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Digital transformation

Discover the bottlenecks on your way to success, get a digital transformation roadmap, and prepare for the future demands of your customers. Implement the best process automation and optimization solutions for ROI wins and advantage over competitors.

  • Win new market positions and beat competitors with new functions

  • Optimize the work of business units that are crucial for your business

  • Modernize outdated technologies that are delaying execution

  • Reduce support and maintenance costs for your IT infrastructure

  • Minimize the risks of security breaches within your IT infrastructure

  • Ensure stable IT performance to back up your SLAs

What we can offer for your digital evolution journey

Business model transformation

  • Create a roadmap of your digital transformation journey

  • Automate and optimize business processes and implement remote collaboration

  • Modernize legacy software to meet new business objectives

Data-driven decision-making

  • Implement data aggregation and visualization with comprehensive reporting solutions

  • Shift from descriptive to predictive analytics

  • Establish new ways to engage with your customers and increase their lifetime value

Digital transformation consulting

  • Audit your technical and organizational infrastructure

  • Align your business processes with technology

  • Get advice on business performance and operational resilience

Digital platform PoC development

  • Test your digital platform concept in an existing environment

  • Obtain the necessary insights to continue your transformation journey

  • Plan your further steps to business reformation

Looking to go digital? Our experts will guide you throughout the digital evolution journey, from ideation and design to platform deployment and support.


Digital transformation solutions we offer

Integrations andorchestration

  • Unite all online and offline endpoints in an interconnected system

  • Adapt and scale everything, including governance, message mediation, and process management

  • Reuse existing system components for efficiency and cost-savings

Enterprise security systems

  • Obtain full control of roles, rights, and permissions

  • Monitor every single enterprise event and receive all alerts in real time

  • Receive data from any source of your system with search, event visualization, and real-time alerts

Infrastructure and cloud

  • Perform cloud migration and implement DevOps best practices

  • Establish a self-supporting system that scales on demand

  • Ensure software consistency and proper interactions

Enterprise mobility and IoT

  • Unlock the full potential of connected devices for your software

  • Build up a powerful mobile strategy using device management and offline data collection

  • Establish manageable end-to-end processes

Our digitalization framework

Analyze your challenge and the current state of your IT capabilities

  • Architecture
  • Legacy assets
  • Technical maturity
  • Process efficiency

Elaborate the digital transformation roadmap

  • New technologies
  • System updates
  • Process remodelling
  • Security upgrades

Power up your business with digital transformation benefits

  • New revenue streams
  • Cost-savings
  • Risk minimization
  • Time-to-market decrease

Why digitally transform with Yalantis?

Increased software performance

  • Reach higher performance benchmarks and ensure minimal downtime with an architecture and infrastructure that perfectly fit your business objectives and opportunities.

Greater degree of automation

  • Automate more operations and introduce digital self-service capabilities to speed up the delivery of new products and services to your market with a minimal failure rate.

Reduced operational costs

  • Decrease support and maintenance costs with the proper IT services portfolio and new technologies and shift more of your budget to research and innovation.

Failure prevention mechanisms

  • Get an in-depth assessment of your system security, software architecture, and IT process maturity and discover which of these areas can be improved.

Actionable business insights

  • Supply your C-level managers with the insights required for your technical transformation and make sure your IT department provides services efficiently.

Business continuity and agility

  • Utilize the right digital strategy for continuous improvement and an efficient reaction to new market needs.

Digital transformation works for our clients



We created a HIPAA-compliant solution for digitizing healthcare processes that:

  • Enables telemedicine with convenient and quick scheduling and payments

  • Allows real-time communication and collaboration between patients and caregivers

  • Supports patient monitoring and medical device integration

  • Ensures security that meets high industry standards

See full case study


Real estateWebSpain

Our experts created a digital real estate platform that is:

  • Ready for marketing activities and SEO-friendly

  • Filled with sophisticated features that satisfy users’ needs

  • More user-friendly and faster than competitors’ platforms

  • In full compliance with GDPR and protects users from scams

See full case study

Logistics customer portal

Supply chainWebUSA

We built a customer portal for a TMS system that helped our client:

  • Attract 17 new customers with augmented functionality

  • Increase customer lifetime value by 23%

  • Optimize routine tasks and speed up order processing by 46%

  • Decrease time spent on problem solving by 18%

See full case study

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