytics, Yalantis data experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of a business’s goals and challenges, along with pain points that employees often face. Through collaboration with stakeholders, we identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and strategic objectives to focus on. We then prioritize all challenges and goals to define which areas of the business would benefit the most from derived insights.

How can I choose a qualified advanced analytics consultant?

When selecting an advanced analytics consultant:

  • consider factors such as expertise, experience, and approach
  • look for consultants with a proven track record in advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis
  • evaluate past projects, client testimonials, and industry certifications
  • assess a consultant’s ability to clearly communicate complex concepts and find common ground with your in-house team

What is the difference between business intelligence services and advanced data analytics services?

Business intelligence (BI) services and advanced data analytics (ADA) services are both crucial for an effective data and analytics strategy. The major difference between them lies in the fact that traditional business intelligence is suitable for historical descriptive analytics and ADA is used for predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. Advanced data analytics services employ machine learning and artificial intelligence for data analysis and allow businesses to discover deeper insights compared to business intelligence.

However, you don’t need to choose between them. It’s possible to implement both approaches and reap the benefits from all available data analytics types. Let’s delve into the differences between the two and learn how Yalantis’ advanced data analytics services can be helpful for you.

Specifics and purpose of use

Business intelligence services primarily focus on collecting, organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data to provide descriptive insights into past and current business outcomes and performance. These services often involve creating dashboards, reports, and scorecards to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and track business metrics.

The main goal of business intelligence is to facilitate informed decision-making by offering a comprehensive view of operational activities.

Advanced data analytics services dive deeper into data analysis by using advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to uncover hidden patterns, correlations among datasets, and predictive insights. ADA services involve machine learning, deep learning, IoT analytics, and data mining to:

  • predict future outcomes and trends
  • forecast customer behavior
  • identify new business opportunities
  • provide clear prescriptions for business process optimization

The primary purpose of an advanced analytics team is to enable proactive decision-making and strategic planning based on predictive insights derived from real-time data.

Methods and techniques

BI services predominantly rely on traditional reporting tools, query and reporting languages, and online analytical processing (OLAP) techniques to generate standard reports, ad-hoc queries, and interactive data visualizations and dashboards. These methods offer a retrospective view of business performance through historical data analysis. BI services are essential for initial data discovery.

ADA services leverage machine learning algorithms such as predictive modeling, clustering, regression analysis, and diverse AI solutions including natural language processing (NLP). Advanced analytics solutions allow organizations to develop recommendation systems and anomaly detection algorithms to extract actionable insights from large and complex datasets. Professional advanced analytics consultancy can be your guide to the intricate world of cutting-edge technologies, helping you compose a feasible implementation plan.

Intensity of decision-making support

BI services typically focus on short- to medium-term decision-making by providing insights into past and current performance metrics. BI helps organizations understand what has happened and why, but it’s incapable of anticipating future trends and customer behavior. Modern enterprises need not only retrospective analysis but also advanced data analytics services and solutions that can be helpful in strategic planning.

ADA services contribute to setting long-term goals by offering predictive and prescriptive insights based on analysis of historical and real-time data. Advanced analytics consulting services enable organizations to thoroughly prepare for developing and integrating an advanced analytics solution by providing a cost–benefit analysis, ROI calculation, and iterative implementation roadmap, taking into account their goals and stage of digital transformation.

Complexity and required expertise

BI services are straightforward and require less specialized expertise compared to advanced analytics services. BI experts possess deep skills in data modeling techniques, data lifecycle management, data visualization, SQL querying, and dashboard development. BI tools often have user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible even to business users without technical skills. BI specialists can also train stakeholders on how to interpret dashboards with ease.

ADA services involve complex statistical modeling, data science knowledge, machine learning expertise, and programming skills (Python, R) to develop predictive models and algorithms. Data scientists and data analysts with a strong background and proven track record in mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer science are essential for effectively implementing advanced analytics solutions. Yalantis’ advanced analytics consulting services can assist you in composing a tech-savvy and experienced team of experts to yield successful project results.

Business value

BI services contribute to ensuring operational efficiency, performance monitoring, and informed decision-making at various levels of the organization. By providing timely access to relevant information, BI helps improve business process visibility, resource allocation, and strategic alignment across departments. BI is a routine way of understanding your business metrics at a given moment. It’s important and necessary for any business regardless of its size.

However, limiting your analytics capabilities to BI means depriving your business of additional revenue streams, an opportunity to enhance customer experience, and new product ideas. Think strategically and discover how opting for advanced analytics consulting services now can improve your business metrics in a year or two.

ADA services have a transformative impact on composing a long-term business strategy and facilitating digital transformation initiatives. By harnessing predictive insights and advanced analytics services and capabilities, organizations can:

  • optimize marketing campaigns
  • increase their competitive advantage
  • personalize customer experiences
  • prevent and mitigate risks
  • drive revenue growth by making accurate and data-driven decisions

As an example of how a business decision can be backed up by advanced data analytics services, consider a scenario where a business faces financial losses due to collaboration with unreliable clients through one of its suppliers.

Business challenge: Recognizing the need to switch suppliers is obvious, but making this decision proactively requires insightful analysis.

Solution: Data scientists can help by developing a supplier risk assessment model. This model can evaluate suppliers based on key factors such as financial stability, reputation, performance history, regulatory compliance, and industry trends. It can then suggest the best candidates for further evaluation through in-person screening.

Value delivered: With this approach, a business owner not only gains insights into the risk posed by an unstable supplier but also receives actionable recommendations for potential replacements. As a result, the business owner can swiftly make informed decisions, avoiding the potential risk of unexpected financial losses and supplier disruptions. And by transitioning to a more reliable supplier, the business can ensure better-quality materials, leading to improved customer satisfaction and overall business success. This is a win–win outcome that not only improves current business performance but ensures a brighter future.

While both business intelligence services and advanced data analytics services are integral components of data-driven decision-making, they differ drastically in their business impact. While BI services focus on descriptive insights and operational reporting, ADA services enable predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive strategic decision-making and allow businesses to be more ambitious and risky when setting goals.

Prioritize business challenges and learn how to use advanced analytics tools to solve them

Leverage Yalantis’ expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science to adopt advanced analytics with ease and ensure true value for your business.

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