Custom logistics software

    Our deep domain expertise helps us create custom logistics solutions for all levels of decision-making that guarantee improved business operations, exceptional visibility, and increased profit.

    A solution provider you can rely on

    We offer the following services to help you take your logistics to the next level

    Custom logistics application development

    Our dedicated teams will dig into your business processes and define areas for improvement. As a result, you’ll get a solution that fully covers your supply chain processes and automates your existing operations. Moreover, we can help you create new profit opportunities by developing custom SaaS solutions.

    Seamless integration with third-party tools

    We focus on interoperability and secure data exchange to integrate your technical solutions with software used by your business partners, tools from external service providers, and third-party platforms. By creating custom APIs, we achieve end-to-end supply chain synchronization and prevent data losses.

    Software enhancement and modernization

    Our experienced developers can extend the functionality of your existing logistics product. We can develop new functional modules and smoothly integrate them into the software you use or provide, scale existing modules to onboard more end users, and rethink the architecture of your whole product to ensure extensibility.

    Logistics software re-engineering and support

    We can help you improve your existing software to make it fully cover your business needs. We’ll analyze your business processes and existing software to define areas for improvement. If needed, we’ll update your technology stack for better flexibility, interoperability, and security as well as redesign the interface for improved usability.

    Proven track record

    During our twelve-year journey, we’ve helped dozens of logistics companies achieve their business goals by creating custom technical solutions. Here are some of the products we’ve worked on.

    Transportation management system

    Transportation management system

    Supply chainWebEuropeSaaS

    A sophisticated SaaS TMS for Supply chain and delivery companies that:

    • Created a SaaS transportation management system that not only optimized the processes in our client’s company but became a new source of revenue for our client.
    • Developed a route planning algorithm to facilitate day-to-day route building and invoicing. Now it takes only half an hour to create optimal routes for several trucks, instead of 2 to 6 hours previously.
    • Increased process visibility and automated routine problem-solving through implementing a real-time dashboard.
    • Made it possible to integrate our client’s solution with third-party tools like warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, and invoicing software.
    See full case study
    Delivery and logistics system

    Delivery and logistics system

    Supply chainWebMobileEuropeSaaS

    A complex solution to bring large transportation business online. Through our collaboration, we:

    • Turned a complex offline delivery business into an ecosystem of six apps for the web, iOS, and Android.
    • Delivered a solution in just four months without exceeding time and budget constraints.
    • Quickly staffed and effectively managed a team of 30 professionals.
    • Used a microservices architecture and cloud computing services for quick and stable business scaling.
    See full case study
    Logistics customer portal

    Logistics customer portal

    Supply chainWebUSA

    A customer portal with modules for order management and tracking, communication, and document management. Through our collaboration, we:

    • Augmented our client’s software with functionality that helped attract 17 new customers
    • Improved the software’s service quality and increased customer lifetime value by 23%
    • Optimized routine tasks and sped up order processing by 46%
    • Increased operational efficiency and decreased time spent on problem solving by 18%
    See full case study


    Supply chainWebUSA

    Try our load space calculator that uses a sufficient load planning algorithm to prevent your trucks and containers from running near empty:

    • calculate the space usage for containers, trucks, warehouses, and custom spaces
    • use predefined and custom dimensions to prepare the allocation of loads
    • set up space limits for your volume capacities
    • manage and edit multiple groups of loads
    Use ContainerWizard

    Brilliant Move

    A multi-platform ecosystem for on-demand delivery

    We built a multi-platform on-demand delivery solution with an intuitive interface for attracting new clients, user flows to significantly simplify the user experience, and an admin panel for logistics managers that’s updated in real time.

    123 Sourcing

    123 Sourcing

    A semi-automatic load planning system for storage capacity calculations

    Discover how we built a solution that improves delivery management, minimizes time-consuming manual processes and human errors, and labor costs along with storage and shipping spending.



    A reverse logistics app that facilitates the return of online purchases

    We created a mobile solution that reduces the time spent by customers on returning goods from up to 3.5 hours to 15 minutes. To do this, we built an intuitive UX so users can easily create returns and track their statuses in real time.

    What you get with Yalantis

    Organized data flows

    We pay close attention to the way your data is stored and processed. We can replace spreadsheets and ineffective reporting tools with custom software that’s able to validate and collect information from various sources. When we do so, we’ll also make sure this data is stored securely in organized directories so it can easily be reached and used by staff and vendors with the appropriate access. Our software mitigates risks of data loss and data inaccuracies.

    Increased visibility

    We craft powerful day-to-day analytics and reporting solutions so you can zoom out and visualize processes from start to finish. With smart dashboard solutions, you can see all information at a glance and get notifications when problems emerge so you don’t need to search for issues manually and check every report. Combined with automatic report generation, this functionality increases financial control, decision-making efficiency, and forecasting precision.

    Sufficient integration flexibility

    We analyze what software is used within your company and how it’s integrated into your business processes. Thanks to deep analysis, we’re able to integrate different solutions into a unified ecosystem that can be accessed by every supply chain participant. This saves time and human resources on managing transportation and mitigates risks of data and monetary losses due to delays, idle time, and time spent formatting documents.

    Extensive device compatibility

    We have experience developing applications compatible with devices used in logistics to ensure high level of interoperability within your ecosystem. Software we create is perfectly integrated with devices like handheld computers, sensors, electronic logging devices, and printers, communicating via BLE or Wi-Fi connection.

    Enhanced customer lifetime value

    We augment logistics software with customer portals that feature modules for order management, real-time shipment tracking, and automated document processing. Such functionality drastically improves user experience and satisfaction and turns one-time customers into long-term clients. Additionally, these modules drive in cost-efficiency as they reduce the load on the customer support department and free up their time for more challenging tasks.

    Optimized logistics processes

    We develop or re-engineer web and mobile logistics solutions that optimize the whole process of supply chain management, including order management, queue management, freight consolidation, route planning, visibility, and invoicing. With solutions by Yalantis, you can eliminate monetary losses and friction points on the way to delivering better supply chain management services.

    Software solutions we build

    We helped tens of logistics companies optimize their business processes in all levels of decision making. Our software is perfectly tailored to your business needs and helps you improve most operational, management, and strategic tasks.

    • Software solutions we build

      We helped tens of logistics companies optimize their business processes in all levels of decision making. Our software is perfectly tailored to your business needs and helps you improve most operational, management, and strategic tasks.

    • Customer portals
    • Transportation management systems (TMS)
    • Warehouse management systems (WMS)
    • Blockchain logistics
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
    • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software
    • Want to build one of these solutions or have a unique concept in mind?

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    Blockchain logistics solutions

    • Prove the quality of your Kosher / Halal certified food products
    • Confirm the exclusiveness, authenticity, and top quality of your fine spirits
    • Affirm your medical product compliance with standards and certifications
    • Certify the immunization of students and employees worldwide
    • Demonstrate trustworthiness of your logistics and delivery transactions
    • Settle payment disputes within seconds instead of days and weeks

    Embrace the power of blockchain for your business transformation

    Make use of blockchain technology to bring cost optimization, stable growth, and transaction visibility to your supply chain business.

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    We develop algorithms that boost your logistics business

    Our qualified software developers create algorithm that optimize and automate complex logistics processes

    • Route planning

      Manual route planning is a tiresome process taking logistics managers several hours a day. With an advanced route planning algorithm, taking into consideration time windows and traffic conditions, this task can be made automatically in less than an hour.

    • Load planning

      Cut operating costs, ensure the safety of fragile packages, and eliminate your trucks running near empty by using sufficient load planning algorithms. Thanks to solutions that we develop, it’s much faster to prepare the allocation of various dimensions of loads, compared to manual load planning.

    • Maintenance planning

      Schedule maintenance activities in advance and get timely reminders. Make your system run like a clock with automatic scheduling and reporting functionality.

    • Demand forecasting

      Our data science specialists create powerful analytical tools that can gather and analyze data on orders, customer demand, and market factors to generate precise forecasts in the future demand.

    • Workforce optimization

      Improve employee performance while reducing operating costs with robust workforce management software. We create tools that help you achieve better distribution of work, allocate resources while peak loads, and minimize idle time.

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    Who benefits from the solutions we engineer?

    Internal stakeholders



    • Capital and cost reduction
    • Service level improvement
    • Long-range supply chain forcasting and planning aligned with company strategy
    • Enhanced visibility
    • Increased operational effectiveness


    • Precise long-term forcasting and planning
    • Favorably integrated processes
    • Increased efficiency for Just in Time logistic services
    • No data losses at lower levels


    • Precise mid-term planning
    • Effective day-to-day analytics and reporting
    • Automated problem-solving
    • Routine partner / contractor / employee management
    • Well-ordered, standardized processes
    • Information format flexibility


    • Automated order management, route planning, invoicing, routing, problem-solving
    • Properly integrated software for all supply chain parts
    • Proper visibility
    • Informative analytics


    • Insurance Companies

    • Manufacturers

    • Suppliers

    • 3PL

    • Retailers

    • Wholesalers

    • Factoring Companies

    Why partner with Yalantis?

    We strive for establishing and optimizing all our inner software development processes. This aspiration ensures that your project implementation moves like clock-work.

    • Fine-tuned development processes

      We operate under a framework that ensures seamless project execution and lets you quickly meet your goals. We know how to adjust the development process to respond to constantly emerging requirements while still delivering on promises and avoiding technical debt.
    • Fast project or team setup

      You can start project development shortly after signing a contract. We act on your terms, taking into account your business needs and project goals. We’ll start by elaborating our technology solution and preparing prototypes at the discovery stage, then proceed to actual product development.
    • Ability to meet tight deadlines

      We can deploy large scopes of functionality that deliver predetermined business value within tight timeframes. Our team adopts the most effective collaboration practices and uses time-saving task management technologies to deliver in the shortest possible time.
    • Experience creating logistics software

      We have more than ten years of experience developing custom software for the logistics sector. During this time, we’ve thoroughly studied the logistics and transportation industry. This knowledge combined with lessons learned from previous projects helps us deliver solutions that bring value to your business.
    • Experience with third-party integrations

      It’s important to keep all vendors and staff members informed. We build software that can securely store data and exchange it between modules of other systems, such as invoicing services and enterprise resource planning solutions. With deep integrations, our clients experience fewer data losses, faster communication between departments and external stakeholders, and better visibility.
    • Diverse team of professionals

      Our team of more than 300 engineers includes certified project managers, solution architects, business analysts, UI/UX designers, software developers, DevOps engineers, and quality control engineers. They work to find the intersection of end user needs, business models, and technology to deliver solutions that allow you to reach your business priorities.

    Want to improve the operational effectiveness of your logistics company?

    If you’re looking for a technology partner to optimize your logistics processes and overcome your current challenges, we can help. Tell us your business needs and we’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps.

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