Data mining services

  • Set optimal prices for products and services with in-depth analysis of competitor pricing strategies, market trends, and customer demand.

  • Segment existing and potential customer data based on demographics, behavior, and preferences to tailor marketing efforts and offerings.

  • Promptly detect fraudulent activities and anomalies and identify hidden data patterns with the help of outlier analysis.

  • Structure internal documentation and improve information querying by classifying and clustering your business data to ensure organized and efficient service delivery.

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • 15+

    successful data projects

  • Up to 20%

    improvement in decision-making accuracy

  • Up to 50%

    higher employee productivity

  • Up to 15%

    more revenue

Data mining services Yalantis provides

Explore the depths of external and internal data sources to extract transformative insights and change your business perspective. Yalantis data mining services can help you determine where to start with successful data mining initiatives, assess their results, and design your company’s expansion strategy.

  • Web data mining

    • Web data extraction via scraping, crawling, and APIs

    • Selection of data mining algorithms to extract insights from web data

    • Detection of user navigation patterns when browsing the web

  • Text mining

    • Selection of tools and technologies for text mining

    • Text-based data extraction, preprocessing, structuring, and classification

    • Implementation of natural language processing (NLP) techniques such as topic modeling and named-entity recognition

  • Extraction of insights from internal systems

    • Gathering of proprietary data into a unified dataset

    • Data cleaning (removing duplicates, filtering outliers, handling missing data)

    • Selection of a fitting data mining technique and model creation

    • Continuous maintenance and support of custom data mining models

Create a data-driven business environment by adopting data mining solutions

Anticipate market trends and customer needs to stay ahead in your industry.

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What data mining techniques do you use to analyze data?

When delivering customized data mining services, our data teams choose techniques and algorithms that can prove useful in solving your business problems or meeting your goals such as association rule, classification, clustering, anomaly detection, and time series analysis.

What business goals do data mining services help to achieve?

Data mining services can help businesses enhance customer relationships, improve decision-making, and increase productivity and profit.

How do you ensure successful data mining?

Whether data mining service integration is successful depends on the condition of your data infrastructure, whether you have legacy software and the quality of the data you produce.

What industries could benefit the most from data mining?

Since many modern businesses are dealing with an increasing volume of internal data, data mining can be a practical choice in any industry.

Which is better: Outsource data mining services or use in-house resources?

Whether you should outsource data mining services or use in-house resources depends on your:

  • business-specific needs
  • available in-house resources
  • level of expertise
  • budget constraints
  • timeline expectations

With data mining services:

  • healthcare companies can facilitate diagnosis and predict health risks by analyzing patients’ symptoms and electronic health records
  • retailers can effectively track user behavior to improve recommendation engines and marketing strategies
  • finance and banking institutions can identify fraudulent transactions and predict investment risks
  • energy and resources companies can optimize energy consumption, predict equipment failures for preventive maintenance, and improve grid stability
  • transportation and logistics businesses can optimize delivery routes and forecast supply and demand for better resource allocation and budget planning

Meet the following goals by outsourcing data mining services at Yalantis:

  • Enhance customer relationships. With the help of data mining, you can learn your existing and potential customers’ preferences, needs, and behavior to improve your marketing efforts and offer personalized services.
  • Improve decision-making. By analyzing large data sets in external and internal data sources, data mining provides valuable insights that enable businesses to make informed and data-driven decisions.
  • Increase productivity and profit. Data mining solutions can allow you to automate routine tasks such as manual analysis of social media reviews, sparing your employees’ time. Increased employee productivity can yield increased profit.

Pros of data mining outsourcing services

High level of expertise. Data mining outsourcing allows access to extensive domain knowledge combined with broad expertise in data mining techniques and tools that may not be available in-house. These techniques include:

  • Association rule to determine relationships and patterns among variables in large datasets
  • Classification to categorize data into predefined classes based on common attributes among datasets
  • Clustering to group similar datasets
  • Anomaly detection to identify workflow issues and abnormalities
  • Time series analysis to predict future outcomes based on historical data

High quality-to-cost ratio. With outsourcing data mining services, you don’t need to hire and train specialized staff and invest in costly infrastructure and technology. You can involve experienced professionals in your project part-time to reduce costs.

We pursue the following best practices to deliver top-notch outsourcing data mining services:

  • Infrastructure assessment. Our business analysts and data engineers can assess your business and data condition to provide you with a custom data mining integration or optimization roadmap.
  • Collaborative selection of data mining techniques. Yalantis data teams will work closely with you to choose techniques that align with all of your requirements.
  • Emphasis on scalability and security. We ensure that your data mining solution remains stable and secure despite increasing data volumes.

Team flexibility:

  • Tailored scalability. Yalantis offers tailored scalability options, allowing you to adjust the size and composition of your outsourcing team in response to evolving project demands. Whether you need to scale up for a large-scale data mining initiative or downsize for a smaller project, Yalantis can accommodate your needs without the hassle of hiring or laying off team members.
  • Cost-effective resource management. With Yalantis, you have the flexibility to optimize resource allocation according to project requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency in resource utilization. This agility in team scaling enables you to maintain optimal productivity levels while controlling costs, ultimately contributing to a higher quality-to-cost ratio.

Focus on core activities:

  • Strategic resource allocation. By outsourcing data mining services to Yalantis, you can strategically allocate your in-house team’s time and expertise to focus on core business activities critical to your company’s growth and success. This allows your internal resources to concentrate on areas where they can add the most value, such as innovation, product development, and customer engagement, while Yalantis handles the intricacies of data mining tasks.
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency. With Yalantis managing data mining processes, your in-house team can dedicate their time and energy to high-priority tasks aligned with your core business objectives. This results in enhanced productivity and efficiency, as your team can devote their expertise to strategic initiatives that drive business growth and competitive advantage.
  • Accelerated time-to-market. By entrusting data mining services to Yalantis, you can accelerate time-to-market for your products and services by freeing up valuable internal resources to focus on product development, innovation, and market expansion initiatives. This streamlined approach allows you to bring new offerings to market faster and seize opportunities ahead of competitors.

Pros of an in-house data mining service

  • High level of control. Keeping data mining tasks in-house provides greater control over the process, as you can manage an in-house team much more closely than an outsourcing team.
  • Customization. In-house teams can quickly tailor data mining approaches to your specific business needs and efficiently integrate them with existing systems, as your teams may have vast experience working with them.
  • Attention to data sensitivity. If your data contains highly sensitive or proprietary information, keeping it in-house may be preferred to maintain confidentiality.
  • Long-term investment. Building in-house data mining expertise can be a long-term investment that pays off in the form of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Alignment with organizational culture. In-house data mining services can be aligned more closely with the organizational culture, values, and goals, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment among team members towards achieving business objectives.
  • Reduced dependency on external vendors. By developing internal data mining capabilities, organizations can reduce their reliance on external vendors or third-party service providers, thereby minimizing potential risks associated with vendor management and ensuring greater autonomy in data mining operations.

Data mining is a complex technology that requires deep expertise and a highly experienced team of data engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers. Hiring these specialists can be tiring and may not yield satisfactory results, especially if you need to complete a one-time data mining project. Thus, despite all the benefits of in-house data mining development, working with outsourcing data mining companies proves a more reasonable and cost-effective option.

However, you may opt for a hybrid approach, combining both in-house and outsourced resources to leverage the benefits of both, especially if you lack certain expertise. Yalantis can provide you with full-time and part-time experts who can easily integrate with your internal team to deliver tailored data solutions and help you cost-effectively deal with data challenges, optimize data infrastructure, and manage ever-increasing data volumes.