Lending app development

  • Increase your revenue by providing customers with lending functionality

  • Minimize your bad debt rate with comprehensive eligibility check algorithms

  • Attract new audiences by simplifying, accelerating, and automating loan operations

  • Win the competition with a streamlined UI/UX so customers can accomplish their goals

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • 30%

    lower bad debt rate

  • 25%

    revenue growth with lending functionality

  • 16%

    growth in customers taking a loan

  • 2x

    faster loan application process

Yalantis loan app development services

With our experience in loan lending mobile app development and augmentation, Yalantis can build an efficient technology solution that empowers your business growth

  • Core lending solutions

    • Integration with core lending solutions

    • Core lending functionality development

    • Decision-making engine

    • Credit scoring

  • P2P lending

    • Investor and borrower account management

    • Rate and term setting

    • Automated transaction processing

  • Loan management and automation

    • Loan calculations

    • Interest rate calculations

    • Payment supervision

    • Individual and business loan management

    • Loan management automation

    • Automated reporting

  • Mortgage automation

    • Full mortgage processing automation

    • Automated user data validation

    • Unified solution for all user roles

    • Integration with third-party data aggregation services

  • Money lending apps

    • Loan management

    • Payments and billing

    • Automated payments

    • Transactions and equated monthly installments (EMIs)

    • Transfers and withdrawals

    • Customizable reports

    • Analytics

    • Late fees

    • E-signature functionality

  • Overdrafts

    • Overdraft limits

    • Charging and monitoring of fees

    • EAR and APR calculations

    • Arranged and unarranged overdraft management and monitoring

Build an all-in-one lending software for your business goals

Yalantis will develop a feature-rich and high-performing solution based on your needs and your time and budget constraints

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Frequently asked questions

How do you implement lending functionality?

Yalantis can implement lending functionality on your platform either by integrating core lending functionality from a third-party provider or by building a core lending module in-house. When developing a custom core lending module, Yalantis will choose technologies that meet your needs, business requirements, and plans for future business expansion. 


If you prefer integrating with third-party lending services to reduce the loan lending app development cost, we can accelerate the integration process, design or enhance the business logic of the chosen solution, set up all of internal operational processes, and design your platform so it can withstand high loads and provide end users with stable and error-free performance.

How do you ensure a decrease in the bad debt rate?

A high bad debt rate is a common problem in the lending industry. Yalantis can’t take responsibility for every borrower; however, we can help you use technology to identify risky borrowers to decrease your bad debt rate over time.


Our strategy is oriented towards strict verification and eligibility checks to meticulously select suitable borrowers. A decision-making engine will be implemented to check a borrower’s background information, evaluate the borrower’s credit history, and thoroughly analyze the borrower’s chances of paying back the loan. 


This enhanced decision-making process can relieve lending institutions from struggling with bad borrowers. Thanks to such a decision-making process, one of our clients decreased their bad debt rate by 30%. 

How can you win customers from their first interaction with a product?

To win customers from the first interaction, it’s crucial to make the onboarding process as simple as possible. People don’t like to spend much time filling out never-ending forms and going through dozens of screens in order to get a loan. 


At Yalantis, we strive to deliver the most comfort experience possible for end users. That’s why we pay close attention to automating the entry of personal data, accelerating background checks, and minimizing the number of screens. This allows users to quickly get onto your platform and start investigating your loan products. 

How does Yalantis establish a loan lending mobile app development process oriented on meeting customer and business needs?

It’s not easy to please a modern audience. With so many lending companies, it’s particularly difficult to stand out and maintain your popularity. Primarily, this is because you have to spend time gaining consumers’ trust. You shouldn’t turn a blind eye to existing problems that have given the loan lending field a reputation for hard-to-access services. 

Among the issues consumers most commonly face when getting a loan are:

  • Inevitable visits to physical branches of traditional banks
  • Lots of steps 
  • Lots of time-consuming paperwork 
  • Lack of a digital presence on the part of loan providers

Why should you build a customer-oriented and conversion-optimized lending application? To overcome all these challenges that consumers face and make them your loyal customers. In order to boost their loyalty, you can also implement advanced functionality to improve the customer experience when applying for a loan on your platform. Let’s consider this in detail. 

Make everything digital

The expansion of your customer base depends on your platform’s ease of use and the speed of loan approvals. An important element of attracting more end users is making all your services digital, since no loan borrower wants to spend hours in a physical branch filling out documents. 

As soon as you give consumers the opportunity to apply for a loan in a few clicks and automate all eligibility checks, people will choose your services over those of other loan lending companies. 

Work on your app

Your application’s attractiveness and usability play a decisive role in motivating consumers to use your services instead of your competitors’. Given that users are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding when it comes to the user experience, it is crucial that UI/UX is among your top priorities. They’re pushing the market to make drastic changes. You have to please young customers with a beautiful yet efficient design. 

Go for user-centricity 

Another important aspect of delivering a high-quality solution to your customers is to create a user-centric application that’s capable of serving as many audiences as possible. You should offer personal loans, student loans, mortgages, business loans, and other types of lending products on your platform. What’s crucial is that you have to cover all of your audiences’ pain points so customers are able to get a loan through your institution. 

Enhance your solution with advanced functionality

By “advanced functionality,” we mean implementing extra functionality to your existing feature set aimed at improving the user experience on your platform. Such functionality may include advanced spending analytics that Millennials and Generation Z appreciate, automated payments to ease the payment management process, customizable reports, and lots of other features that might attract new customers. Note that such functionality may vary across audience segments. Try to adjust to the audience’s needs and you will definitely win the competition. 

What is Yalantis’ role? 

Yalantis will take on money lending app development and everything we discussed here starting from designing a software architecture and business logic and up to creating engaging UI/UX. We will deliver you a high-quality product that supports your needs as a loan provider and enables your customers to conveniently access the lending services they’re looking for. 

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